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Hot off the press: A new EFI series that turns your middling PC into a small, powerful business PC.

The new EFI Junior is a Linux-based, 2.0-GHz computer that’s small enough for most desks. It combines a P4 (2.5-GHz dual-core) with a 150-GB Seagate Barracuda hard drive and 128MB of SDRAM. All for $199.

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All you need to do is download the Fedora 7 DVD, as well as the DVD of any other linux distribution. Get the PC to boot the DVD using the BIOS. I highly recommend the EFI BIOS, as this is the simplest to use for Linux.

The EFI BIOS is based on the same open-source technology that powers Apple’s recently released iP-GUI, which runs OS X. It’s based on open-source code that can be found on the ext2fsd project, a Linux-based filesystem driver.

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Delia Smith has defended her three-hour TV cooking show, after it was accused of being too long by disappointed fans.

The popular television host has been praised for her show on Channel 4, which is now in its fourth series, but it has also been branded unnecessary and dull.

Viewers responded on social media after the third episode of the new series was broadcast on Sunday.

They were concerned that the episode – which is called Delia’s Special Sunday Suppers – has gone on for too long.

At a preview screening on Saturday night, Ms Smith was defended by viewers who applauded her cooking skills, and described the length of the show as being “precisely right”.

Channel 4 showrunner Jon Plowman defended the length of the series. He told the Telegraph: “We try not to get too precious about the length of the programmes, and what’s the point of it really?

“We want it to be quality content.

“We don’t want to deliver cliff-hangers, where people go home and think, I don’t know what happened, am I going to be able to catch it later?”.

He added: “The top-rating programmes are multi-part long programmes that run for a month or more, they are not ad-breaks.

“We don’t seek to be like that. We are doing something much more simple – it’s a pot, it’s a fire, it’s 4pm, it’s dinner, it’s a pot of soup.

“We don’t want to bore the viewers.”

Ms Smith appeared in a preview screening of the third episode on Saturday night, where fans cheered her cooking

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