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•Support for almost all cutting plotters on the market: most cutting plotters are supported.
•Software based on vector graphics technology is highly reliable and robust.
•Able to open practically any file type without any type of conversion, eliminating the chance of data loss.
•No time-consuming learning process necessary: in seconds, you will be able to use the program!
•Fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8.
•Growl messages, allowing you to quickly identify when errors occur.
•Underlying programming in C/C++: the source code has been entrusted to an expert programmer, ensuring that the program is reliable and that its functionality is always up to date.
•Original interface designed for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8.
•User-friendly interface, enhancing the user experience on the whole.
•Positive experience with all supported cutting machines.
•Editing, designing and cutting with ease.
•Advanced form creation capabilities including 3D designing.
•The product is fully formatted for WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT.
•Time-saving compression tool for saving time when preparing a design.
•Innovative techniques for optimizing cutting performance.
•Fully customizable menus.
•Affordable price.
•Evolutions and upgrades are free in the case of all included features.
•24/7 customer support by email and live chat.
•Free updates after purchase.
•Possibility of extending the program using Plug-Ins.
•Downloadable demos on demand.
•No registration fee.

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EasyCut Pro 2022

• Editable Vector and TrueType fonts of your choice
• 12 impressive decorative vinyls
• Over 170 effects, including Rhino3D, 3D Extrude, 3D Rotate, Canned, Lattice, Tiling, Rhinestones, and Puzzle Generator
• Contour cutting
• Super powerful graphics tools
• Support for all cutting plotters: Tally 4000XP, JS1500XP, JS1500P, H150XP, H150P, H150CDP, MBH-115XP, MBH-115P, MBH-115CDP, SANTAC9, SANTAC9A, MBH-115S, V-Print VP150C, V-Print VP400C, and V-Print VP400C+
• Shape and text editing tools, like nodes
• Wide range of free fonts
• Graphic applications like MS Publisher, Visio, and GIMP
• You can search for fonts by import and export
• You can cut your design by color, interfere with tiles, which can split your design in a way that will fit the allowed cutting width, and you can even remove excess vinyl.
• Undo and redo operations: cutting lines and shapes
• You can export to PDF, EPS, SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, and PSD
• Advanced emulsion editing tools: Fill, Crop, Cut, Cut*Rect, and Cut*Poly
Note: Licensing is required, and all products are restricted to commercial purposes only.

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What’s New in This Release

EasyCut Pro

Beautiful and easy to use tool to make your personal stickers
Sometimes, you want to make stickers to decorate your belongings or as gifts for your friends or colleagues. But that is not easy at all because the design you have in mind doesn’t always match the requirements for a sticker.
For that matter, the Adobe Illustrator isn’t the most suitable tool because it doesn’t allow you to cut images efficiently. It may seem like a promising idea, but you’ll soon find out that applying your sticker borders is so difficult that you will be compelled to scratch that idea for now.
If you’re seeking a reliable tool to make your stickers, you should avoid all that trouble because MyPlans Stickers allows you to easily cut custom stickers for your projects. It is a tool that works well if you have a specific design in mind.

Couple of weeks ago, the team behind tiling generator caught my attention with the release of their new tool that enables various kinds of tiles to be freely cut. As a result, I decided to take a closer look and see whether the application, which is free to use, is actually worth trying out, and I must say that it totally is.
The good thing about this tool is that it doesn’t require any special skills to operate. In fact, pretty much anyone can manage it. Moreover, the tool itself is not complicated to use and learn; as a matter of fact, the overall design is really simple and easy to figure out.
To begin with, you don’t really need to specify the dimensions. You just need to click on the main window and drag to set the area in which you want to create your layout.

Not surprisingly, the program provides support for the majority of popular cutting plotters; the list includes Roland CTL-80/81, HP-44, HP-48, HP-49, HP-53, HP-60, HP-62, HP-67, HP-78, HP-87, HP-M2, HP-M301, HP-M500, HP-M5, HP-M602, HP-M603, HP-M604, HP-M700, HP-M705, HP-M812, HP-M816, HP-M817, HP-M818, HP-M819, HP-M820, HP-M822, HP-M825

What’s New In?

EasyCut Pro is an innovative cutting software that will allow you to plan, design, cut and print your own 3D models. Whether you are a student, professional or hobbyist, this application will allow you to design, cut and print your own 3D objects by the inch without professional tools and laser cutters.

Do you enjoy working with a lot of detailed images and graphics that you need to have floating on the 3D model? Do you find it a lot of fun to collaborate with your team members on the same cutting model and then watch it being printed by your new 3D CNC router? Do you like the idea of utilizing this cutting software and making your very own choice of printable 3D models that you can paint on and decorate as you like? EasyCut Pro is for you.

The easyCut Pro software was created to be used with CNC routers and CDM printers. Because of that, the program is very well organized, simple to use and display. You do not need to be a laser cutter expert to create your own 3D models. With this amazing software, you will be able to design, cut and print your own 3D models by the inch without professional tools and laser cutters. Choose any of the shapes you can find on the screen and you can slice them as many times as you want in any size and color you wish. You can even add text and other objects to your model and make it into a decorative object. You can even choose your own printable color for the piece. Simply imagine how fun this is going to be!

– Make your own 3D model; for that, you do not need to go to a specialized store; you just need to buy the EasyCut Pro software.
– You can cut your own 3D models by the inch without professional tools and laser cutters; the cutting software will allow you to create your own models.
– You can cut your own 3D model yourself and then send it to your local CNC router; you can also send your models to CDM printers.
– The easyCut Pro software was designed to work with CNC routers.
– You can export to STL, OBJ, DXF, and SLD formats.
– You can save your model in the.STP or.OBJ format.
– You can export to Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
– You can print your own 3D model

System Requirements For EasyCut Pro:

Windows PC:
Hard Disk:
Mac OS X 10.11 or later
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