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PrimoCache relies on a sophisticated principle that involves data caching in order to improve OS performance and response to user requests.
Data caching is a procedure that purposely stores data into the system’s memory, which will result in faster overall disk performance. The information is served to the user more rapidly, compared to the traditional approach where the data is fetched directly from the disk.
PrimoCache’s runtime depends on a proprietary driver that sniffs requests and provided that the needed data is stored in the cache, fetching it is achieved at a better rate.
The most important advantage of PrimoCache is its ability to cache data for a specified volume, which is of interest to the end user. A secondary purpose of the application is to make use of the memory that is wasted on systems equipped with 4GB RAM or more, running a 32-bit enabled OS.
Despite accomplishing such a complex purpose, PrimoCache is fairly intuitive and easy to use, although it should fall in the hands of advanced users, who have previous knowledge of this technology.
The program is able to manipulate several volumes at a time, or alternatively, individual drives, for which different caching profiles have been created. Usually, the configuration of a cache operation includes setting whether the disc reading or writing should be improved, as well as configuring the managed memory, block size and algorithm.
The management of invisible memory can be controlled from a dedicated window, where a limit can be set for the maximum usable amount of RAM.
Statistics related to the data caching are briefly presented in the main window, once the process has been started for at least one volume. You can also stop or pause the caching process, at any time.
Overall, PrimoCache comes across as an interesting alternative to boosting system performance. It targets volumes individually, which results in a higher hit rate than the traditional method of caching all data.







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PrimoCache Cracked Version is a small and simple tool that helps speed up the system by way of a data cache that stores information on a volume.
One volume only can be configured and managed by the tool. Information related to the caching of the volume is presented in the main window, as well as access to the information page of data cache.
PrimoCache is able to perform a full scan of a volume in order to detect all the regions on the source disk, where the information is located. It includes the file list and other information. The operations of the volume are presented in the main window, which enables the user to manage the cache and determine if a full cache is needed.
PrimoCache cannot make use of hardware acceleration, so it only improves disk performance, and the operation is fairly simple.


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wolsaj67 from
PrimoCache can’t see my disk but reads it anyway!!!I recently got a good deal on a Samsung 2TB hard drive and was excited to install it in one of my computers. I installed it and ran the “PrimoCache” program. It shows the disk as present but complains that it can’t see it. The “PrimoCache” screen then does the following:

A) It lists the disk.

B) It says the disk is caching, and this is why it can’t be seen.

C) It looks like it is successfully caching some of the files.

D) It has a list of files it has cached.

E) It looks like it is successfully caching some of the files.

F) It shows a list of cached files.

G) It shows me what it cached.

H) It tells me that it wants to do something with a prompt.

I) It tells me that it won’t shut down.

J) It says, “Synchronizing…”.

K) It says it has a cache to synchronize and gives me a progress window.

L) It tells me that it is looking for the directory now.

M) It shows me the directory it is in.

N) It runs the “PrimoCache_C” program.

My question is, why is it telling me that the disk it is caching is not visible and why does it tell me that the disk it is caching is not visible on a computer that has seen the

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Setting up and configuring a PrimoCache caching operation involves setting the cache volume, caching algorithm, number of blocks, block size, RAM limit, memory type and manager.
PrimoCache has a fairly unique concept, compared to the multitude of caching solutions available online. PrimoCache is designed to cache individual volumes, which makes the process more specific than using an entire disk as a cache. The program is quite well-rounded, and offers many features related to the management of memory.
PrimoCache runs on 64-bit operating systems and, at the moment, it is only supported on Windows 10. The demo version included with the application has a unique concept, in the sense that it is able to access one virtual disk at a time.
PrimoCache comes equipped with a native interface that supports all the basic operations, that includes the ability to customize the cache volume, set the RAM limit and custom caches for each volume.
The process of managing invisible memory is a critical part of PrimoCache, with the ability to configure the maximum amount of RAM that can be used.
PrimoCache is a product that appears with a useful visual interface with a commercial implication, in its ability to configure virtual memory for a specific purpose. It features a decent set of options that enable the end user to manage the management of memory, while simultaneously aiding in improving the overall system performance.
PrimoCache’s main window is very intuitive, with a couple of major drawbacks. Although the user interface is simple, it appears to be fairly uncommon.
PrimoCache’s UI is reasonably straightforward and simple to manage, but it remains unclear exactly how it is supposed to work, since it does not explain the caching or cloning process in full detail.
All in all, PrimoCache is a product that is similar to a traditional caching system, but is designed for more efficient and advanced system performance. With any OS, it is important to select the proper cache algorithm, the block size and other factors in order to optimize the process.
PrimoCache Demo Version:
A demo version is included with the program, which offers a native interface, in the form of a virtual disk. It is possible to set a limit for the memory that is free in order to use it with the demo version, but this will not be possible with the full version.
PrimoCache Demo:
The demo version of the PrimoCache program takes advantage of a technical achievement that resulted in the unique concept of managing memory on Windows.

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It offers, as the name suggests, a content caching feature and sets of program that includes such as Sysinternals, Antivirus, and others.
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System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows Vista SP1 64bit
Windows XP SP2 32bit
Supported Languages:
English, French, Italian, German
Please refer to the installation instructions for your system before installation and to the manual for technical support.
Do NOT use a production server!
Do NOT use an existing database in the management database, because the management database provides the functionality to manage the database.
For new installations, please choose a new database name.
For upgrades, please uninstall and delete the—For-PC.pdf

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