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➡️ DynamoDB database management tool.
➡️ Standalone feature.
➡️ Automatically maintains the table structure of DynamoDB
➡️ Auto-detects DynamoDB tables.
➡️ Supports unicode and UTF-8 text.
➡️ Super fast database management and browsing.
➡️ Creates the table structure of DynamoDB tables.
➡️ Executes operations against DynamoDB tables.
➡️ Supports generating backups and restoring.
➡️ Supports multiple AWS accounts
➡️ Supports showing the attributes and values of all tables.
➡️ Supports filtering on the attribute and the values.
➡️ Supports exporting all tables to CSV and JSON files.
➡️ Supports importing data from CSV and JSON files.
➡️ Supports multi-factor authentication.
➡️ Supports online and offline.
➡️ Supports generating AWS IAM credentials

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Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that lets you store and retrieve unstructured data with ease. It’s currently offered in the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Dynam

DynoBase is a lightweight and speedy cross platform database GUI client. It offers the tools you need to manage your data and perform various queries and operations.
Using DynoBase is probably the easiest way to explore DynamoDB databases, as it works perfectly with both the cloud-based and on-premise deployments of Amazon’s distributed database.
DynoBase Key Features
Lightweight and simple
With DynoBase, as the name suggests, you can get your hands on data with ease. It is known to be really easy to grasp and use, which might explain its growing popularity.
Chrome Extension
Perhaps the most appealing feature, however, is the DynoBase Chrome extension, available for both the web and mobile browsers. It lets you perform the same actions on both platforms, quickly and easily.
Database visualizer and query builder
DynoBase is known for its query builder, and this is reflected by the fact that you can compose queries directly in the interface, with the help of a powerful visual query builder, while also getting the analytical insights via a built-in database visualization tool.
Import and export
One of the things that make DynoBase so popular is its easy import and export features. You can browse your databases and export your data into various formats. Once exported, you can even go back to your operating system and import the data.

This 4 hour training course will show you how to setup your Amazon Redshift cluster, enable Elastic Compute and query against your database using PostgreSQL.
Once the cluster is setup, a Stored Procedure is created to create the database, alter the columns and tables, create indexes and apply maintenance procedures.
This procedure then creates the tables and indexes using the CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE syntax.
This means that only the table columns are changed or created.
You will then apply the index using the DROP INDEX and CREATE INDEX statements. You will also see how to set a partition, use compression and view the alerts and verify backups.
When you apply the check or verify backup, you will see that the backup is applied and you can import and export the data.
You will learn about indexing, replication and how to setup your metadata.

Dynobase Crack

Dynobase is a new, professional, cross-platform database client which is designed to be simple, easy to use, and fast. Currently supported features:
*Seamless integration with many popular database management tools
*Extensible data model: add new tables, columns, relationships, and indexes
*Authentication (Cognito and OAuth)
*In-app feedback for better reliability and performance
*Import from csv and json files
*Export to csv and json files
*Autocomplete for common data types
*Autocomplete for attributes
*Autocomplete for indexes
*Searching tables and columns
*Adding, deleting, and editing items
*Advanced query builder
*Insert, update, delete
*Add indexes
*Import from csv and json files
*Export to csv and json files
*Offline support
*Multi-factor authentication
Dynobase Help:
You can find detailed documentation of the whole product here:

What’s New in This Release:
– Integration with Amazon Cognito authentication
– Export to Kinesis KCL, Kinesis Firehose, and SQS
– Support for new language locales
– Support for BOTO v3 API
Dynobase supports the BOTO API v3. The latest BOTO API version can be found at
Amazon Cognito Authentication
The Dynobase App API plugin and Tooling API plugin are designed to work with Amazon Cognito Authentication and implement the principal of Single Sign On.
With this integration, your users will be able to sign in to Dynobase and all other AWS tools using the same identity.
Multi-factor Authentication
Dynobase offers multi-factor authentication in the form of X509 Certificates, using which you can secure not only your Dynobase instances but also your data in DynamoDB.
Look for detailed help on this topic here:
New Localization
Dynobase has now added new localization to its app. Users can now switch to the different locales that Dynobase offers, including French, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, and Italian.
Datasource for Kines

What’s New In Dynobase?

Easily inspect, access, and analyze Amazon’s NoSQL database DynamoDB from a web interface or a command-line client.
Checkpoint and recovery: Write your backup as a standalone file for later recovery or use Amazon’s Backup Service to set up your backups to be automatically restored to another AWS region.
Autocomplete: Set your attribute names in a visual query builder, quickly.
Export to any of your favorite tools: Export to DynamoDB’s JSON, CSV, or SQL formats.
REST API for the RESTful API: Easily access and integrate with the Amazon REST API for the RESTful API
More features
Filtering: Add, remove, and reorder filters and refine your results.
Search: Search by values, tags, attributes, or ranges.
Redaction: Ask for the removal of sensitive values from a set of records.
Alternate index support: Easily identify the best index type for your query.
Secondary indexes: Combine key values for more query results.
Selective secondary indexes: Include only the required fields for your query.
DynamoDB Explorer
Interactive visual interface
Filters: Prefer attributes by the given values or sort them alphabetically.
Advanced queries: Autocomplete values, summarize by means of metrics, and group by id.
Export to either JSON or CSV file format
Easily integrate AWS SDK (JS, Python, Node.js)
NoSQL: NoSQL Database Management System (NoSQL)
MongoDB: A NoSQL database that is open source
NoSQL: An open source standard for distributed, schema-less data storage
NoSQL: A type of non-relational database
SQL: A database is a collection of tables that stores data in rows and columns
Database: Is a collection of tables and the stored data
Database: A database is stored on durable storage such as disk.
DynamoDB: A cloud storage platform and NoSQL database service.
DynamoDB: A distributed and highly available, highly scalable, and self-tuning database service
DynamoDB: It allows you to treat your database as an append-only log
Project: The next generation database and application infrastructure that powers real-time business applications
Project: A project includes several services and infrastructure capabilities that provide a common platform for managing applications
Project: A project is a cloud-hosted set of application services that provide scalable

System Requirements:

4.0 GB free storage
Hardware requirements:
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 1.8 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Software requirements:
If you are developing Android version, please download Android Studio from
Install Android Studio as a Java JDK and SDK from here
Copy “lib/x86” folder


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