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PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS is a useful package that was especially designed to provide developers with a means of delivering SQL Server Reporting Services Reports to a variety of platforms.
With SSRS, Reporting Services is provided with a server-side component that renders reports. It is possible to deliver reports as well as data sources as MS Web Services. Reporting Services development has been simplified with the introduction of the Report Object Model.
PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS, the Developer Edition, gives you a glimpse into the future of Reporting Services with a complete set of tools and sample apps that give you the ability to interact with the new Microsoft reporting framework.
Installing PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS:
After purchasing the license, you will receive an email with an installation file for the SAC from PerpetuumSoft. Once you have downloaded the file, double-click the Setup.exe file to install the package. The installation process should be completed within a few minutes. You are now ready to use PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS.
If you are using Visual Studio 2010 or 2008, make sure you have the latest version of the reporting redistributable package from Microsoft included in your Visual Studio toolbox.
Starting PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS:
To start creating reports and delivering them to a variety of clients, you will need to open the included samples. Since these are not included in the zip file that you downloaded, you will need to download these from the PerpetuumSoft web site.
Visual Studio Project Example:
A very simple example using the ReportViewer Control, using the Visual Studio project template. When you open the solution, you will find a few more examples in the project folder.
Deploying SSRS Reports to a Remote Host:
PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS comes with a complete set of utilities that enable you to publish reports to a remote server running SSRS. To use the utility, open the PublishReport utility, and select the set of parameter values from where you want to get the data for your report. If you need to get the data for the report from multiple data sources, you can use the data merge feature.
Query Designer:
You can design your report using the Querying Wizard that is also included in PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS. This wizard is divided in to two parts; the Design View and the Query Editor.
You can specify the name of the

PerpetuumSoft Viewers For SSRS Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code [Latest-2022]

The PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS package allows developers to provide access to their SSRS ReportServer reports via various client platforms, including,.NET, Silverlight, Flex, WPF, as well as WinRT. The viewer has been optimized to deliver smooth performance both on desktop and mobile platforms.
• Support for viewing SSRS reports via HTML5 and offline.
• In browser mode, report viewers provide the ability to search and bookmark reports for faster retrieval and later viewing.
• Printing and both print and PDF file output for the report viewer.
• Viewing the embedded report viewer directly in the browser.
• Ability to export a report to PDF, Excel and other file formats.
• View reports that have been built on different SSRS technologies (RDL, SQL, Datasets).
• Supports viewing of multiple reports using the browse feature.
• Easy to use and customize.
• Documentation in support of installing and customizing the viewer.
• Version 7.4.0 or later.
Access Report Server Instance:
• ReportServer Database.
• PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS is available on Codeplex for free. (
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PerpetuumSoft Viewers For SSRS (Updated 2022)

PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS is a useful product that’s been developed to deliver native reports to a variety of platforms.
It supports:
Microsoft Reporting Services – Native views and reports for Web page based reports.
Microsoft Silverlight based presentations.
Deployment tools for Windows Store apps.
Exporting reports to HTML and PDF.
Web Viewers for documents and files.

About PerpetuumSoft:
PerpetuumSoft provides a complete suite of business intelligence and performance management applications. The range of applications includes, for example, Business Intelligence Solutions, Performance Management, Artificial Intelligence, Business Performance Management, Mobile Solutions, Cloud Analytics and Alignment and Documentum for One.

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What’s New in the?


PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS is a powerful reporting tool that will help you deliver reports to mobile devices such as Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS, Android and Windows RT. With PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS, you can easily expose reports written with SSRS to these devices.

PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS feature a user interface designed to make your life easier. Reports written with SSRS can be accessed inside PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS and you can export them to Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader, or other popular file formats such as CSV, XLS and PDF formats.

PerpetuumSoft Viewers for SSRS features include the following:

Ability to Preview your reports

Works with MS SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2

Supports Microsoft SharePoint Integrated Mode in both versions

Supports Microsoft SharePoint Report Viewer in both versions

Supports SSRS and DM1 in both versions

Can export reports in Microsoft Excel and Adobe Reader formats

Supports bitmap images in reports

Supports bimap images in reports

Supports CSV and XML reporting formats

Supports search capabilities in reports

Supports multiple database connections including MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server Compact, Oracle, etc.

Supports pagination in reports

Supports sorting in reports

Easy to use interface

Supports images in reports

Supports multi-page reports

Supports charts in reports

Supports PDF generation in reports

Supports HDF5 format file generation in reports

Supports conditional formatting in reports

Supports bold, italic, underline, paragraph and header formatting

Supports CSS style sheet export in reports

Supports conditional formatting with coloring, shadowing, styles with shadows, and arrowheads

Supports chart color schemes

Supports custom colors in charts

Supports maps in reports

Supports text wrapping in charts

Supports automatic formatting in charts

Supports axis line, grid and labels in charts

Supports XML export in charts

Supports two-way chart template sharing in reports

Supports HTML Export in reports

Supports MHTML Export in reports

Supports PDF report generation in reports

Supports DHTML Export in reports

Supports Flash Export in reports

Supports Microsoft Report

System Requirements For PerpetuumSoft Viewers For SSRS:

Graphics Card: A graphics card with a 512MB video memory is required to run and play this game. See the Minimum Requirements section for a list of recommended and supported graphics cards.
A graphics card with a 512MB video memory is required to run and play this game. See the Minimum Requirements section for a list of recommended and supported graphics cards. CPU: 1GHz or faster processor.
1GHz or faster processor. Memory: 1GB RAM minimum.
1GB RAM minimum. OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
Windows Vista, Windows

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