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Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular software programs available. It is used by millions of professionals and amateurs alike, making it one of the most recognizable and profitable programs around.

Adobe Photoshop is the best software to use for photos and videos. Other software programs, such as Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie, are much less difficult to use, but Adobe Photoshop is the best application for most users.


The various user folders are where you can find any media created with your computer, including projects.

Photo Gallery

It displays your images and folders in this area.


You can store images and other projects in this section.


You can configure all of the tools in this area, including color settings, aspect ratios, and so on.

The Image Bin (Windows)

The folder in which images are stored.

The Layers Bin

The bin where layers are stored.

The History Bin

The bin where you can browse through your projects.

The Brush Bin

This bin stores all of the brushes used in your projects.

The Mask Bin

This bin stores all of the masks created in your projects.

The Shadows Bin

This bin stores your shadows and highlights.

The Type Bin

This bin stores fonts and text used in your projects.

The Adjustment Bin

This bin stores the various levels of adjustments you’ve created with the program.

The Animation Bin

This bin stores media and animations you’ve created.

The Layer Bin

This bin stores the layers that are used in your projects.

The Brushes Bin

This bin stores the brushes you’ve created with Photoshop.

The Palette Bin

This bin stores the colors you’ve created with the program.

The Channels Bin

This bin stores the channels you’ve added to your images or masks.

The Filters Bin

This bin stores the filters you’ve created.

The Actions Bin

This bin stores the scripts you’ve written.

The Links Bin

This bin stores hyperlinks, which are used to link media in Adobe Bridge.

The Browser Bin

This bin stores all of the linked images and folders found in Adobe Bridge.

The Common Bin

This bin stores all of the common settings for all of the tools

Adobe Photoshop 2015 Free Download For Windows 10 Free [32|64bit]

Some users find it easier to use Elements rather than the full version. It is a lightweight and easy to use version of Photoshop that doesn’t require a lot of time and knowledge to use.

Here we are listing 15 best Photoshop Elements extensions that will make your Photoshop experience better, amazing and fun.

15 Best Photoshop Elements Extensions

Top Fifteen Photoshop Elements Extensions

1. Filters for Elements

Perfect for adding textures, styles and effects to your images, Filters for Elements is an extension that comes with a number of presets and filters for adding different effects and styles. All the filters have a choice of three views, including upright, landscape, and inverted. Moreover, the filters also allow you to combine images into a single layer for easy editing, and to add textures and a color scheme to images. The presets help you to duplicate images with a style, and to convert one image to another. What makes Filters for Elements stand out are the easy to use interface, and how it makes almost any feature of the Photoshop easy to use. It also allows you to focus on only the part of the image which you are interested in editing and crop it perfectly.

If you are looking for an alternative to stock filters in Photoshop, Filters for Elements is an option. With this extension, you can add more effects to your images which will take up less of your computer memory and allow for greater editing. The extension is easy to install and runs smoothly.

2. Lato from Creative Market

Lato is an advanced extension for Photoshop Elements that can work with any image. It is a creative feature that helps you to add/edit cool filters, presets, and frames to your images. There is a number of different frames that you can add which include gradient filters and fancy bars. The presets in the extension offer various effects that can be applied to various portions of an image. You can also add an animated gif to a frame. There is also a layered animation tool which allows you to save an animation and share it online or on social media.

What makes LATO stand out from the rest is that it comes with a number of presets. These presets have been developed by using Photoshop creatively and effectively. Moreover, the presets can be customized to suit your needs. You can also download new presets from the Creative Market’s website.

3. Flat & Nerdy in Photoshop Elements

Flat & Nerdy is a useful extension for Photoshop Elements

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2015 Free Download For Windows 10:

To make the most out of the campaign, we highly recommend the following hardware specifications:
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English Only
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