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Photoshop is bundled into almost every image-editing package available.

A word of caution: Photoshop is NOT an easy program to learn. It has a steep learning curve.

What You’ll Need to Learn

What the Latest Features Offer

What is Photoshop’s Default Layer Style?

What is Transparency?

What is a Layer?

What is the Layers Panel?

What is the History Panel?

What is the History Panel Used For?

What is the History Panel Used For?

What are the Basic Photoshop Tools?

What Tools Will Help You Manipulate Images?

What Does a Red G? Mean?

What About the Panels?

What About the Panels?

What is a Shutter Speed?

What is a Color Wheel?

What is an ARGB Image?

What Are Color Profiles?

What Are Color Profiles?

What is the Black and White Swatch?

What Are the Properties Panes?

What is the Scale Tool?

What are the Different Types of Zoom?

What is the Pixel Grid?

What Is a Matte Layer?

What are the Different Matte Options?

What is the Basic Brush Tool?

What Are the Various Brush Options?

What is a Bucket?

What Is a Gradient?

What is a Gradient?

What is the Live Paint Bucket?

What is the Generic Eraser Tool?

What about a Layer Mask?

What is a Mask?

What are the Different Mask Options?

What is a Magnetic Lasso?

What is the Magic Wand?

What is the Patch Tool?

What About the Free Transform Tool?

What Is the Free Transform Tool?

What is a Skew?

What is the Rectangular Selection Tool?

What Is the Hand Tool?

What is the Hand Tool?

What is the Lasso Tool?

What Is the Magic Wand?

What Is a Brush?

What is the Hairbrush?

What is the Cloth Brush?

What is the Rubber Stamp?

What is the Drop Shadow?

What Is the Gradient Tool?

What is the Gradient Tool?

What are the Different Gradient Options?

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While Elements may not be as popular as Photoshop, it is still a very capable image editor that’s easy to learn and quite easy to use. Many Photoshop features that were designed specifically for professional designers and photographers are also included in Elements. With Elements, you can also add Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw (PS Camera Raw), Lightroom (PCL) and other data to your images.

We’ve compiled a list of the best features of the top 5 best Photoshop apps for iPad, iPhone and Mac, updated for macOS High Sierra.

If you don’t see your favorite app here, don’t be shy. Let us know in the comments.

Best Photoshop apps for iPad, iPhone and Mac

In this article:

Adobe Photoshop for iPad

Desktop for Mac

Photoshop Elements for iPad

The top five best Photoshop apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) are: Adobe Photoshop for iPad, Photoshop Elements for iPad, Photoshop for iPad, Photoshop Express for iPad and Photoshop Master Collection (formerly Photoshop CS6).

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop for iPad is one of the most popular photo editing apps available for iOS. All the professional features of Photoshop are included, and it’s easy to use. It’s a great app for editing images, and with a new update it can even crop images.

Photoshop for iPad has over 10,000 active users a month and over 28 million downloads. But it’s not the only editor that can edit images. Photoshop is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, the web and your mobile device.

2. Photoshop Elements for iPad

Photoshop Elements for iPad is a good entry-level Photoshop app for beginners. You can edit and create photographs, videos, graphics, web and motion design. It has an intuitive user interface and contains most of the professional features found in Photoshop. The app also has a dark mode if you want a night mode.

Photoshop Elements is also available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

3. Adobe Photoshop for iPad

Adobe Photoshop for iPad has access to Adobe Creative Cloud, making it the only iPad app that can edit Adobe Photoshop files. It has powerful editing features and a great user interface. Editing images is very easy, and you can save your images in different file formats.

Photoshop also has touch support, and there are over

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I want to configure a classic ASP application from IIS 7 using web reference. I have a sharepoint project where I’m using IIS 7 to host the application. When I try to access the application using the applet, the ASP application does not load, instead an error page is shown.
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Stack Trace:
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Any ideas about what I’m missing?


You need to change the File path from Integrated Windows Authentication to Negotiate.
Change the Configuration to

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