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Managerial Accounting An Asian Perspective Solutions Pdf.rarl ##TOP##

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Managerial Accounting An Asian Perspective Solutions Pdf.rarl

August 2002




The Cost Accounting Committee (ACC) met in San Diego July 19-23, to critically examine the problems associated with cost accounting and cost estimating for Japanese manufacturers. The objective was to assist Japanese manufacturers in assessing the current state of cost accounting, relating this analysis to its cost estimating work, and offering advice on the effective use of both accounting disciplines. This report identifies a number of issues the ACC believes are important in the effective use of cost accounting and estimating systems and processes.

Our research indicated that although there are cross-functional teams on each project, on a general basis, project managers and estimators do not work together. Generally, estimators provide cost information to the manager of the project, such as what the cost will be, for what the project will cost, etc. Not much work is done to the extent that cost accounting techniques can be used to calculate the cost of the project. Unfortunately, all too often cost accounting is not done.

In the U.S., the study indicates that a disproportionate number of estimators are Asians or Pacific Islanders, while the managers of the projects are predominantly White males. The problem arises because Japan in general does not have a strong general accounting background in industry and there are no specific technical courses in this area. The ACC believes that this can be a real problem in cost estimating and can lead to inaccurate or overly optimistic cost estimates.

There are several cost estimating methods that the ACC has not found in Japan. The most commonly used estimating method is called a rule-of-thumb method. Another estimating method is called a level-of-detail analysis. Another method is called a combination of a level-of-detail analysis and a schematic design. Another method is a custom design or a trial design.

Numerous design related estimating issues were raised. Some include: size-up issues, classification of equipment, whether the job order is a custom design or is based on an industry standard, whether the project is being specified in 8-hour, 10-hour, 14-hour, 20-hour or 24-hour increments. Problems with the Japanese terminology were identified in the engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing departments in terms of the distinction between a design and a construction.

It was indicated that the Japanese tend to view the job as being a design rather than as a construction project because the project takes longer to complete. Project management and estimating are not integrated. On average,

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