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PhotoSort is a freeware software designed for image editing. It has many tools that are suitable for different functions, including image sizing, cropping, resizing, adjusting contrast, adjusting lightness, contrast, color, brightness, balance, and color mapping. The application is easy to learn, and it is intuitive to use.
Simple to download and install
PhotoSort comes as a single file, with no setup installation. After you download and run the installer, the program will start automatically. The users are required to enter the password only once for the first time.
More tools, more options
The application comes with many tools and filters, including original and various contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc. After you apply a tool, its state is saved, so you can see the result while editing the image.
Editing functions:
You can resize an image (either digitally or by selecting the pixel dimensions in the drop-down list); crop or trim images; change the image’s contrast, lightness, saturation, and black/white balance; add or remove highlights, shadows, and spots; rotate an image; and even flip it horizontally or vertically.
Your can also select a color scheme from five predefined ones, or create one of your own. And if you don’t like the result of a tool, you can use the Undo function.
Select your files
After you have finished editing the selected file, you can either save or trash the image. You can also convert the image to black-and-white and to greyscale and then convert back.
You can even save the image in the JPEG format.
Adjust screen brightness and contrast
Finally, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture. You can even decrease the brightness to zero, which will result in black.
Performance and conclusion
The tool easily works well for most images, and it provides enough options for a wide range of adjustments. However, you will have to fine-tune the results according to your needs, so PhotoSort is not a substitute for a proper image editor.
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PhotoSort 1.2.1 Crack+ Full Product Key Free X64

[b]PhotoSort Full Crack Description:[/b]
PhotoSort Crack Free Download is one of the great software programs that are available on the Internet. It is designed to sort the incoming pictures by the following image attributes:
[b]Attribute & Conditions:[/b]
•The date of the picture
•The size of the picture
•The file type
•The extension of the file type
•The names of the photos
•The file names
[b]Attractive Interface:[/b]
Using PhotoSort software, you can easily decide which of the attributes above are most important to you. You can sort the pictures by any of the attributes shown on the list by using the “Sort” button. This function allows you to organize pictures in multiple ways. You can sort the pictures by colors, size, dates, file types, file names, extensions, titles, and more.
[b]Multiple Options:[/b]
PhotoSort also allows you to organize your photos in multiple ways. There are several options that allow you to select which photos to be included in a list. You can always include all the photos that are in a particular folder, or exclude the photos of a certain folder. You can include a specific number of photos from one folder, all of the photos from a specific folder, or a specific number of photos from a certain folder.
[b]Access Your Photos Online:[/b]
PhotoSort allows you to access your pictures online, so that you do not need to leave your computer to view them. Your pictures are organized into folders by date, size, extension, file name and file type. The folder name is automatically included as a description next to the picture. You can have different folders for different events or activities, or you can save pictures of a particular event or activity.
[b]Search Results:[/b]
You can easily access pictures that are either on your hard disk or on online servers. Clicking a picture will automatically open it in PhotoSort, or you can download it to your computer.
[b]Other Features:[/b]
* HTML based search engine support
* No need to download, you can see the picture online
* Input picture description and sort it by size, date, name, extension, title
* Time saving and easy to use
* Open your photos in online slideshow instantly
* Delete unwanted pictures
* Supports multiple sort options

PhotoSort 1.2.1 Torrent

After a long absence from our site, “PhotoSort” is back.
It’s a tool for sorting the pictures.
It can organize your pictures into categories, e.g. by date, name of person, type of picture, etc.
It can be used on the whole folder. Also you can select some groups of pictures by size.
How to Use:
Get the utility on your PC.
Open the application, specify the destination folder, and choose the selected folder to add pictures. Also, you can specify the sorting by date.
In the left hand side of the application you can find “View Gallery”, “Sorting”, “Add a New Folder”, “Delete Selected”, “Choose file” and “Search”.
After you’re done, you can press the “Sort” button in the toolbar.
In the “Photos” tab you will see the pictures as they were before. After clicking on each picture, you will see buttons to view in Windows Media Player, get a preview, make it a contact, get details of the picture, and change the rating, size, etc. You can also order a report or calculate the average rating, size, and the day’s rating for each photo.
The folder “Categories” can be used for organizing pictures by category. You can add as many categories as you want.
The folder “AutoSort” can be used to automatically sort pictures. You can specify the date, date and name, or size of the pictures.
The program can be used in two ways: as a program to organize your pictures, and as a viewer.
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What’s New In?

This Windows application helps you sort your photos by the current date and time they were taken.
Instantly create sub folders
After selecting the “Date Time” view, you can see the photos sorted by when they were taken.
Scan to create subfolders
Select several photos in the main window, right click and select Scan to create sub folders from the context menu.
Tags viewing features
You can view all the photos from your entire photo library without switching among your folders.
Connecting to the Windows Live Photo Gallery to sync and back up your photos and videos
Store and share your photos and videos with Windows Live Photo Gallery, free and easy to use.
Search the images
Search the images by tags, EXIF information and descriptive text of each photo.
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Only needed the first 100 characters
The fingerprints and prints will be imported to a new image with a unique name.
Drag and drop images and files
Drag and drop an image or file onto the main window to add it to the main group.
Color codes, colors, and sizes of fingerprints and prints
Each fingerprint and print image will have its color coded, color size, and size as well.
Store your prints in a backup folder
Upload and backup your prints in your file system.
Search and view fingerprints and prints
You can search and view fingerprints and prints by color.
Add a signature
You can add and save a signature under the group and to each fingerprint or print.
Show your fingerprint and print images on your Web site
You can view your fingerprints and prints on your Web site.
Printing your fingerprint image, photos, documents, or anything else.
You can copy any bitmap or image into their own folder.
Print images, documents, and anything else.
File shortcuts
You can use a shortcut to the file or image you want to print.
You can set the printed calendar on a specific date or file.
You can print your calendar as a PDF file.
Date and time
You can print the files on the date or time of the image.
You can print the description of the file with

System Requirements For PhotoSort:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX® 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Sound: DirectX® 9 Compatible
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: Features and graphics are smooth and accurate at lower graphics settings and may not render properly at higher graphics settings.
Processor: 2 GHzMemory: 1 GB RAMGraphics: DirectX® 9 CompatibleDirectX

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