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* Aperture: Because it is a RAW editing application, Aperture is not one of the applications covered in this book.
* Adobe Lightroom: Lightroom is a program that enables you to manage your digital photos (including RAW files) and organize them into catalogs, libraries, and projects. Its features enable you to perform a variety of basic photo edits, and it provides tagging, geotagging, and metadata tagging for your photos.
* Adobe Bridge: Bridge is a program that enables you to organize your photos and remove unwanted photos and groups of photos, get information about your photos, and view them in a thumbnail view.
* Adobe Photoshop Elements: Elements is a program for less-than-professionals to use. It enables you to perform basic photo editing without the intimidating features of Photoshop.
* Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop is the industry standard for professional editing.
* Adobe Photoshop for the iPad: This iPad version of Photoshop has many of the features of Photoshop, but includes many design-specific features. Learn more about this app in Chapter 13.
* Apple iPhoto: Apple iPhoto, originally called iPhoto, is a program that enables you to import, organize, and edit your digital photos.
* Apple Aperture: Aperture is a program that enables you to organize, edit, and print your digital photos.
* Apple iWork: iWork is a set of Apple’s office productivity software including Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, which allow you to create basic or professional documents and presentations with your photos.
* Microsoft Office: Many of us use Microsoft Office because it’s the industry standard, and it’s used for documents and presentations.
* Google’s Picnik: Picnik, formerly Picasa, is a program that enables you to manipulate and edit your photos with basic tools.

Chapter 4

# Making the Most of Shutterfly


**Matching your photos to products**

**Taking and moving your pictures**

**Adding text and embellishments**

**Creating custom postcards and other projects**

If you take a lot of pictures — or, perhaps more importantly, if you take a lot of pictures and want to _manipulate_ them — make your life easier by using tools that work best for you.

In this chapter, we explain how to match your pictures to products and other content, and we show

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It has an extensive array of editing tools (Photomatix, Smart Sharpen, Undo, etc.) and advanced image-editing features and tools (Filter Gallery, Layers, Photoshop Actions, etc.).

One of the most powerful features of Photoshop is the Content-Aware Move tool.

But if you’re new to Photoshop and have never used this function before, it can be daunting to use.

This guide will walk you through how to use it to make the perfect masterpiece.

The Content-Aware Move Tool

The Content-Aware Move tool is located in the right-click menu (Ctrl + mouse-wheel) and can be used to position an object or part of an object to a desired location in a picture.

It works like the old-school Camera Add or Copy tool, placing the cursor over an object and holding down the Ctrl button while dragging it to a new location on the canvas.

But in addition to the Copy feature, this tool works in the same way as the Content-Aware Move tool in Photoshop CC.

This feature is not only used for moving objects around, but also for making creative edits to an image, or for cloning objects from one image to another.

The Content-Aware Move tool only works in the Canvas, and it’s best to use that setting for the best results.

Note that the tool works slightly differently from the professional version.

It may not work correctly when using a 3rd-party plug-in.

Tips and Tricks

The icon above the tool looks like a box with a cross inside.

You can also adjust the settings of this tool when you want to select an object.

When selecting an object with the tool, it will snap to the nearest edge of the canvas.

This can be useful for moving objects into place, moving a single object around a canvas, for adding cutouts to an object, or for positioning a part of an object over a part of another object.

When you’re using the Free Transform function and rotate an object it will rotate the object on the canvas, not in the shape of the object as you drag.

When using Free Transform, it will often move the object inside the canvas instead of moving the canvas or the object on the canvas.

If you’re using the Snap tool, you can select a target

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September 28, 2004

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Minimum specs:
OS: Windows XP SP2 or above
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Memory: 1MB (minimum)
DirectX: 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard disk: 5MB of space
Sound: DirectX 9 compatible sound card
Hard disk space: 50MB
Additional Notes: P

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