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PhpSHIELD PHP Encoder Crack+ Free License Key Free [Win/Mac] [April-2022]

phpSHIELD is an easy-to-use Windows application that, as well as being a high-speed PHP and ASP.NET encoder, has the ability to encrypt files and packages to protect their contents. The application can also be used to perform a variety of functions including compression and encryption with PHP and ASP.NET code, xml files, HTML and even PostScript files.

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phpSHIELD PHP Encoder is a thin, light, in-memory oriented, multi-platform encryptor and optimizer. It encodes PHP code into an optimized binary file and at the same time applies safe and efficient optimization over it.
phpSHIELD generates binary output. It will work on any PHP environment. From Windows OS to Linux to Mac OS to RaspBerry, anything you could imagine using for your PHP code, it will work with.
It also supports PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.3 backward compatibility.
phpSHIELD PHP Encoder PHP module is supported with PHP classes that have been optimized for PHP 6.2 to PHP 7.3. These classes are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX versions and use the same Java code.
Some of the features of phpSHIELD (PHP Encoder):
Zero Memory consumption on startup
Free disk space through compression and optimization
PHP 7.3 Class Encoder
It works with PHP 7.0 to 7.3 backward compatibility
Optimized for PHP 7.0 to 7.3
PHP 7.3 class support
Saving the generated bytecode to files
Binary output
No web server required
Enables PHP user, group, and world
Compatible with multiple PHP configurations
Easy to deploy and manage
Supported in Windows, Linux and Mac OSX
Fully compatible to PEAR
Why Choose PHP Encoder for Redistribution?
Most of the Source Code tools are not redistributable. For example, I can’t redistribute the commercial CCnet source code, it has a non-distributable license, and we don’t want to license our software at a commercial cost to our clients.
Unlike the commercial products, we use PHP as our backend scripting language. We write our scripts in PHP using a variety of file formats, and we compress and convert the scripts to binary files by using the phpSHIELD PHP Encoder.
So we can effectively protect our software by using the phpSHIELD PHP Encoder.
In a typical scenario:
1. A client purchases our scripts written in PHP.
2. The client uses our scripts to perform their tasks, and they give feedback for their feedback to us to help us improve our scripts.
3. When the next client wants to use our scripts, they pick the PHP scripts to run, and they are the only users who can run our scripts. Because they are using the phpSHIELD PHP Encoder

PhpSHIELD PHP Encoder Crack For PC [Latest] 2022

phpSHIELD is a fully functional Windows application that you can use as a simple tool, or to replace your current encoder. PHP code is easily imported in one click, and can be protected with a password or even with a specific algorithm.
phpSHIELD also comes with tons of additional features, including code import, export, directory scan, manual protection and an automatic script report.


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What’s New In?

phpSHIELD PHP Encoder is an easy-to-use, web based application to help protect your intellectual property. The program allows you to preview files which will be encoded, while also being able to ensure that the program has all the necessary security features to allow it to function safely on your server, but will not allow the end-user to view or download the script.

phpSHIELD Encoder Features:

Fully certified as 128-bit secure encryption.

Prevents end-users from viewing the script being encoded.

You can select files to be encoded or allow them all.

The program can be run on Windows or Unix based servers.

Allows for simple, single click encoding of multiple files.

Manages the encrypted script, allowing you to quickly and easily move files out of your protected area to the final location (or if you prefer, keep the files encrypted on the server).

Allows safe, direct file copying.

Comprehensive setup of the program options.

Provides the ability to see a preview of the encoded files.

phpSHIELD Security:

phpSHIELD Encoder uses advanced cryptographic techniques to generate a strong data stream. Protecting your data in this way means that sensitive information (e.g. your source code, secret keys, intellectual property, etc) cannot be accessible to others.

phpSHIELD Encoder is fully secure, does not use any high level strings, MD5 or SHA1 encryption, and the entire stream is encrypted and written to the hard drive.

In order to view the encrypted files, the end-user must have a key which is generated by the program.

phpSHIELD Encoder is totally secure – it is not possible to remove or modify any part of the encoded files.

phpSHIELD Encoder is not only secure, but has many features that will help prevent your data from being decrypted if it ever is stolen or if a security breach occurs. For example, it automatically prompts the user to re-enter their authentication information if the browser asks for that information after having saved the script. In addition, once you encrypt your data, it will be impossible to make an exact copy of it because the file structure, file names or even the software that is encoding the files would all have to be identical.


Installation instructions can be found on our web site.


There is no support available from

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