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* **Photoshop Elements:** This program, designed for novice photographers and graphic designers, has some of the same capabilities as Photoshop. However, for those who aren’t experts with editing images, Elements might be a better choice.
* **Darktable:** Darktable is an open-source photography editing tool. It can offer the same basic capabilities as Photoshop in terms of editing and rotoscoping.
* **Corel Paint Shop Pro:** Paint Shop Pro, a longtime industry standard, offers additional tools that allow users to correct color, resize images, and add artistic enhancements. Its features are slightly more limited than Photoshop’s, but it does offer a large variety of plug-ins and filters that can expand the user’s image-editing ability.
* **GIMP:** Many users swear by GIMP, the free-software-based open-source editing program. However, it lacks the advanced capability of Photoshop and is thus not as widely used in the industry.
* **iPhoto:** Apple’s main photo-management software offers a basic image-editing and rotoscoping toolset. However, the package includes features for organization and printing, as well as various photography tools.
* **Krita:** This open-source photo-editing program offers some of the most advanced editing features and customizations found in any program; however, it’s also significantly more complex and time-consuming to learn, so it’s rarely used by beginners.
* **Lightroom:** Adobe’s professional-grade photo-management package includes a powerful editing toolset that extends beyond the capabilities of most others.
* **Mogrify:** With its simplistic interface, this program offers basic editing and rotoscoping capabilities, but it doesn’t offer some of the more sophisticated editing and rotoscoping options that are offered in Adobe’s Lightroom.
* **PhotoScape:** PhotoScape is a part of Adobe’s Creative Suite. It’s included on the CS DVD, but it costs extra. It offers the same basic functions as Photoshop and Elements. However, it allows you to work in either a multi-image or single-image view, so you won’t have to deal with layers as you do with Photoshop. If you’re looking for a program that’s less expensive than Photoshop, this is an option.
* **Picasa:** Google’s free photo-organizing and editing software is like a

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The free version of Adobe Photoshop Elements has limitations on the size of your images. To create large images, you can download a trial of the pro version that starts at $99 (a single-user license to create, organize and retouch photos) and features full resolution editing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is available as a free download for the Mac and Windows operating systems. Just follow the links below:


Both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop have the ability to edit most graphics and photos, but you may find Photoshop Elements easier to use. Photoshop is more of a professional desktop publishing program and Photoshop Elements is a graphics editing program.

Cost: Free, $99 for single-user license.

License: Freeware.

Platform: Mac and Windows.

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Figure 2: The Fill Stamp tool allows you to fill a specific area with a specific color.

It’s also possible to apply different effects or textures to a photo, using the Eraser or Clone Stamp tools. You can apply the Effect > Paint Bucket tool, or simply paint over a specific area of the image using the Brush tool. You can then combine your Paint Bucket and Brush tools to create some nifty effects.
If you start drawing with a brush, simply click and drag to draw on an image. The Brush tool can be placed on an image and dragged to create even strokes. Use the Shape options to select a brush from the Brush library, or make your own custom brushes by drawing your own shapes and textures.
Photoshop brushes come in a variety of sizes, colors and effects, so you can use them for a range of different tasks. Below we take a look at some of the different types of brushes available to you in the Brush library:

Figure 3: You can make your own brushes by drawing your own shapes and textures.

In the Brush library, you can view the listed brushes by clicking on the brush thumbnail, or click on the drop down menus to find a specific brush you want to use. It’s usually easier to just click on a brush by name than to click on the thumbnail of a brush that you want, unless you want to navigate through the brush library in that manner.
You can adjust a brush’s size using the Scale tool (or Window > Scale). Use the Scale tool to draw around a small area on your image, then simply drag the Brush tool to the canvas and release it. You can see the brush scale in the Brush options panel that appears when you hold down the Alt key when you’re drawing with the Brush tool. When you have finished drawing with a brush, you can preview what your brush will look like by clicking on the Preview button (a small square with a square in the middle). To save your brush, click on the Save button (the green arrow).

When your brush is selected, you can change its size, color or effects using the Brush options panel (Figure 3). You can select any one of these brush options. You can click and drag to select the Size option, then change the brush’s width or height, by pressing the Up arrow or Down arrow keys. You can press the Delete key to delete your brush, or press the Spacebar to return your brush to its default size and color. You can also select

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Full disclosure: I’m a consultant for Mavic, so there’s a slight chance that those product links might actually end up on my blog. However, since I only sell Mavic products and make recommendations of them, I have no financial interest in what I’m selling on this page.

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The real world of running is a strange place that most people aren’t used to, and kit manufacturers don’t understand. People buy a certain brand of kit because of the company’s reputation, or because of a person’s recommendation, or because they believe it’s what’s “safe”, or because it’s what’s fashionable.

However, in the real world people don’t always have all of the information they need to make an informed decision. They don’t all have the same resources to go off of, or to reference.

If you read my earlier post, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Mavic products, but even I would admit that my opinion of them is

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
MAC OS 10.9 or later
Intel or AMD CPU (x86) with a support for SSE2
2 GB VRAM (optional, if you have the hardware)
2 GB disc space
What’s New:
Added support for the ATOM version of the Radeon™ HD 6250 graphics card.
Added support for the latest NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 video cards.
Fixed the hotkey functionality.
Added additional OpenGL ES

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