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The theme of Cortona, with its many palaces, mosaics and gardens, was the perfect match for our finest adventure of the virtual world: the city of Venice.
As you travel through the city you will be amazed by the unique beauty of one of the most famous places in Italy, where the palaces are still splendid today. It is located right on the Adriatic sea and especially in springtime it is a pleasure to admire the many different and colorful flowers that bloom in this wonderful place.
A visit in the famous piazza San Marco, a stroll around the famous Rialto Bridge, where you can observe the most colorful life of the city, a shopping along the market squares or a snack in the café terrace, while you can enjoy the amazing view of the glittering city´s lagoon…
With Cortona 3D ScreenSaver you are invited to make the journey of your dreams even more exciting!
Furthermore you can choose among many different scenes to watch, as well as many different visual effects that can be used.
Cortona 3D ScreenSaver has an elegant appearance with which you can be impressed – but for the matter of beauty this is not all.
The beautiful scenery can be combined with also exciting functionality that can be expected from a 3D screen saver.
For example, it features a realistic 3D animated clock that can help you find the right moment for your trip.
Of course you can also enjoy various different visual effects, including many different transition effects, and also great glass effects.
With Cortona 3D ScreenSaver you will be amazed by the many different possibilities that are offered by this screen saver.

1 user reviews for Cortona Screen Saver

Review by sayantan (Posted on 08/29/2009)

Superb – 5 out of 5

If you are an enthusiast of this amazing location (as I am), you have to watch this screen saver in 3D. You can get it from The ability to see 3D effects at various workstations brings everything to life so well. The screen saver itself is also very nice.

Review by Eddie (Posted on 03/30/2009)

Amazing, very satisfied – 5 out of 5

The screen saver from Vicenews is really a masterpiece in 3D. I’m not sure whether I’m speaking on behalf of all 3D enthusiasts, but from the very

Cortona ScreenSaver Crack For PC

The rose is our starting point. It is a beautiful rose with a unique, double blooming structure.
(Really beautiful, in a way!)
To bring all of your attention to the screen you can dance around the rose, or just take a seat in front of it to admire the roses beauty.
Or watch the rose from the side, over the back, over the sun, etc.
You can admire the lovely rose from different angles and positions.
The rose will be always the same size in every scene.
If you are a real fan of the rose you will love this nice, very special 3D-rose screen saver.
Just open the program, enjoy the animation and save it as your new favorite screen saver.
Cortona ScreenSaver could be the perfect choice for you!
Please refer to the read me file for more information about installation and usage.
Contact me directly about free themes and other modifications.
Cortona VRML Screen Saver is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY
Original file Copyright (C) 1998-2001 Cortona Software GmbH, Kibbelingstrasse 17, 58132 Köln
Cortona Software GmbH:
Cortona Screen Saver is free for personal non-commercial use.
Please contact Cortona Software GmbH for commercial usage of the Free 3D-screensaver.
Cortona is a trademark of Cortona Software GmbH.
If you have questions, please refer to the read me file.
If you have problems with the installation of the program, please refer to the read me file.
This program has no affiliation with Microsoft or any other company.
If you want to share the program with your friends, feel free to do so.
If you want to give a feedback to the developer, it is easy, just send an email with your comments to:
Cortona Software GmbH,
Kibbelingstrasse 17,58132 Köln,Germany.
If you have any questions, please refer to the read me file.
-Thank you!
The package includes a README file containing all of the necessary informations.
-Simple installation.
-Remote control solution with support for all major operating systems.
-Realistic animations will bring your desktop to life!

Cortona ScreenSaver Crack Full Version Free (Updated 2022)

Selected by Child magazine as the best VRML Screen Saver and included in the O.S.S. Awards for the best software in 2004.
Includes thousands of different scenes.
Play and enjoy your favorite part of Cortona’s magnificent city!
1. City Square
2. Pavimento
3. Piazza San Martino
4. Convento
5. Cathedral
6. Palazzo dei Mendicanti
7. Campanile
8. Loggia dei Lanzi
9. Teatro del Mangia
10. Certosa di Sasso di Fiemme
11. Castel San Marino
12. Ceiling
13. Palazzo Publico
14. Palazzo Vecchio
15. Torre dell’Orologio
16. Scaligeris, Orto del Gastrolotto
17. Scaligeris, Centro del Caffè
18. Scaligeris, Mercato di San Michele
19. Scaligeris, Palazzo Farnese
20. Scaligeris, Palazzo Caraffa
21. Scaligeris, Palazzo Corsini
22. Porta San Pietro
23. Ponte Vecchio
24. Bridge of the Tuscan rivers
25. Ponte Malatesta
26. Palazzo Magnani-Collegio di Monsignor
27. Palazzo Vecchietti
28. Porta Santa Maria
29. Porta San Niccolò
30. Porta Duomo
31. I Piazzetta dei Vescovi
32. Porta San Pietro
33. Castel Vecchio
34. Capitano
35. Castel San Bartolomeo
36. Castel Carducci
37. Porta San Zeno
38. Del Buon Sagrato
39. Cimitero
40. Ponte San Niccolò
41. Ponte Vecchio
42. Ponte Vecchio
43. Piazza Bologna
44. Piazza Vittorio Veneto
45. Piazza San Niccolò
46. Porta San Niccolò
47. Ponte Vecchio
48. Ponte Vecchio
49. Piazza S. Domenico
50. Piazza della Signoria
51. Piazza della

What’s New In Cortona ScreenSaver?

“Cortona does not sacrifice video quality for performance. It looks absolutely great at 720p, 960×540 and even 1080p. Of course you will notice the difference in performance with 720p, but you won’t see a difference in performance with other resolutions. Most people will notice a minor difference with 720p and 1080p, but you will still be able to get the very best out of your vid card.

The ‘View’ button allows you to view the video on your computer, while ‘Save’ allows you to save the video to your hard drive. In ‘Info’ you can view the video and codecs used, as well as the settings for this particular video.

You can set the ‘Fullscreen’ resolution to any size you prefer. The ‘Fullscreen’ size is automatically adjusted if you resize the window. However, you will still be able to choose between 640×480 and 1024×768, which is usually good enough.

The ‘Playlist’ button allows you to create a custom playlist. You can add your favourite video to your playlist and set it to play automatically. You can also drag and drop video files to your playlist. If you have more than one video, you can use the ‘Combine Files’ button to create a playlist consisting of multiple files.”

4 out of 4 people found this helpful.

Please rate 1-5 stars(Vote):

“Cortona works great and runs smoother than any screen saver I’ve ever used. I put it on one of my laptops and on my Mac laptop and I use the classic desktop. When I’m using the desktop on my Mac or my Windows laptop, I use the classic desktop. When I’m using the laptop on Windows, I use the Aero desktop. It doesn’t matter what I’m using, Cortona works perfectly, thanks to the power of the SVRT.”

Awesome results with my Macbook Pro.

By: Eddie on 10/29/10

“I got this for my Macbook Pro with a PowerPC G4 CPU, it took the G4 to its knees at Fullscreen size but the screen saver runs smoothly at almost any size and it looks beautiful.

* I cannot comment on the Intel based Macs.”


By: Mike on 10/26/10

“I just got this and it’s gorgeous. The graphics are very detailed and look amazing. The

System Requirements For Cortona ScreenSaver:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible
P4 to P6
Audio Output: Output Device: DirectSound
Do I need a DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card?
Yes, DirectSound is required in order for the game to function properly.
How to Install a Sound Card?

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