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MetalScroll is a Visual Studio add-in which replaces the editor scrollbar with a graphic representation of the code.
Furthermore, users will have the possibility to adjust the the width of the scrollbar.







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Replaces the Scrollbar in Visual Studio with a graphic representation of the code that the user can adjust the width of.
Drag the the scrollbar up and down to adjust the width of the scrollbar.
The scrollbar will be grey if the user is not allowed to adjust its width.


Indents and Outdents:
Only the lines which are folded will change color.
This color is not the same as the one of the style used for folding.

Ignore Case:
The default behavior of Visual Studio is that the same character of a text is always displayed the same.
If you mark a selection with the current colors, then the same character of the selected lines will be marked with the same color.

Language Implementation:
As the users have to select one of the available languages, you can implement them with Razor Language Extensions

All features of this add-in are supported on all Visual Studio versions and operating systems.

Compatibility and Availability

This add-in does not use any Visual Studio API and is freely available as any other add-in:

Works with Windows, Linux and macOS:


Scrollbar width:
The scrollbar width can be changed with 1 point.
To change the scrollbar width, double click the the scrollbar and set the property “Width” to the width you want (in points).

Ignore Case:

To use the option “Ignore Case” you need to select one or multiple selections.
If you are using the selection mode “Select All Selected Lines” then “Ignore Case” is disabled.
If you are using the selection mode “Select All Unfolded Lines” then “Ignore Case” is disabled and the “Ignore Case” options will be grayed out.

Other Add-ons:

If you are using other add-ons with the Razor Language Extensions, you can install this add-in together with them.
However, if other add-ons have defined the option “Highlight Text” for the Razor Language Extensions, those color settings will be overwritten and no longer available

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Advanced function for Visual Studio.NET

Changes the way you view code in Visual Studio.

Every code display can be customized to show code the way you want.

Eliminates the need for page scrolling

Highlight blocks of code instantly by clicking and dragging

One mouse click to change highlight styles

Controls block of code by dragging left/right

Highlight lines and blocks with different colors

Select regions of code and they’re highlighted

Inline selections are also copied to the clipboard

Creates different screen size modes and default sizes for each mode

Creates different modes and codes to fit different screen sizes and resolutions.

Use the up and down buttons to switch modes

Shortcuts make selecting and copying code easy.

Frees a lot of screen space and allows for easier reading

Quickly highlight/unhighlight code by clicking anywhere in the code

Replaces the standard Windows scrollbar with a dynamic scrollbar

Users can change the size and the style of the scrollbar

Changes the size and style of the scrollbar with one click

Customize your code display to your liking.

Currently supported data types:






And many more!





Windows 10

Windows 8.1

Windows 7

Windows Server 2008R2

Windows Vista

Version 1.0 of this add-on is currently available.

[Update: Version 1.1 is released now]

Version 1.1:

Support Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003

Minor bugs Fixed

Microsoft Connect


Latest Changes

Version 1.0

Version 1.1

Major changes.

The major code refactor have been done. Updated the App2App support to the latest VS2015.

New features


Privacy policy

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As a Developer or a Professional Developer, my answer is: Yes, it is correct, but we need to know, what are your needs, because this tool is not for everyone.

Requirements: Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10,.NET Framework 4.7
Install instructions:

How to Use:

Click “Go to Microsoft Home Page” and choose the 2nd link “Download GoldVS Package”.

Double-click on the GoldVS-VS2015.vsix file to start the download.

Install the extension by going to Tools -> Extension Manager.

Set “VisualStudio” to “Microsoft Visual Studio” and “Actions from the right” to “Add scrollbar” or “Remove scrollbar”.

Click Update.

Now you can open the built-in designer view and use the scrollbar.

The possibilities of the scrollbar are as follows:

Vertical scroll: The user can adjust the width of the arrow down and the width of the arrow up
Horizontal scroll: The user can adjust the width of the scrollbar. It is possible to drag the scrollbar forward and backward. This also causes that the user can remove the last or first line and scrolls the next ones backwards or forwards.
Fixed width: The user can adjust the width of the arrow down and the width of the arrow up
Fixed height: The user can only adjust the width of the scrollbar

There’s a premade Visual Studio theme called Defect that integrates this feature. See for more information.


Use Windbg (Debugger).
To use Windbg, first you have to make sure you’ve got vshost32.exe (the Visual Studio Host32) and mssvcrt.dll (Microsoft C runtime) installed on your system.
From the Windbg menu select Edit->Keyboard->Select appropriate settings for vshost32.exe and mssvcrt.dll
Then run Windbg.exe and perform a MemDump. It’s recommended that you create a new tab with a specified

What’s New In?

MetalScroll is a Visual Studio add-in for Windows which replaces the editor scrollbar with a graphic representation of the code.
Moreover, users will have the possibility to adjust the the width of the scrollbar.
The goal of the add-in is to improve the readability of the code, while maintaining the functionality of the original scrollbar.
This add-in has been around for a while. However, some changes are on the way.
As of now, only a small subset of functionality is available and is developed in close cooperation with Visual Studio.
Shortcoming at the moment are:
– Complex color selection
– High-DPI support (requires a restart and need to be activated)
– High-DPI support (requires a restart and need to be activated)
– Support for Windows XP
How to download and install:
Download the add-in using the following link:

As of today, the latest version will be incorporated in the Visual Studio as a Visual Studio Community Add-in,
whereas the older versions are still available as VSIX.
When installing the add-in, it is important to select the correct version (Visual Studio Community Add-in/VSIX)
in the menu.
To open the add-in you can click the icon on the taskbar (Start/Search/VisualStudio/VisualStudio Scrollbar).
Where to find the settings:
Settings can be found in the options menu (Tools/Options/VisualStudio/Edit/MetalScroll)
There you’ll find the settings for the width of the scrollbar as well as options for customization.
Known Bugs:
– Microsoft message icon for free with Visual Studio
– right click to start tool window context menu is grayed out

FluidScroll is a Windows Forms based scrollbar add-in, allowing users to use one continuous scrollbar to scroll through a series of pages.
Its primary goal is to make small and simple forms look good.
It has been developed in a small time by a student of the University of the United Kingdom (University of Bath) and is available for free.
For information, please visit:

System Requirements For MetalScroll:

Windows 10 / 8.1 (64-bit processor)
300 MB free space
5.5 MB download size
20 GB free space to install the game
Is the game free?
Yes, the game is free.
Where can I play the game?
You can start playing the game now on Desura, a platform where games can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, Mac and even Steam.
Why can’t I play the game on Desura?

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