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Phishing (also known as spoofing) is the act of attempting to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business (most common on the Net are eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Microsoft and many financial institutions) with a real need for such information in a seemingly official electronic notification or message (most often an email, or an instant message).
It is a form of social engineering attack. The term phishing comes from the fact that Internet scammers are using increasingly sophisticated lures as they “fish” for user’s financial information and password data.
Spot phishing and email frauds with the premier free Fair Trade Authority Phishing Detector plug-in for Outlook Express and Outlook. With this Anti-phishing tool you can detect Phishings, Email Frauds and Spoofed emails immediately at your INBOX with one click.
Phishing Detector will be able to recognize phishing e-mails pretending to come from eBay, Amazon, PayPal, eGold and hundreds of other financial institutions, in a stunning 99% of cases.
■ Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
■ Outlook Express 5.x and above


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The Phishing Detector With Full Keygen

Phishing Detector is a free plug-in for Outlook Express 5.x and above, one of the most popular email clients worldwide.
Once installed, you can detect phishing e-mails automatically at your inbox, even before they reach your inbox.
You can set the number of email messages to scan in one go, its maximum number of simultaneous scan threads, as well as in what intervals to scan your e-mail message headers.
The Anti-phishing tool will search your inbox for phishing e-mails at specified message intervals and scan emails automatically in same intervals.
The tool will not do batch search of your inbox, at any interval.
If the threshold percentage (inclusive) of your headers is exceeded, the tool will automatically flag the message as a phishing.
Once the message has been flagged, the anti-phishing tool will generate an easy-to-read report, stating the domain name (if available), message subject, message body, message headers, and the complete email header.
For instant messages, the tool will return an IM information record with the message subject, message body and the complete IM headers.
How it works:
* The Phishing Detector does not intercept and examine the content of email messages.
* It uses a state of the art, highly efficient algorithm for quick and reliable detection of phishing and spoofed e-mails.
* This algorithm makes Phishing Detector 100% reliable in detecting phishing e-mails and Imphishings.
* You will not be asked to view the messages, but the tool will automatically download the entire message to your local machine for analysis.
* The number of messages to scan will be configurable, set to the number of your mailboxes.
* You can setup the number of simultaneous threads, which will be allowed to scan at one time, as well as the number of intervals between consecutive scans.
* Threads will be allowed to be created as frequently as necessary, they are placed into a queue, which is emptied at the intervals set.
* Even if there is no free thread, the queue will not be emptied automatically, but it will be emptied as soon as a free thread is available.
* The number of messages per thread is configurable; you can set the number of messages per thread to scan to 1 or 1000.
* It is configurable whether to display the results of the scan in a mailbox, folder or for display on the tool.
* Ph

The Phishing Detector Crack Download

Known phishing attempts can be added as new rule alerts. These alerts are then displayed to your users in the email preview area. Spam Quarantined items and users’ activities will be reflected in the recipient list. The recipient list can be sorted by any of the following options:

■ Entire Recipient List
■ Recipient List by Recipient (Sender / Reply)
■ Recipient List by User
■ Recipient List by Email
■ Recipient List by Team or Group

Phishing Detector offers the following benefits and features:

■ Ability to Stop and Delete Phishings, Email Frauds and Spoofed emails instantly
■ Ability to block Users from Phishing Attempts
■ Ability to Send a Custom Email Message to a User to Redirect him to the Anti-Phishing Site
■ Ability to remove certain Domains from the Risk List (e.g. when Hotmail or Google Mail is detected)

Phishing Detector for Outlook Express 5.x and above is a completely free plug-in. It works on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS X v10.2 or higher.
This FREE plug-in does not interfere with the use of the program (e.g. it does not disable the help function and it is not advertised in the advertising screen). The program can be installed even when other anti-virus software (e.g. spam filters) is installed.

Please note:
■ You will be asked to register in order to add any phishing alerts. You are only asked this once.
■ You will not be asked to download any files or similar (Mac users: the.exe is a normal file and you can run it by double-clicking on the file).

The plug-in can be downloaded FREE from
Please register at and then download the plug-in from this page. You can use this link to get the latest version of the plug-in (phishing detection for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010).

Thank You!
Your email address has been added to our phishing alert list.
You will now receive regular updates on phishing related topics.

Please rest assured, we are taking phishing threats very seriously and we will always keep this information up to date with the latest developments on the Internet

The Phishing Detector Crack + For PC 2022

This is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook which will display the URL of fraudulent emails addressed to you in the message window. It uses the same algorithm as the “spot phishing” feature provided by Microsoft Outlook itself. However, it also supports most additional features like “detection of typos in URLs”, “detection of spoofed/hijacked messages”, “detection of blackmailing messages” or “detection of suspicious attachments”.
The plug-in can be used by anyone with a word processor, the software is free and doesn’t require registration.

Phishing Detector, is a plug-in for Outlook Express and Outlook, which will detect phishing e-mails. This is the premiere tool for phishing detection and email fraud detection. It uses the same algorithm as the “spot phishing” feature provided by Microsoft Outlook itself. However, the program is also capable of detecting a wide range of additional features like “detection of typos in URLs”, “detection of spoofed/hijacked messages”, “detection of blackmailing messages”, or “detection of suspicious attachments”.
Phishing Detector will be able to recognize phishing e-mails pretending to come from eBay, Amazon, PayPal, eGold and hundreds of other financial institutions in a stunning 99% of cases. It may also detect phishing e-mails pretending to come from websites which you frequently use, such as your banking website.
For instance, suppose you’re running a web site and a client sends you an e-mail containing a phishing e-mail. You can use the Phishing Detector plug-in to detect this kind of e-mail.
This is a free tool.

Virus Protection gives you real-time virus protection to keep your PC clean and available to you at all times. It monitors your Internet activities for suspicious behavior such as downloading software that your PC cannot identify.
Virus Protection provides malware detection by looking for program behaviors that are common to malicious software. These activities include:
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* Act as a local proxy service
* Load other programs
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* Manage your desktop
Virus Protection uses these behaviors to find the threats that computers use to defeat real-time virus protection software. In addition, Virus Protection provides you with even more protection from the latest and most difficult to detect threats.
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What’s New In The Phishing Detector?

Phishing Detector successfully prevents and detects phishing and email frauds:
■ In 99.8% of cases a mere email pretending to come from eBay, Amazon, PayPal, eGold and hundreds of other financial institutions is able to pass through as a legitimate email. But at the same time it is an instant and very effective way to compromise the data of the users receiving the faked email, because users never check the sender address of an email. Even when the user recognizes that there is no official financial institution trying to acquire sensitive data he is often unable to determine the exact sender of the fake email.
■ Phishing Detector immediately verifies the authenticity of the email address before the user enters his sensitive data. The program shows a specific image of a letter/message, which the user sees before accessing his bank account, eBay or PayPal account.
■ The main difference to the standard phishing prevention is that Phishing Detector does not rely on automated spam filters to detect fake emails.
■ You don’t need to believe on us – go for your own experience. Phishing Detector was successfully tested by SEPA project (German government) for the identification of phishing emails, which was used in a phishing prevention against eBay, PayPal and other banks at the end of 2004.
Phishing Detector is a professional and easy to use plug-in. It displays a specific image of a letter/message that you can see before accessing your eBay/Amazon or PayPal account. Simply plug-in the free plug-in (included in Phishing Detector), without any configuration or downloading (only one click). After the successful detection of an email, the program will show you a simple alert message.
On the following pages you’ll find a step-by-step guide, how to install the plug-in and how to use it in the Outlook Express and Outlook.
The plug-in runs on Microsoft Outlook Express version 5.x and higher and on Outlook version 98/2000/XP.
To get started, a working Internet connection is necessary. You are also required to have an active eBay, Amazon or PayPal account.
This plug-in should work with Mac OS 9/10/2000/XP, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and other systems.
How does Phishing Detector Work?
The main idea behind Phishing Detector is, that a user is not forced to enter his personal data and that he immediately gets to

System Requirements:

* At least 10GB free space on your hard disk
* 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM
* DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with a 64MB video memory
* 256MB of video RAM
* Internet connection
* USB keyboard and mouse
* Support English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese
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