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Virtual Access Point promises to turn your laptop or desktop computer into an access point by using the wired Internet connection and broadcast it through the wireless available capabilities.
While definitely not the sole application in its software category, Virtual Access Point has some serious competition to fight against for supremacy such as Connectify, MaryFi or Virtual Router Plus.
For starters, such computer programs come in very handy every time you need an access point and all you have is a cable Internet connection and a computer with a wireless NIC (network interface card). Of course, you can also use it at home, but then, if the software is more expensive than an actual wireless router, you can always go with the hardware.
This is just the case with Virtual Access Point. Its price tag feels a bit harsh, if not totally annoying. First of all, you just cannot use the software properly until you have bought it. This kind of behavior can make you turn your back at it in a matter of seconds as free alternatives are waiting just around the corner.
Then why would anyone want to use Virtual Access Point? Well, there may be a couple of reasons, one consisting of a lack of information. Secondly, there are users that totally disregard free software as they feel that only by paying for software you get the necessary quality. That is just wrong and thinking like that will not get you anywhere.
Since the market is filled with all types of applications ranging from totally worthless to truly awesome with or without charging you to fully to able to utilize them, the question about Virtual Access Point and any other similar program is if it really worths the money or not.
To quickly answer that, Virtual Access Point is somewhere in-between, but most likely towards the bottom. To sum it all up, Virtual Access Point is far from the stuff great applications are made of. Its presentation lacks style, its features lack consistency and its functionality entirely lacks presence during the so-called trial period. If ever facing this particular piece of software, do yourself a favor and look somewhere else.







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Some of the key advantages of Virtual Access Point are given below:
Gives you Internet access through your wireless network connection.
Allows you to connect to your home network through your phone or laptop.
Enables you to create access points for multiple computers, laptops, and mobile devices.
Creates backup access points for when the Internet goes down.
It requires almost no installation and it does not require any computer knowledge.
The cost of downloading the program is not included.

I saw that there is too much controversy about Virtual Access Point on the Web. I will be honest and admit that I don’t really know how to use it; however, I am a customer and I can say that the program does not work as intended.

Maybe it did before. The main problem with this program is that you need to be connected to the Internet to use it at all; whether your connection is to the network router or just an Ethernet cable. To set up the program, you need to launch the Virtual Access Point installer, but the installer doesn’t automatically set up a connection to the Internet. To do that, you need to launch the Internet Explorer browser and type in the IP address for your local network. You can find the IP address with the help of the network utility that came with your operating system and if you have a wireless router, the IP address will be

It is not my intention to call the developers of this program a bunch of jerks. They are trying to do something that is very difficult – to offer us free software without branding it as such. Yes, Virtual Access Point should be free and that is why the setup is so difficult. The developer has set up the program to encourage people to buy the full version, and if you can’t get it free, you will not be able to use it.

The program has some technical flaws too. For example, it is not possible to install the software without an Internet connection, even if you have a wireless router. When the connection is down, you will find a gray screen with a spinning button on top. You can change that to be connected via a network or cable connection, but it will still show you a gray screen with the spinning button.

To be blunt, if you don’t have a connection at all, Virtual Access Point will not work at all and you will have to spend more money on the software to get the connectivity you need

Virtual Access Point Download [32|64bit]

Virtual Access Point is a simple application that tries to turn any cable modem into a virtual access point (wireless router) by plugging a wireless NIC into it and using the Internet connection as a wireless one.
Itís probably the most straightforward application in its class (as far as it works). Basically, youíre installing your normal wireless card (USB or PCI) and attaching a cable. Thatís it.
The application will also need to plug an extra NIC to your computer and then attaching it to that NIC.
Then, you can start using the application thatís being built for you.
Itís a 2.8MB application that uses Windows 98 service packs and requires the standard c:\WINDOWS\system32 directory.
You can get the Windows 98 version if you want or upgrade if you already have Windows 98 installed on your computer and you do have the Windows 98 drivers for your wireless NIC. The list of compatible NICs is vague, but the program is labeled as supporting the following card types, among other things: D-Link DSB-650, D-Link DSB-650L, D-Link DSB-650LX, Linksys WSB-100, Linksys WSB100, Linksys WSB1000V2, Linksys WSB1000V2, OCZ PC300, OCZ PC200, OCZ PC100, OCZ PC-200, OCZ PC-150, OCZ PC-100, PC300/100, PC300/200, PC300/250, PC300/300, PC300/400, PC300/500, PC300/600, PC300/700, PC300/800, PC300/900, PC300/1000, PC300/1100, PC300/1200, PC300/1300, PC300/1400, PC300/1500, PC300/1600, PC300/1700, PC300/1800, PC300/1900, PC300/2000, PC300/2200, PC300/2300, PC300/2400, PC300/2500, PC300/2700, PC300/3000, PC300/4000, PC300/4400, PC300/4500, PC300/4600, PC300/4700, PC300/4900, PC300/5000, PC300/5200, PC300/5400, PC300/5600, PC300/5800, PC300/5900, PC300

Virtual Access Point [Win/Mac]

Virtual Access Point is just that and nothing more. It provides a platform for a wireless access point for those who prefer to stay away from the hassle of installing a wireless router and enjoy a similar setup on their laptop or desktop computer. It is a simple program that presents nothing to keep you stuck for hours at a time.
To start the app, click the Virtual Access Point icon. You will then be greeted with a simple window that will let you choose between three options. The first one is for turning your computer into an access point using your wired Internet connection, whereas the second option lets you use your computer as an access point by using Bluetooth or Infrared.
The third option is for people with no cable Internet connection at all. If you have a wireless NIC, you can use that to connect to the Internet, and you will be displayed a list of wireless networks as seen in the figure below:

What are some applications like Virtual Access Point?

So, if you have been using a wireless access point, you might be glad to know that you have other alternatives. Here are some applications that are very similar to Virtual Access Point. The three aforementioned applications are:

Connectify – This application lets you turn your computer into an access point by broadcasting your Internet connection through all available wireless capabilities. You can decide to turn the connection on and off at will and set a few other options through the software. Furthermore, you can create a customized profile according to your needs and save it on this software.

MaryFi – This is another application that lets you turn your computer into an access point. As a matter of fact, it lets you turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that you can enjoy the convenience of being able to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi. Another plus to this application is that you can make your screen receive the wireless signal at a specific location.

Virtual Router Plus – This application is similar to the one we have already mentioned. In fact, it is very much the same. It allows you to turn your computer into an access point and also allows you to set up a custom profile. It is a freeware so you do not need to worry about the price.

How to turn your computer into an Access Point?

Turn your computer into an access point has got nothing to do with hardware, but it is more than just a software solution. To begin with, you will need to download and install a Wireless Access Point software that will allow your

What’s New in the Virtual Access Point?

What Does It Do?

Virtual Access Point was designed with the sole purpose to turn any computer into an access point for wireless networks by using the wired Internet connection. A typical user does not have to do much other than connecting their computer to an available wired connection and start up Virtual Access Point. Instead of connecting your computer to a wireless router, you can simply use a wired connection and the program will transparently turn your computer into a wireless access point.
Before you think about it, you also can use it for Internet gaming or any other purpose when it comes to wireless internet connections. The power of a wide area wireless network can be easily attained via Virtual Access Point.

What Isn’t It Good For?

The program can turn any computer into a wireless access point. More specifically, it simply use the wired Internet connection to create a local area network. All access points with the proper credentials are brought into the same LAN as it is a simple and easy way to turn your computer into an access point. The program was developed using the ease of use as its main concern, not the quality.
The program tries to show you what it really does and it provides a trial period so you can decide for yourself whether it does what it says it does and whether it is at the level of quality it advertises it to be. If you encounter any issues such as bad connectivity or non-functioning it is an easily thing to resolve.

What Is It Good For?

It certainly has its place especially for users that do not need to set up or maintain a wireless network. A desktop computer that does not have an available wireless NIC or wireless interface card can still be used as an access point via the wired connection. Virtual Access Point is exactly what it advertises it to be, a virtual wireless router. Unfortunately, the program lacks in style and is a bit disappointed in its functionalities. Still, if you need an access point on a non-existent wireless network, you can certainly use Virtual Access Point.

Virtual Access Point Basic Features:

Easy and simple interface

Transparent turning of a PC into an access point

Selective DHCP on both PCs and access points

Intuitive graphics and single click operation

Not fully compliant with the Windows XP wireless standard

Can connect to both Linux and Windows wireless networks, too

What Should I Do?

If you are looking to turn your computer into a wireless access point, go with Virtual Access Point

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
CPU: 2.8 GHz
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2
Video Card: ATI Radeon 2600 Xpress or NVidia Geforce GTS
DirectX: 9.0
Additional Notes:
Recommended Requirements:
CPU: 3.2 GHz

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