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DigiClock Torrent Download is a simple gadget that provides a desktop time clock. It can be moved around the desktop at will. It displays the time in standard, 12-hour, 24-hour and military time formats. A chime alerts you if you have an appointment or another event, and various settings allow you to adjust the time, chime, and even turn off the gadget. Free movement over the desktop and window level control are supported.
DigiClock Options:
Color Palette : Colors, Gradients, Patterns
Window Level – Bubble, Title bar, Top of window, Top right corner, Top left corner, Panel, Corner
Size: Standard, Large, Windows XP(very large)
Time Zone: British, US, Australian, Metric, Canadian, Irish, Netherlands, Russia, Israel
Clock Format: Hour, Half hour, Minutes
Clock Chime: 1.0 sec chime, 1.5 sec chime, 2.0 sec chime, 2.5 sec chime, 3.0 sec chime, 3.5 sec chime, 4.0 sec chime
Alarm: Set alarm interval, set chime frequency
Folder on desktop : Do not show desktop icons
Privacy: Shows desktop icons in private view
Note: Does not work on Windows 7.

Wikipedia: The Yahoo! Widget engine was a widget toolkit formerly licensed from Openwave Systems and commonly bundled with third-party Web sites using Yahoo! Web services. Its licensing and popularity was similar to that of Adobe Flash technology but without source code availability. The Yahoo! Widget Engine used its own WMV container format.

Yahoo! Widget Engine user interface:

Yahoo! Widget Engine user interface: Google Gadget

Google Gadget user interface:

1. Deploy a gadget on your Google My Business dashboard.
2. For instructions on how to customize your gadget, visit the Resources link.
3. Create a widget.
4. Publish your widget by clicking the Publish button.
5. When your widget is published, you’ll receive an email with the URL that you can copy and paste into your Google gadget.
6. Replace the URL in the URL box of your Google gadget with the URL that you copied from your email.
7. Refresh your gadget and customize it as you see fit.
8. Add a link to your Google My Business page so customers can call to make an appointment. You can use the My

DigiClock Crack + Keygen

DigiClock is the free, Windows Vista version of the Google desktop gadget. It is a simple gadget that shows a desktop clock on your desktop, and lets you set an alarm with a pinging beep (audio chime).
You can enable either the alarm, or the chime at any time, and you can also define the relative volume. This gadget comes with a few visual themes, and can be extended with new themes if you want a different look.
DigiClock Pros:
Free, has an alarm feature
Gadget integration through WINE

The introduction of the gadget engine in Windows Vista gave birth to similar alternatives from popular services, such as Google and Yahoo! with their own dedicated gadgets. Specifically, for the Yahoo! Widget Engine, DigiClock comes with a variety of customization options to show a desktop clock, and set up an alarm.
Needless to say that Yahoo! Widget Engine needs to be installed on the target PC for the gadget to function, and it integrates right after launch. It benefits from all default customization options of a gadget such as free movement across the desktop, window level priority, opacity level, and more.
However, it also comes with it’s own set of options, ranging from visual tweaks, to functionality adjustments. Found in individual tabs, these provide options for color, chime, button, time zone, as well as general settings.
As far as visuals are concerned, it comes different size specifications, and various color options for body, text, and gradient combination in case this option is selected. Time separator can be set to flash every one or two seconds, while the clock supports both hour format.
Furthermore, the gadget provides the option to configure an alarm. This can either periodically run at specific intervals, or at a custom time value. Notification consists of an audio chime, with options to select built-in presets, or custom audio file.
DigiClock Description:
DigiClock is the free, Windows Vista version of the Google desktop gadget. It is a simple gadget that shows a desktop clock on your desktop, and lets you set an alarm with a pinging beep (audio chime).
You can enable either the alarm, or the chime at any time, and you can also define the relative volume. This gadget comes with a few visual themes, and can be extended with new themes if you want a different look.
DigiClock Pros:
Free, has an alarm feature


The YoYo.Widgets.TimeZone is a program for displaying and managing dates, times, timezones, and alarms.
Main Features:
* Display time and date in any format, according to current locale and settings
* Display date on your desktop in small or big font, with an easy to understand locale and calendar display
* The program shows time, date, timezones and alarms on your desktop with a colorful and stunning look
* The program supports a visual countdown calendar with a small clock
* The program supports alarm sounds
* You can display date and time in small, big or medium font,
* Enable or disable Daylight Saving Time for your home and work places
* Display time and date in any format, according to current locale
* Two date formats supported: month, weekday
* You can have two clocks in the desktop: Work and Home
* Show the time in 24 or 12 hour format
* You can set the date format to MM-DD or DD-MM
* You can set the time format to 24 or 12 hour format
* The program uses built-in standard sounds for alarms
* You can download new sounds, the sounds will be changed and updated automatically
* You can set the alarm to run at specific intervals or at a given time
* You can set the alarm to run for example once or twice a week
* You can set the alarm to run with a given time
* The alarm can display a message
* You can change the alert tone
* The program also has other functions such as changing the system date and time to the next day, the next month or the next year
* Shows your calendar with an alarm button beside each day
* You can show large or medium font for text
* You can toggle the alarm button on/off (when the alarm is ringing) or off only after the alarm sounds
* Optionally you can show the alarm button in small or medium size font
* The program supports Windows Language Packs
* You can easily change the time zone, and the alarm can be set to specific countries or regions

first thanks for your help.
I have a little problem.
I’m looking for a program, like DigiClock, that shows only the current date on the desktop. I have to go to the internet then to Google, type the date (in this case: today, 2011-09-27), and the program will show me the date.

What’s New In?


Supported Platforms

Windows Vista or later


Source code available to MS Vista users.

Windows API



Editors’ Note: Reviews usually appear within two weeks of a product’s release, but thanks to the holidays and various other scheduling conflicts, this review is about a month late.

However, it might take a while to get digiClock to install on Windows 7 after upgrading from Vista.

I run Vista on my laptop and have never had any problems with it in months, even though I did try the previous version of digiClock for a while before getting digiClock.

DigiClock was updated to, which did not help my problems, and I finally threw in the towel and just tried installing it to see if it would work.

When I installed it, I got an error that it couldn’t successfully load the Component Services Administration, and gave an error code that can’t be remembered.

Well, I am kind of an expert in turning off all the bells and whistles in Vista since I tend to see them as a nuisance that gets in the way when I am working.

So when I saw that digiClock couldn’t open Component Services Administration, I went to Services… > Administrative Templates > System, and deactivated the following :

With these turned off, digiClock could finally install and run, but did not work.

After installing the gadget, you need to close the Services window and open the main Yahoo! Widget Engine dialog to get this:

The main Yahoo! Widget Engine dialog

Once in the YEWE dialog, click on Edit Configurations…

This takes you to the Configurations tab, where you can configure the various settings available in the Yahoo! Widget Engine dialog.

You can add as many Yahoo! Widget Engine gadgets as you like, and create settings for each gadget that you configure.

Each Yahoo! Widget Engine gadget will have a tab for configuration:

The Yahoo! Widget Engine in its configuration tab.

For instance, the Gadget Settings configuration tab is used to configure the colors, duration, button text, time separator, and more of each gadget.

The Configuration tab of a Gadget

Each gadget in the Yahoo! Widget Engine has a tab for configuration.


System Requirements For DigiClock:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 / Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 / AMD Phenom II X4 955
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: N/A
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Additional Notes: Xbox 360 controllers not supported
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.


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