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The update also introduces “Director AI,” a new AI assistant that coaches the player, as well as “The Hybrid Player,” a new player model that combines the movement of real players and ideal player shapes to maximize the player’s performance in every aspect of gameplay.

A new “Injury System” turns players’ collision physics into a real injury risk, providing a way to keep players healthy for matches while producing a more authentic simulation. A new “Practice Mode” is a fully interactive, real-time mode that lets players take their footy skills to the next level, and new Player Experience and Social modes are designed to provide more realistic opportunities for players to play with friends online, as well as on- and offline in-game.

FIFA 22 also introduces Club Stories, which allows FIFA players to be rewarded with new squads, contracts, new transfers and more as they progress in the game.

Players can also level up their squads to unlock new kits and create the look of their dream team, while they gain new abilities to help them take on players from around the world in FIFA Ultimate Team. The Football Association have released a short video to mark this long-awaited arrival.

Chris Bevan, FUT Team Manager at EA SPORTS says: “In this all-new update to FIFA, we continue our mission of making football the greatest game in the world. FUT 22 will deliver new experiences and more technical improvements to all the major areas of the game, from gameplay, to visual fidelity, to on-field play, and in-game leadership. Players can be excited about how FIFA 22 will help level up the experience of playing as a player.”

FIFA 22 will be launched as a free update for all owners of FIFA 17 and FIFA 18.

More information about FIFA 18’s gameplay, including details about the free FIFA Ultimate Team content updates, plus details about FIFA 22’s inclusion of FUT in a standalone game will be revealed at a later date.

InFamous: Second Son

The Sucker Punch-developed inFamous: Second Son continues to show off the PlayStation 4 hardware, as new gameplay footage has been released.

The video shows several new gameplay features that were not present at E3, including the option to jump from the air and hanging from anvils, and an upgradable bike. The new game also includes a new “Guard” mechanic that


Features Key:

  • Features the most realistic, authentic football ever created in an EA SPORTS FIFA game.
  • Features 4K visuals with HDR10 support and includes True360 technology for truly immersive match-day environments.
  • Successfully integrated 4K entertainment technology; FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM and FIFA FOR ORGANISMS allowing the game to be played on 4K and HDR10 TVs. Players can experience the True 4K gaming experience right on their screen, with a sharper and more realistic visual experience.
  • FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM allows young players to compete with grown-ups.
  • Successfully integrated Google Assistant and voice control technologies.
  • New Take-On moves let players finally tackle like a pro.
  • Experiential fun – Gameplay reflects hyper-realism. Use a new ball physics system to touch, spin and strike the ball like never before.
  • New training centre.
  • New user-interface and controls without the need to toggle via the in-game menu.
  • Brand new Immersive TV Experience.
  • More flexibility for goalkeepers and especially for defenders on the pitch.
  • Health is key when it comes to Performance.
  • Realistic AI that reacts to everything that you do.
  • New attention to detail in graphics and sounds including new stadium announcer.
  • New kits and new club logo.
  • Superstar players. The biggest names in football plus random draft picks who turned out to be very good. All with an unique skill set than their previous iteration.
  • More clubs and even more competitions. A total of 251 official leagues and competitions include competitions from all over the world where players can be discovered.
  • New techniques – Emulate the movements of all players using the brand new Motion-Capture technology.
  • New tactics – Discover playing styles unique to each club
  • Commentary – A variety of new and improved commentators.
  • FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM allows young players to compete in fresh competitions.
  • Legendary Stories – Presented by William “Bighead” Wallace, unfold the cross


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    Season Long Experience

    It’s never been easier to engage with your favourite clubs and players. The core football experience is truly authentic, allowing you to play and win your way to glory.

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    Experience club and player realism through the transfer system and new player progression. And with thousands of new kits to discover, you’re sure to keep your eye out for something new.

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    Experience a fully featured online experience, packed with leagues, club alliances and tournaments. Find and play against your friends and your rivals in the new 2-vs-2 co-op online Seasons mode, the deepest and most authentic online experience to date.

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    With the FIFA Ultimate Team soundtrack reimagined, refreshed, and updated for the 21st century, this is your celebration of football.


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    Key Features

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 features:

    The most immersive experience in the series ever

    The most realistic game engine in the history of the franchise

    The deepest experience for AI-controlled players

    The most realistic experience ever

    The most powerful ball physics

    The deepest and most authentic online experience ever

    Tackle-driven and defensive gameplay

    The most realistic commentary in any game

    Powerful Pro-Engine Controls

    Attacking features like dribbling and skills

    The most experienced transfer market

    Your clubs of the world are yours

    Experience new and updated kits, player visuals, player performance, and exciting new player progression

    Fully featured online experience, packed with leagues, club alliances, and tournaments

    Discover up to 2,000 new player-inspired kits, every year

    The FIFA Ultimate Team soundtrack

    Fully featured online experience


    In addition to the new and updated FIFA Ultimate Team experience, new features in FIFA 22 will give you the tools to compete with the world’s best teams.

    Powerful Pro-Engine Controls

    On par with virtual soccer players in the upcoming FIFA


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    FIFA Ultimate Team is your chance to take your favorite players from across the globe and team them into a single club. Choose from more than 10,000 players from over 50 countries and teams, manage your squad of up to 45 players, and compete against other clubs in leagues across the globe.

    FIFA Mobile –
    With FIFA Mobile, you can meet the challenge of today’s football landscape like no other game. Streamlined gameplay that offers precise control and a streamlined interface let you manage an entire club in minutes!

    FIFA 20 Visual Update

    Unprecedented excitement awaits as FIFA 20 uncovers the biggest and best gaming landscape ever: Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and FIFA Mobile. Stay on top of the all-new gameplay innovations introduced in this year’s game, with a new 360-degree camera, reinvented Player Ratings, and much more. With more ways to play than ever, FIFA 20 is at the forefront of the footballing revolution.

    Make the most out of every single match

    With the all-new 360-degree camera, FIFA 20 allows you to immerse yourself even more than ever in the flow and emotion of the pitch. Use it to snap shots of your opponents, earn coins, and unlock great rewards with the all-new “Action Packs”—for all-new ways to earn and spend this year.

    You can even use it to give your own fans the ultimate experience, share new moments, and customise your ultimate footballing experience.

    Observe your opponent from all-new angles

    Put new abilities into your game plan with 360-degree camera. Turn on your phone or tablet, look over your shoulder, and find out which areas of the pitch you can access with the new positioning camera.

    Set up your strategy in the new “instinct” view, and adjust your offensive and defensive routines. The new camera puts you in a unique tactical position in front of the opposing player lines, and you can still retain a familiar view of the pitch.

    A whole new gameplay experience

    FIFA 20 is the most authentic experience the series has offered. You’ll take part in authentic footballing situations, competing for the latest trophies or taking part in fiercely contested league matches, with improved animations and refined gameplay.

    Evolution of the Physics Engine

    New propulsion system, new damping values, and new collision is the new way FIFA handles the physics, allowing for even greater


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • New Commentary
    • New Control Scheme
    • New dribbling options
    • Updated 2K Engine
    • “Hyper Performance Mode” Improvements


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    All the new features, you want to find in FIFA as a separate match? Then it’s the FIFA franchise you look for and EA SPORTS FIFA 22 fits into this series perfectly.

    Having played the previous title FIFA 19, EA Sports FIFA 22 showed me that it can clearly raise the bar for all players.

    And it’s already on the second day of my first gameplay, and I already like the new direction of the gameplay. From the new weapons system, the goalkeeper aids, the Ultimate Team and a new Main League, I can hardly wait to see how EA Sports FIFA 22 will improve the players in the future.

    New FOCUS mode

    Be sure that you will have the best gameplay experience in new FOCUS mode. The AI no longer chooses the best opponent, but goes to the same times? What a disaster.

    EA has clearly tried to solve this problem with FOCUS mode. The optimal combination of a starter team from the newest Main League, placed in a fictional match as a training match against the toughest opponents, allow players to train and win matches against bots, without any interaction from the human player.

    In addition, FOCUS mode also offers a campaign for the new season with various goals to achieve. All goals, which are completed before the end of the season, will reward the player with various rewards. The complete rewards will be announced at a later date.

    Fresh Team of the Week for new season

    Come September, the time has arrived to look for new players and change your tactics. The Fresh Team of the Week gives you the perfect chance to improve your team.

    To be honest, I like that there is no longer an option to change the team every time. Every player that is to be used in your player is always selected from the player pool. This can make for more consistency.

    But we’ll see if I like it a week later.

    The FUT Draft is back!

    With FUT Draft, you can now draft players from top to bottom for your Ultimate Team. The drafting list will be significantly improved and, in addition to the old FUT Draft, you can use the Visual Ballot and the FUT Draft to determine the team composition.

    Visual Ballot

    The visual Ballot offers a completely new way to coach your team and your players can now be viewed in the Official Charts. Furthermore, this new feature opens up a new dimension in


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