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Copan is a very efficient and easy-to-use geomatics engineering tool for computing and managing plane survey coordinates. It does numerous coordinate geometry (COGO) calculations, processes and adjusts raw field survey data, computes and adjusts map traverse data, performs map checks, calculates areas and perimeters, performs coordinate transformations, and imports/exports Ascii files.
It supports quadrant bearings as well as azimuths, and gons (grads) as well as degrees. As a matter of fact, Copan has been designed for geomatics engineers, land surveyors, professionals and also students.
It supports Geodimeter and Leica total station formats and will soon be expanded to support others. Its coordinate files may be copied to a memory card and used directly by the Palm and Pocket PC versions of Copan.
NOTE: You will need to get a free licence key in order to use the application.







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– general information –
Copan was designed to be a perfect tool for map and geodetic professionals, and it will be
updated with every major release.
This version of Copan is a powerful application that has been specifically designed to meet
the needs of the geomatics professional in today’s market.
It automatically detects the coordinates of the last used cell by the user, to help him/her
spend more time on solving problems instead of entering coordinates.
– You can also enter the coordinates manually –
You can enter the coordinates manually or automatically. Please note that to enter coordinates,
Copan will rely on the system’s GPS, in order to detect the position of the external reference
origin (or beacons), and to calculate the coordinates of the cell.
However, when using the automatic GPS, the system will detect the coordinates of the cell
very rapidly, so if you have already used the reference origin or a beacon, you can select
the latter for the next GPS reading.
To edit coordinates that the GPS has not yet found, click on ‘Edit cell (in progress)’.
– You can also copy coordinates from a previous version of Copan –
You can also copy coordinates from a previous version of Copan. You can open the Copan
database from the previous version (database file is in the ‘.copan’ directory), and then
select the desired coordinate from the list (or click on ‘Copan’ and select the desired
– all the possible options for Cogo calculations –
All the possible operations for Cogo calculations are included in Copan. If you haven’t yet
tested Copan, you can search for the specific process you want (Copy, Move, Scale, etc. or
order an online Cogo calculator).
– You can also import/export/save/load to ascii file coordinates –
You can export to Ascii file the coordinates that you have just entered, stored in your
memory, or copied from an older version of Copan.
Once the file has been saved, you will have access to the coordinates in the file, and you
can move them to the Ascii file directly or copy them to the clipboard and then directly
paste them into the open program.
You can also use the Load function to load an old Ascii file into Copan, so as to instantly
compute new

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Copan is an easy-to-use geomatics engineering tool for computing and managing plane survey coordinates.
The software is based on C++, OpenEdge®, and SQLite. The software is very easy-to-use, yet very powerful and contains all the features which are necessary for analysing and compiling engineering projects.
Copan is a system tool for the entire pipeline of coordinate geometry and is suitable for all engineering geomatics disciplines. This includes Geodimeter, Total Station, Aerial Photogrammetry and Plumer.
Clients who make use of the software for inspection and measuring usually make use of Copan as a central system for collecting, storing, and processing all their raw survey data. On top of that they use Copan as their main design tool. One engineer or several engineers can have access to the same data and use them for numerous design purposes. Copan is therefore an extremely powerful engineering tool for processing data, using calculation formulas, and creating engineering models.
Copan includes a number of functions that are not directly related to the analysis of geometry. These functions are used internally for the compilation of engineering data, such as setting and managing various “projects”. Setting and managing projects is the central function in Copan. In addition to setting and managing projects, Copan is also a powerful general purpose tool for creating and analysing engineering data.
Copan’s feature set is divided into three categories. The first is the Compute functions (Subsets of specific features). These functions compute sets of features, perform calculations on the set of features, and manipulate a set of features. The second category are the functions of analysis and mapping (Subsets of specific functions). These are usually non-geometric functions, and deal with the analysis of the survey data and the creation of a map. Finally, the third category is the Manage functions (Subsets of specific functions). These are used for managing the project data, and dealing with the coordination of engineering data in the system.
NOTE: You will need to get a free licence key in order to use the application.
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Copan is an easy to use application for computing and managing plane survey coordinates. It includes a lot of features to get started with COPO or COGO applications.
– Convert and import from one format to another – Export to Excel and copy coordinates to Palm and Pocket PC
– Multiple Input File Formats
– Multi-mode and auto-generation of survey zones
– Export to a database and print or save out complete zone files
– Map Check
– Area and Perimeter
– Adjust Zones, Clip Zones, Map Cuts
– Convert Coordinates to different Cartesian, TAB or Geodimeter units
– Gons
– Azimuths
– Degrees
– Calculate Mathematical Properties
– Optional Hyperlinked Index
– Compass and Rotary Table
– Remember and Auto Complete
– Display Map Data from Memory Card
-… ( and much more )
Over 1200 different features make Copan a unique application.
Copan Tests:
In order to test the functionality of this application, we have created a new file format named “CoCoData.txt” which is available for download. If you open the CoCoData.txt file with Copan, you will be shown a test file with lots of coordinate lines.
NOTE: This file may not be the same as the test file you see in the main help section. However, this is a very simplified file in order to check the basic functionality. The large file with 1000’s of lines is pre-generated and only contains few coordinate lines.
Copyright Notice:
The full source code of the application is released under the GNU public license.
This program was created by Dr. Boris S. Belsky (Boris.Bel)
Current Date:
BUILD TYPE: Desktop Application (MS Visual C++)
Please Note:
The information above is important to know before downloading this software.

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What’s New In?

Copan is a fairly new application (it was only
released in 2001), but has received a very positive reception from users.
It has a simple interface and extensive set of features. Copan is an easy-to-use application that is easier to use than most other GIS applications and can be easily integrated with them. In fact, the main application is used by the CopanGeo team to manage their data and process geomatics projects.
The application is easy to use for every day map making, but it also features a wide range of tools for professionals. In particular:
• Complete support for an extensive variety of coordinate systems and formats.
• Support for quadrant bearings, azimuths, gons (grads) and degrees, allowing accurate calculations even when the user is not familiar with the specific mathematical formulas.
• Backup of all operations to the database, even if the Palm or Pocket PC is disconnected from the computer.
• Support for UTM, and conical/azimuthal and constant-azimuth projection systems.
• Adjustment of previously adjusted coordinates to match the final project and the work area.
• Ability to perform simple and more complex operations on the same coordinate, possibly without resorting to a buffer zone.
• Support for triangulation and trigonometry.
• Support for the Geodimeter Geomagnetic Compass.
• Write and print a complete coordinate of the area you are working in, including the center coordinates.
• Export of coordinates to CIF/CSV files.
• Support for Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
• Various layer filters and points of interest.
• Construction and correction of Nominatim maps through network connections.
• Support for several perimeters, polygon shapes and additional ellipses.
• Support for grouping and labeling.
• Every tool can be interrupted, resumed later on or started again from a different position.
• Support for various display formats: symbology, print, plot, print, save.
• Support for Quick Copy/Paste of a map or a layer and its features.
• Support for selectable values in the format help file.
• Support for filters of the coordinate values in the database and in the feature list.
• The CopanElevation plugin to compute altitude of the selected point or feature.
• “Copan Assistant” utility.
• Unlimited number of layers.
• Unlimited number of maps

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.3 GHz
Graphics: Pixel Shader 3.0 compatible graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 4 GB
Additional Notes: The program requires a minimum of 4 GB of free hard drive space in order to run.
How to install:
Step 1: Download ‘Runmania World’ to your PC.
Step 2: Run the game and click ‘Install’.

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