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This Scancat-Lite Plus program creates a unique control panel where the user can configure, load and save memories, set alert levels, set radio volume, and list any scan frequencies that are supported. From a single control panel, a user can select if they wish to Scan, Load or Save memories; set volume, beep alerts, or select scanners on a master list or scan frequencies individually.
Scancat-Lite Plus features a fully adjustable interface that will be easy to use, and allows the user to make adjustments to the volume and the alert functions.
Scancat-Lite Plus loads and saves memory program sets. The user will be able to scan the specific frequency, or load a specific memory that they have placed on the scanner from the PC. The user is also able to save any memory within this program to the PC.
New features and enhancements to this Scancat-Lite Plus program include:

MULTI-SCANNING – A unique feature within this program allows the user to switch between the default frequency and load the scanner for the selected frequency.
COMBO MENU FEATURE – A combination of two features allow the user to access the radio set through a semi-transparent menu. The selected frequency appears in the menu and the menu will drop down over the scanner.
RELOAD MEMORIES (PROGRAMS) – Allows the user to reload and scan the selected memory that is entered within the program.
SCAN FREQUENCIES – Allows the user to scan through the list of frequencies from the scanner.
LOAD / SAVE MEMORIES – Allows the user to enter the specific data on the scanner that is supported and transfer it to their computer.
POWER SAVING FEATURE – Allows the user to save power with Scancat-Lite Plus.
QUICK SET RATIO SCAN – Allows the user to load the frequencies from the scanner into the program. It will automatically be scaled to the required ratio.

New Features:

Radio Compatibility feature – Allows the user to quickly select the compatibility list of scanners.
Master Detail List – Users may select the favorite memory list or scan for a specific entry within the program.
Save for PC feature – Allows the user to save all of their settings within the program as an external program.
RADIO BELL – Allows the user to have the scanner bell on or off.

Scancat-Lite Plus Crack

Scancat-Lite PLUS has the features to program both the memory and the scanner at the same time, without having to switch off the scanner and use separate software to program the memory. In addition, Scancat-Lite PLUS has many other features that are useful for those who frequently use the scanner on the PC.
Scancat-Lite PLUS Features:
• Reading memory codes and scanning directly from the PC
• Automatic detection and support of memory codes and scan frequencies
• Support for most scanner memory codes
• Automatic loading of the memory codes
• Detailed reports of scanner memory codes and frequencies
• Compact easy to use program without using the mouse
• Full-featured and highly customizable program with numerous features
• Easy to use utilities to print memory codes and automate memory code writing
• Free technical support (without displaying your actual license numbers)
• Suggestions of how to program the scanner using the program
• Scancat-Lite’s powerful programming algorithms
• High Quality graphics and user-friendly interface
• Freeware edition includes free online technical support
Scancat-Lite is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and later. Scancat-Lite PLUS
supports Windows 2000, XP, and later. Scancat-Lite PLUS is fully compatible with Windows 7
and later.
Scancat-Lite PLUS can use USB or Parallel port to connect to your Scanner.
Scancat-Lite PLUS can detect memory code when the scanner is powered on.
Scancat-Lite PLUS is able to detect scan frequencies directly from the scanner.
Scancat-Lite Plus is able to detect memory code when the scanner is powered off.
Scancat-Lite PLUS is able to detect scan frequencies directly from the scanner when the scanner is powered off.
Scancat-Lite PLUS is a fully featured program. It includes many other features that are useful for
those who frequently use the scanner on the PC.
Scancat-Lite Plus System Requirements:
Scancat-Lite is a 32 bit PC application and will run on most Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/XP platforms.
Scancat-Lite PLUS requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Scancat-Lite PLUS is released freeware for educational purposes only and is not associated

Scancat-Lite Plus

(1)Memory Programming Tools, as found in Scancat-GOLD(2)Support reading and loading memory settings from: Pro-Scan Range finder, Pro-Scan Eagle/Birdie, Pro-Scan Eagle T5, Pro-Scan Eagle V2, Pro-Scan Eagle T3, Pro-Scan Eagle II, Pro-Scan Eagle II Plus and Pro-Scan Eagle III.
Uniden Trunk Trackers are supported in most models as listed in the range finders description.
Even though the memory setting is not stored on a read only memory, our Scancat-Lite Plus supports reading and loading of radio settings within a 80 page long text file.
Scancat-Lite Plus supports a range of 150 different possibilities. Programmable from low to high and every possible combination of flash settings, while using a minimum of 4 settings per channel.
At a price of $69.95 we believe Scancat-Lite Plus will serve all your programming needs, with all the fun of Scancat-GOLD.


The requirements for the uses you have listed are a bit ambiguous. There is no indication that the PC has to be running some type of imaging software like IRIS or Arcsoft.
I have used a Raspberry Pi with an OTA link to access and program several General Electric scanners that don’t support native programming. There are several Linux distributions that can be downloaded that can run a full desktop. The Pi includes a Bluetooth adapter.
To access the program files, the OTA link includes a web interface. You can access this on your device from a web browser. You can also download a Nmap scan tool. From there you can use a tool like “Wireshark” to sniff the packets and determine what type of communication is being used. There are a number of useful tools for the Pi that can be used to write code to interact with the program files.
If you need to recover specific settings from the scanner (and you don’t have anything like a “pro version” of the software that can do this) you can use the scan tool to create a dedicated Ethernet connection between the scanner and the Pi, and use this to retrieve the data. You will need to try some different settings in a Raspberry Pi to get the exact ones used in your scanner.
If your scanner is not directly interfaced with a Raspberry Pi, there are other solutions.

What’s New In Scancat-Lite Plus?

Scancat is an acronym for Scan Catcher.
Scancat is a free software compatible with all the scanners on the market,
with one single easy to use interface. Scancat can be used on both Windows and Linux platforms.


Your radio vendor probably includes a PC app. If you have a scanner you don’t have to buy another piece of software. If you have an Android phone or tablet, they may be able to act as a radio in the appropriate mode (FM, AM, etc).


I seem to remember there was a folder with a bunch of files I could copy to a USB drive and run on Windows, but it was all Win32 stuff.

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System Requirements:

Drivers for Windows:
1. Windows 7 or later
2. Windows XP compatible graphics card
3. OpenGL version 3.3 or later
4. 1024×768 resolution
Drivers for Mac:
1. Mac OS X 10.11.2 or later
2. OpenGL 4.5 or later
Drivers for Linux:
1. Linux version 3.3 or later
2. OpenGL 4.3 or later
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