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For more information on Lightroom, see Adobe’s website at

# The Photo Editing Process

After you import an image into Photoshop or Lightroom, you can do a number of different things to it. Sometimes you’ll shoot a few images of different subjects and as you edit them, you’ll want to do something to

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Photoshop Elements is a powerful picture editing program that includes basic editing tools, photo retouching tools, and other image-editing tools. It has a built-in software scanner. You can also import images from your digital camera and a new virtual camera will let you shoot photos and videos of your computer screen.

This guide will help you with editing pictures and images using Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can use Photoshop to edit photos, but the intuitive software can also be used to design logos, create unique graphic images, edit text documents, create 3D models, and much more.

For beginners it is a good idea to learn the interface of the software, as this will make it easier for you to understand and work with it.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

Download and install the program.

Edit photos with the photo editor.

Create new documents with pre-built templates.

Import your own photos and graphics.

Create custom shapes.

Add text, lines, and patterns.

Adjust your image’s brightness and contrast.

Edit and create layers.

Change the size, rotate, and position of your image.

Color correct and adjust colors.

Reduce image noise.

Apply filters to improve your photos.

Create photo montages.

Add 3D effects and make a 3D flip book.

Customize how your documents look.

Use text and design programs.

Use the drawing tools.

Try different layouts and design options.

Applying filters is a fun way to edit your photos and tweak the look of your documents. In Photoshop you can apply 15 filters to your photographs to make them look different.

Some of the filters work with photographs and some with graphics. To apply a filter you need to open a new image (import), select the filter from the menu, and then apply the filter to the selected area.

You can also apply filters to multiple layers or multiple files. This will give you an effect that you can adjust later. Photoshop Elements comes with some Photoshop filters like the brush filter, the liquify filter, and the vignette filter.

You can also design cool logo concepts with tools that work with graphics. Graphics are powerful tools in Photoshop that you can use to create and edit text, lines, shapes, photos, and a lot more.

Photoshop Elements is not only

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Day of the Tentacle: Jeff Minter’s Return to Infocom

Day of the Tentacle, which was released nearly 10 years ago to a decent critical reception, gets a sequel today. The original DOTT launched on the Mac in 1993 and became a cult classic in the genre of ‘point and click adventure’ games. Subsequent iterations of the game have never amounted to much, but Jeff Minter has returned to the series with a return to the genre.

Because of a few issues with a different company back in the day that caused it to never be released on a major system, Jeff Minter’s Day of the Tentacle has never received the attention it deserved to have on that important platform. I played it once at MacWorld in NYC, and instantly fell in love with it. I begged for my then partner at the time to buy it for me, but she didn’t.

The sequel, which is out today on PSN and XBLA, or Steam for PC players, is now an iOS title to compliment the PlayStation 2 and PC versions. Those that have been wondering what the last decade has been doing with this cult classic will have an answer today.

Minter has obviously taken a different approach with the sequel, he feels that he’s been given a blank slate to create with, so he’s making DOTT as he would if it was a fresh IP. With that in mind, Minter has implemented various problems and demons that have arisen in the last decade, such as the rise of Google, and more importantly, the gap in tech between where we are now versus where we were in 1993.

Minter mentioned to me that he might even attempt to tie the DOTT universe up with the very different looking adventure game Kairo, which was released for the same original Mac in the same year as DOTT. It never happened, but I was happy to see that not only has DOTT been given a sequel, it’s been given a sequel that takes advantage of the majority of the new tech that has been evolving for the last 10 years.

While Day of the Tentacle isn’t quite like anything else out today, it will definitely appeal to fans of the original or fans of the genre looking for something unique. The sequel comes out this Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, and you can check it out on PSN and XBLA now.

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