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When using ‘Hyper Motion’, players will be able to see and feel every detail of the way the ball behaves. The resulting gameplay will be dramatically more dynamic and closely resemble the sport.

Integration of ‘Hyper Motion’ with all 30 clubs gives players unprecedented control over the ball, and also allows for different types of field play.

Furthermore, the motion tracking used in the ‘Hyper Motion’ feature will allow for a bigger variety of actions.

Full details about FIFA 20 and all of its upgrades, features and improvements can be found in our FIFA 20: Ultimate Team analysis.

X-Factor: Upgrade

FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion” Technology that allows players to feel, see, and control the ball like never before. With the game’s “X-Factor” upgrade, we’re introducing a new “X-factor ball” into the game, that will bring new control and the feeling of flight to your FIFA gameplay.

The “X-Factor” pack includes the “X-Factor Ball”, but there is also a new kit, and a new online ID.

The “X-Factor” pack can be purchased directly through the game’s online store. The amount of points needed to unlock the pack is based on the player’s current level.


The countdown to the start of the new season has begun!

We have selected the most intriguing leagues for the new season:

La Liga

The top Spanish league returns as an 18-team knockout tournament, offering the most thrilling game action of the year.

Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is back with Juventus and the Serie A returns with the biggest stars from last season.

The Champions League returns this year.

Serie A

Manuel Pellegrini begins his first season at Atletico Madrid.

The league returns with the most talented players who were instrumental in Atletico’s second consecutive Europa League title.

Bayern Munich will be aiming to repeat as champions for a third time in a row.

Juventus begin their second consecutive appearance in the Champions League.

Serie B

Lazio kick-off their season at the Stadio Olimpico.

The league returns with a brand new team, as




Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Improved motion engine, which gives you more speed, power and creativity through a range of new dribbling and shooting mechanics.

  • New Intelligence Director system, which enhances how players choose their moves, overtake the opposition and recover possession.

  • Game Changer feature, which gives players the freedom to use the ball at any time on the pitch, including deep in your opponent’s half.

  • New dribbling editor, which allows you to create your own dribble techniques and animations.

  • Six Steps to Fitness feature, which is inspired by the series’ career mode, and allows you to track your movements throughout the year to optimise your game under pressure. What are the six moves? Agility, timing, anticipatory work, concentration, pass, and cool-downs.

  • New Pass feature.

  • More passing options for free kicks and set pieces – pass, diagonal, vertical, and under the challenge.

  • Nitrogen-powered engine and all-new IFA ratings system.

  • 6 Live Events Season, with 11 venues including a 10-day Open Cup competition.

  • New Champions League, Copa Libertadores and Club World Cup events.

  • New England Revolution content.

  • Localized content in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.


Fifa 22 [Win/Mac] (Updated 2022)

FIFA is the most comprehensive, authentic and exhilarating sports experience in gaming – and it’s just getting better.

Game Modes

The FIFA experience is split between the familiar and new gameplay modes, including brand new ones such as Ultimate Team and Be a Pro.

Official Games

Based on the latest FIFA calendar data and gameplay feedback, FIFA 22 offers even more game modes and events that highlight the best of the best in the FIFA world – from the FIFA World Cup™ to the UEFA Champions League, plenty of festive opportunities for you to shine on the pitch.

All-new Career Mode

Spend the whole of your career at your dream club, letting your play on the pitch do the talking.

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Fixes for the most common issues are provided in a weekly update.


Updated visuals

Resolved an issue causing the player’s skill rating to become corrupted.

Resolved an issue causing the frame rate to decrease when viewing a stadium with a multi-seater stand.

Resolved an issue that was causing the player camera to occasionally become invisible when using the long-distance view in certain game modes.

The sound of the defender’s whistle will play when the defence takes control of the ball.

Resolved an issue that could cause players to become trapped in the middle of their defending wall if a pass into the centre of the pitch was made and the opponent moved the ball into the central penalty area.

Resolved an issue that could cause players to run faster than the maximum speed in certain situations.

Resolved an issue that was causing players to attempt to block the ball after a defender had stolen the ball from them.

Resolved an issue that was causing the ball to turn over on the goalkeeper’s pad when the goalkeeper reached for the ball.

Updated visuals

Fixed an issue that prevented players’ names in Ultimate Team from being updated when they received the title card for completing a new top tier goal.

Fixed an issue that prevented players’ details from being updated if they changed their individual theme in their Player Career.

Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck within a stadium, which could occur after receiving the Manager of the Month for a stadium.

Updated visuals

Updated the bomb defuser graphic and animation when dropped to the ground.


Fifa 22 Free Download

Bring your ideas to life in FIFA Ultimate Team. Build and evolve your Ultimate Team of 12 real-world Footballers, using a rich set of building, trading and AI-powered drafting tools. Gain rewards by watching your squads play, then trade with other players for different attributes and new recruits. Enjoy over 40 real leagues and competitions, with detailed player and match attributes, all presented in authentic FIFA gameplay.

FIFA Mobile – FIFA Mobile is back. The award-winning football management game returns with an unrivalled emphasis on community, featuring a deep and expansive career mode, daily and weekly challenges, new gameplay enhancements and hundreds of new cards.

All-new gameplay and features make FIFA Mobile the one true football management game.

Revolutionary AI Smart Player Soccer Radar – See what your players are thinking, react quickly and make the right call to guide your team’s play. The AI is now smarter, knowing what to do with the ball when it is free, but is also more tactical. The AI can even send your players off through tactical fouls, kick your manager out and bring in substitutes who may score to help you win games.

New User Experience and More – A revolutionary revamped control system delivers a faster and more intuitive gameplay experience and unique free-flowing gameplay that redefines how you develop your players. Select from all 22 real-world leagues and competitions, with detailed player and match attributes, all presented in authentic FIFA gameplay, but also with enhanced user experience.

Face the challenge of your week with a selection of weekly objectives, competing against friends on the global leaderboards. That’s on top of the new Career and Challenge modes, inspired by the FIFA Career Mode and Extra Time.

FUT Champions – Team up with your friends to build and rule the Ultimate Team global leaderboard with an all new league system – the FUT Champions league. Build your dream team, play in weekly Champion League matches against your favourite FIFA players, and push your way to the top of the global leaderboards.

FIFA CLUB WORLD TOUR – The FIFA CLUB WORLD TOUR is back! FIFA CLUB World Tour takes players all over the globe in their quest to build the ultimate football team. Featuring four competitions around the world, each league offers unique challenges, as well as exclusive rewards and FIFA Ultimate Team milestones. Play against other players, or with them, all with the ultimate goal of winning trophies and becoming the ultimate CLUB WORLD TOUR champion.

AI Pro Club Manager –


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