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Adobe Illustrator

_Adobe Illustrator_ (Figure 6-2) is one of Photoshop’s best friends. Well, two best friends, actually: Adobe’s other most important graphic program is _Flash_, but Adobe Illustrator is quite capable in its own right as a vector graphic editor.

Illustrator’s closest competitor is Apple’s _CorelDraw_, but Corel has not been very proactive in updating CorelDraw for Mac OS X. Illustrator offers more features to draw and work with vector graphics, including a the ability to create a _blended image

Photoshop CC 2015 Version 18 Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code [32|64bit]

Both are compatible with Windows.

You can learn Photoshop with the course here and with Photoshop Elements with the course here.

Web Designers, Blog Writers, Graphic Designers, and other internet people use Photoshop to edit images. Below is a list of software and online courses that can help you learn Photoshop quickly.

Beginner Photoshop Tutorials

See the most popular beginner Photoshop tutorials in the form of courses.

Top Features of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editing and creating application with many advanced features. You can perform many of the following operations in Photoshop.

You can create, edit or transform images with the following options:


Adjusting Color Balance

Adjusting Brightness

Adjusting Contrast

Adjusting Gamma

Adjusting Hue Saturation Brightness

Adjusting Sharpening

Adjusting Shadows

Adjusting Whites

Adjusting Tint Color

Adjusting Vibrance

Reducing Noise

Adding Multiple Gradient Maps

Adding Watermark

Adding Custom Text

Adding Freehand Drawings

Adding Fancy Frames

Adding Custom Colors

Adding Layer Mask

Add Free Patterns

Move Elements

Rotate Objects

Image Zooming and the Snapping Tool

The Pen Tool

The Brush Tool

The Airbrush Tool

The Eraser Tool

Manipulating Image in Photoshop

Adding and editing photos together

Adding Text

Adding a Logo

Creating decorative elements

Adding Various Animations

Adding Marquees and Frames

Using the Layer Tool

Adding and Editing Photographs

Adding Figures and Objects

Adding a Background

Adding a Journalistic Layout

Adding Repeating Backgrounds

Combining a Background with a Photo

Resizing Images and Cropping

Resizing Images and Cropping Using the Marquee

Resizing Images, Cropping and Reducing the Size of Files using Free Transform

Using the Scale Tool

Using the Move Tool to Scale an Object

Using the Cloner Tool

Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool to Select Objects

Using the Lasso Tool

Using the Arrow or Lasso Tools to Select Objects

Adding Tools to Your Creative Process

You can add any of the tools listed below to your creative process.

Top Tools for Graphic Designers


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