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Create elegant photo collages with a fun app
Wrapped in a no-install package, this program puts emphasis on the shape of the resulted collage, having masks ready for animals, modern objects, numbers, skulls, smiley faces, text, and others. It’s incredibly easy to explore its features as well as to save the resulting collages as JPG or PNG images.

The Pixelmator Pro program is a powerful piece of software that lets you create impressive illustration, design, photo, and even animation projects in no time. And it’s available for only $19.99.
Until recently we couldn’t recommend getting all the features of Pixelmator Pro for the price of a single coffee mug, but the good news is that a 50% discount on its $79.99 full version is now available. So what’s the catch? Everything’s the same, except for the price. In exchange for almost half the price, you’ll get access to six pro-level filters, special resolution features, saturation features, multi-layer blending, and more.
Pixelmator Pro description:
What’s new in the Pro release of Pixelmator
Live Color Preview: You can now preview colors in real-time without having to record the session.
Advanced Adjustments: Use advanced adjustments to quickly lighten or darken, or adjust levels.
Live Extraction: Slide, Warp, and more to quickly remove background elements.
New 64-bit Support: Pixelmator Pro is built from the ground up to use 64-bit processing, making it faster, more responsive, and more powerful.
Multi-layer Blending: Blend multiple layers of an image to give depth and realism to your work.
Layer Groups: Create easy-to-manage groups of layers for faster and more efficient editing.
New Materials: Combine various Material types including Drum Matte, Backdrop Matte, and Reflective Matte to produce photo-realistic results.
Smart Shapes: Quickly create complex shapes using a variety of paths including Beziers and Rectangles.
Access and Sync: Import your favorite images from Dropbox or Google Drive, including sessions and galleries.
Easier Retouching: Snap to the center of a selection or a pixel, and quickly select portions of a photo for retouching.
Modern Interface: Use a new, redesigned user interface that’s simple to use.
Fast and Accurate Selection: Select or deselect entire groups of pixels or paths with a

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Create elegant photo collages in moments and have more fun!
Take a chance and create shape collages with this fun photo collage editor.
Load up to 20 photos to create a collage in seconds, and the collage is generated in real time in response to your actions.
A collection of special shapes are ready for you to choose from. What’s more, you can also create your own shapes using images you select.
To your collage, you can apply different effects like border, shadow and color overlays. As it’s based on your choice of images, this collage maker is great for more than just creating pictures collages.
Key features:
– Load up to 20 photos to create a collage in seconds.
– Tons of fun ideas to choose from.
– Create your own shape collage.
– Change sizes, colors, shadows, and more.
– Record all your screen actions to later refer to your picture collage.
– Collages can be viewed in real time as you create them.
– Store and share your collage.
– Export as JPG/PNG.
– Collage can be saved in iCloud.
– Organize collages.
– Adjust picture placement.
– Change mask shape.
– Apply mask to whole or one of the pictures.
– Display pictures in full screen.
– Apply frames.
– App windows.
– Rename collages.
– Optimized for iPad.
– No ads.
– In-App purchase to remove ads.

Go behind the scenes of the latest PS4 and Xbox One game updates with this new gaming infographic, featuring hits such as Call of Duty, Mario Kart, NBA 2K and more.
If you’re someone who likes to stay up to date on the latest games and system updates, then you’ll want to check out our latest infographic!
For the full-sized version of this infographic, visit:
Get the infographic in the AppStore for your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac:
Getting started with the infographic:
This infographic is based on a ton of Twitter and Reddit posts we’ve seen, but this infographic contains the most important posts that were from the various gaming communities. There’s a ton of posts that we didn’t include, like every update for each game

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“ShapeX is a very easy to use tool for creating collages from your photos. It is designed to be simple and quick to use. Start with choosing your photos, position them in the right way and then see what you want your collage to look like. Simple and gorgeous!”
Key Features:
• Add images and other items
• Customize the size, border thickness and more
• Three collage styles
• Save your collages as JPEG or PNG images
• Import images from your computer
• Backup your creations
• Works offline without an internet connection
• Improve your photo collages by setting the amount of “tiny” images

Google is getting into the wireless charging business. With the new Google Pixel 2, the company is introducing yet another hardware innovation that will connect with compatible wireless charging pads to provide fast, convenient charging.Google is announcing the Pixel Stand, a $79 USB-C wireless charger that works with the Pixel 2. When combined with the Pixel 2, the Google Pixel Stand is supposed to transform your phone from a battery-depleted brick to a faster, smarter, and more dependable device.Here’s how it works.When you connect the Google Pixel Stand to a Pixel 2, it’s designed to charge the phone and to use wireless communications between the stand and the Pixel 2. It can do that by communicating directly with the Pixel 2 over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the 2.4 GHz radio.To get the best wire-free charging, you need to be able to tell the charger exactly what you’re charging, and that’s what the Google Pixel Stand can do. It has three such radios—a 2.4 GHz radio for the Pixel 2, a 5.5 GHz radio for the Pixel 2, and a 5.8 GHz radio for the Google Pixel Stand.All told, the Google Pixel Stand is designed to keep the Pixel 2 running the way it does right now—both wirelessly, thanks to the Pixel Stand, and in its regular charging battery-depleted state. Once the Pixel 2 is fully charged, it will automatically shut off the wireless charging feature.The Google Pixel Stand works with other USB-C accessories, too, so you can also use it with a USB-C to Lightning cable, a Pixel Launcher, a Google Wristband, and other compatible Google products.Speaking of compatible products, here’s a list.Please note that, according to Google, not all accessories you already own

What’s New in the ShapeX?

What is new in this version:
· Improved automatic language detection.
· New functions:
① Invert colors option to apply to specific pictures.
② Input mask style for tetromino shapes.
③ Add new mask groups.
· Minor bugs fixed.

SketchUp is one of the most popular 3D modeling packages out there. The software is constantly evolving and was developed to improve usability and appearance. It’s free for personal use but paid software is available as well with a plethora of add-ons, textures, actions and more. Plus, because it’s 100% cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Need some help getting started? Check out our beginner’s guide to 3D modeling and SketchUp in general.

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your home or business with the latest trends from the fashion and beauty world, Lucky’s is your destination. When you place an order on Lucky’s website, the company will contact you to advise you on when it’ll arrive at your home or office. From there, delivery will take care of itself! So, the next time you’re out shopping for a unique gift for someone special, let Lucky’s put a smile on your loved one’s face.

How many times have you spotted a custom keyboard on some gadget you use, only to wonder why someone would go through the trouble of creating their own when there are so many great pre-fab options out there? Well, David is on a mission to make sure people can customize every single letter on their keyboard. Not just that, but change colors and add designs to match any theme they have.

If there was ever a kitchen appliance with a timeless allure, it’s the stove. You see them in every household, keeping the family food warm and hot without ever breaking a sweat. What’s more, we humans have developed their application to the point where they’re indispensable in keeping us nourished and happy. The problem is that there are only so many good designs. Enter Stainless Stove Designs which is entirely devoted to kitchen stove decals. With more than 1800 decals to choose from, there’s bound to be one you’ll fall in love with. You also have the option of browsing through the decals by categories like “floor”, “wall” and so on. From there you can filter your search to either “decals for kitchen ranges” or “decals for gas stoves”.

System Requirements For ShapeX:

Xbox One X Enhanced Requirements
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 6600K / AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1080, AMD RX Vega 56
Network: Broadband Internet connection
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 55 GB available space
Additional Notes: Xbox One X Enhanced Games require an Xbox One X Enhanced hardware configuration. For more information, please visit
OS: Windows 10

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