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New “Shot Pressure” feature keeps the ball-watching mechanics present in FIFA 21 but has also introduced new, nuanced controls that provide a natural sense of player movement.

“This is the best game to experience the intensity of elite-level football,” said Julian Kneller, senior gameplay designer at EA Sports. “We rebuilt hundreds of behaviours to capture the complete movement of elite athletes, and we also transformed our animation pipeline to create a true to life sense of speed, dribbling, aerial duels and more.”

The success of FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 21 carried over into FIFA 22. Player cards are more important in FIFA 22 than ever, with actions performed during a player’s card progression appearing on-field to the player and providing new options throughout gameplay. Players now have more in-game options to develop their game and take their legacy beyond the pitch to the Player Manager.

The FIFA 22 season is a journey through an imagined history of the game. The features, characters, and gameplay help immerse players in every aspect of the sport. Gameplay continues to evolve to deliver the high intensity, high skill of real-world football, while using the potential of the player profiles and gameplay engine to deliver a more grounded experience to players.

Take on any of the 19 clubs in each division, and the Champions League and Europa League, with a deep career mode that spans more than 2,500 matches. Play exhibition matches against friends, players from around the world, or put your skills and tactics to the test in the All-Star mode. Then prepare for the games you love at the All-Star Game.

FIFA 22 launches on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC this fall for $59.99 /€69.99 /£59.99.

FIFA 22 Gameplay

“Shot Pressure” controls give players more control over dribbling and the ability to use their movement with precision to create space for direct runs or for passes with outstretched arms.

“Focus” controls allow players to focus on a particular area of the pitch, such as a corner or free kick, and give them complete control over how they use their physical and tactical skills to orchestrate plays.

The ability to dribble is understated this year, and players have greater control over the ball with more effective dribbling styles than ever before. The controls have been reworked to provide


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Revolutionary new licensed World Cup Kit for all 24 teams world wide. Authentic designs for all 14 confedence level have been released for our online software and can now be used in packs.
    World Cup Qualifiers. FIFA NOW Updated to incorporate Pro Evolution Soccer and features from PES 2016. Improved ball physics in all modes. Control and commitment for head to head gameplay has been improved. NextGen Player Profile allows for more complete player movements and more fluent attacking passes. All the features of the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 engine have been injected and with full compatibility for the software.
  • FIFA NOW Control and commitment for head to head gameplay has been improved. Every touch from a player being controlled is evaluated for it’s percentage of control by you. So when a player hits the ball your computer will assess the likelihood this is going to be a goal or a chance. It’s a more realistic and exciting version of the game and should change the way you handle the ball in the game.

    Shoot and SCORE. For the first time ever in a FIFA game, you aim and score based on how clever your shot is, giving you control over the final outcome of your gameplay. Make the most precise short corner or 45-degree free kick into the top corner. This addition forces any team player in possession of a far-post header, or a spot-kick to be more exciting as they can now have a significant impact on the game. Furthermore, you can score out of nowhere by shooting on goal or hitting the cross bar. When you shoot your perspective can change to see the shot coming off and deflected in any direction including the way off the cross bar. Ultimately your accuracy will decide if you come away with all of them.

  • Player Construction. Open Playmaking. Player Movement Training. AI improvements. Tournament League will test your tactics on a team of thousands of international teams. Install Training Camp and build a team of your favourite international stars. Create the perfect stadium with the right amount of grass, lights, crowd and gazebo.
  • MasteredCam Technology. You no longer miss sights directly in front of you when using the new Cinematic Interaction Camera (CIC). Together, they make fake perspective shots more realistic and accurate. It can now be positioned more effectively in real-time to change the final outcome of your gameplay.
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    EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s biggest football game. Featuring the NFL GameDay engine, FIFA delivers stunning visuals, authentic sounds, and features from around the world of football.

    Welcome to FIFA

    EA SPORTS FIFA offers an immersive and collaborative way for fans to experience and celebrate the beautiful game.

    What is Football?

    Football (or soccer, as it is otherwise known) is the world’s most popular sport. It’s the number one club sport in the world and is played by over 200 million people worldwide. Football is unique and demands a level of skill from every player on the pitch.

    The Face of Football

    Ben Simmons was the leading vote getter for this year’s EA SPORTS Face of Football. His unique look and skillset are a symbol of the game’s ongoing talent development.

    EA SPORT FIFA Mobile

    For fans who play EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile, the face of football journey is just beginning. Be sure to check back often to see which player you’re voting for next.

    We’re here for everyone.

    EA SPORTS FIFA is for everyone. Let us help you discover and love the game. From youth to pro, be sure to check out our FIFA channels on YouTube and the EA SPORTS Football Club to join the community.

    We love the game.

    We’ve all been there: the fan who loves their team and sports team all wrapped up into one. We spend all season watching, dreaming, and cheering. Then comes the moment we’ve waited for all year: the playoffs and the world championship. It’s all happening in EA SPORTS FIFA.

    Stay tuned for the EA SPORTS FIFA Championship, where we’ll celebrate the best players from around the world as they compete in the FIFA Global Series for a chance to win the top prize. And don’t worry if you can’t watch every game: the FIFA World Cup Brazil™ is also live on EA SPORTS FIFA, as well as an upcoming FIFA eSports event.

    FIFA on the road

    Whether you’re a weekend warrior or compete on a professional level, FIFA is for everyone. We’re always bringing the game to new platforms, fans and players.

    For more information about FIFA, please visit:

    For more information about the FIFA Franchise, please


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    Play with real players, not just players that were released at the same time as you. Transfer your players to your squad as you build your team, then lead your team to glory, utilizing more than 150 authentic players from the world’s top leagues. Take advantage of new cards and ratings to make the most of your squad. You’ll also find new ability cards, and new ways to play cards on the pitch.

    Soccer Skill Shots –
    Authentic, dramatic goal celebrations to inspire your fans and the crowd of millions. Knock the goalkeeper out of the net to confuse them and pick up the ball. Hurl a shot into the back of the net to make it up the scores in an instant.

    Defender Run –

    Drive defenders forward, and all of a sudden, you’ve created a pocket of space in the defensive third. With Defender Run, find an area of the pitch that needs defending, and launch it into the gaping hole you’ve made.

    Soccer Body Parts –
    Easily score the goals you desire with FIFA’s most dynamic body parts. Add ice to your teammates, a speed boost to your runs, boost to your passing, and take control of the ball with your own unique set of unique attacking stats.

    Ultimate Team Game Modes –
    League is back with every team chasing the glory as they go head-to-head in the most epic soccer season the world has ever seen. Play against friends or a computer opponent in four different modes that allow you to take on the challenge of winning in style.

    Add style to your FIFA experience by wearing a licensed shirt, shorts or boots, as well as checking out licensed socks on sale throughout the year.

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    Join our FIFA mailing list to receive weekly news and updates on all things football.Q:

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    What’s new in Fifa 22:

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