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Photoshop Elements 8.0.1 is the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements. It is released in April 2018.

Photoshop Elements 8 is the first Adobe Photoshop Elements version to run on Microsoft Windows 10 and macOS Mojave.

The Photoshop Elements options

Images can be opened in Photoshop Elements 9. Click on an image in the Import window to open the Image window, in the open image. Other tool windows can be opened and closed.

Quick Fix fixes color problems, fill areas or remove unwanted objects.

Create a new file, open an existing image, open an image in Photoshop, or new canvas. If selected, or if the active image is a folder with subfolders, shows the folder contents with a file preview.

Stamp – add a watermark to an image using a specified font and size.

Expand can be used to view a selected area of an image.

Color Shop – turn your image into a color palette to use with the other tools.

Paint and Brush – use a black or white paint brush, watercolor brushes, airbrush, or laser pointer to add textures and shades to selected areas. The size and rotation of the brush can be adjusted and the brush can be moved around the image.

Eraser – erase unwanted objects and color from the image.

Effects – use effects to enhance the look of an image.

Content Aware – fill areas with the color of an existing image.

Sharpen – improve the clarity of an image.

Resize – crop an image.

Rulers – view and move guides around the image.

Layers – view and work with the layers of the image.

Crop – create a new canvas for a new image or open an image in a new canvas.

Move – move layers, items, and selections between canvases.

Hue/Saturation – change the saturation and hue of the image.

Adjustment – change the brightness, contrast, and color balance of the image.

Curves – modify the brightness, contrast, and color balance of an image.

Channel Mixer – mix colors in an image.

Shadows and highlights can be adjusted using the Shadows/Highlights tool.

Select – select and make selections in an image.

Adjustment brushes – use the Adjustment Brush to make brush marks.

White and Black–

Photoshop 2022 ()






Jamie Keiran – art Director

Julia Hogan – color Designer

Charlie Hassell – Lead Sound Designer

*** Playing Seize the Cake in its first ever UK concert!! ***

(what a time to be alive)




This is the EP we are wrapping up.



We’re a new band from the UK. We have been working on this album for the last two years and it is one of the most personal albums we have ever created. Our record label, PIE Recordings, is based in the UK, we live in the UK, and we have been working with other artists in the UK, so we feel the album is a strong representation of what we know and feel about, and what the UK has to offer – an alternative to the norm.

Our instruments were made from scratch at our rehearsal studios on and around a £30 budget. Jamie would mostly build guitars, Charlie would use sound design software and Julia would add her sonic touches. We used what we knew and what we could afford, and would have liked to have done a lot more, but time constraints prevented us from going beyond our means. We then sent it to our friends who we recorded, mixed and mastered it in their own respective studios. We didn’t really care how professional or basic the set up was, it would just have to sound the way we wanted it to.

We used the album in its entirety in the photo shoot for this press release. It’s our first video too, and we’re excited to share it with you. We don’t see it as our main focus, we just

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return true;
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“geolocation” in window &&
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var watch = window.geolocation.watchPosition(onError, onSuccess);
var loc = watch.getPosition();
if (loc) {
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} else if (typeof navigator.geolocation.clearWatch === “function”) {
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return false;

* Checks is the device has location service.
* @function isLocationServiceEnabled
* @param {Object} state
* @return {Boolean} location enabled or not
function isLocationServiceEnabled(state) {

function onError(error) {
console.log(“geolocation error: “, error);

function onSuccess(position) {
if (options.options.isDeviceLocation!== false) {
location = {
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System Requirements:

Experience with Logic Pro
Experience with a good studio and/or guitar pedalboard is a plus
Programming knowledge, ideally a program like MaxMSP or PureData
Basic understanding of music theory is preferred
We ask for your best to not compromise your design to fit a particular gear or studio configuration
Whilst low-end gear has been a staple of the electronic music scene for many years, no one has ever brought its often-neglected design philosophy into the mix. Those familiar with its innovative user interface, deep features, and

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