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Save notes as text documents

Change background

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Technical specifications

Supported browsers:

A list of supported browsers in 2016 can be found on the extension’s website.


Extensions Review

Chrome Web Store Review

Windows Central Review

See also
List of input methods
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Chrome Notes Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code [Win/Mac] [Updated] 2022

Suitable for all operating systems;
Can be opened in a separate tab;
Has a separate download directory for text files;
Has some interesting features.

Chrome Notes would be a great choice when running in Windows, macOS, and Linux. (last tested version on Windows 10)
Can be tested here.


Google Chrome Notes is definitely a dead project, discontinued in May, 2017.
The (Android) extension remains, which will persist until Chrome stops supporting it.


Save file when press on link in ckeditor_4.9.1

My problem is how to save file when press on link in ckeditor_4.9.1
var ckeditor = window.CKEDITOR.replace( ‘ckeditor_div’, {
uiLibrary: ‘bootstrap’,
filebrowserBrowseUrl: ‘/files/’,
filebrowserImageBrowseUrl: ‘/files/’,
filebrowserFlashBrowseUrl: ‘/files/’,
filebrowserMediaBrowseUrl: ‘/files/’

I have and button. All we want is when press on “save” button to open file dialog.
I could not find how to do this.


If you really need CKeditor 4.9.1 and set the file browser URL to /files/, the CKEditor docs say that the REST API is used for that:
// Open image dialog when click image.
CKEDITOR.on(‘dialogDefinition’, function(ev) {
var dialogName =;
var dialog =;

// Open file browser dialog.
var onOk = dialog.getCommand(‘Ok’);
var onLeave = dialog.getCommand(‘Leave’);

Chrome Notes Crack Patch With Serial Key X64

Source: GitHub
Chrome Notes Support:
Source Code:
Windows & Mac OS

Windows – Click on the grayed out Chrome address bar
Mac OS – Enter address bar
Linux – Drag down to the address bar

Chrome Extensions on GitHub

Google Chrome Web Store

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Hello and welcome to my channel.
I’m James from I-have-no-idea.
And in this review, I’ll be taking a look at the
Chrome Extension: Notes.
Notes is a simple, quick to use, very lightweight extension that can help you to take notes more efficiently.
When you access the Notes extension it will create a small notepad for you. You can then edit and write down information without it being discarded.
It’s not a beautiful app but it will do what it needs to do.
Let’s take a closer look…
To begin, you need to click on the 3-dot icon at the bottom of the address bar.
From this, the notes extension should be automatically selected and opened.
It will be opened in the top-left hand corner.
It is an editable text box – so you can edit the text and add more notes to it.
To close the notes editor, simply hit the delete key and it will disappear.
In this case, I’ve just written the word: cool.
To mark a particular piece of information as a different colour, I simply have to click on the up key.
It will then show the info in a particular colour.
Also, you can change the font colour and font size.
All pretty basic.
You can change the notes colour by clicking on the icon that is either side of it.
And there we have it – our basic notes page.
As you can see, it has some features that most people would expect.
You can add additional notes,

What’s New in the?

Notes is a simple Google Chrome extension that can help you make notes, right from the browser. No need to open a new tab or a new document. Just write your notes in any textbox, and share your notes with others.Notes Platform:
Google ChromeNotes Editor:
YesNotes Features:
See the full features here–

Some time ago we released our notes related extension, Google Docs Quick Note, a fairly simple note-taking extension that offers basic note taking ability to any Google Docs document.
With this video we are going to guide you in taking notes in any Google Docs document by just creating quick notes.
As you see in this video, you don’t need to rely on Google Docs, any Google Document will do (even a Google Docs, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. document).

If you’re looking for an extension to make you able to quickly write quick notes in any email message, here is one that might help.
The Notes Extension for Chrome is a very useful extension for any Gmail user and it’s a simple and straightforward extension.
The extension is free and contains a small notepad with small text-based text input. The extension is just that, a basic notepad, so don’t expect anything super fancy or anything that will make it stand out from the competition.
In this video I’ll be going over the functionality of the extension and what it allows you to do.
First, the Setup
After installing the Notes Extension, it will appear in the Chrome extensions page, in the free section.
First thing you’ll want to do is visit your main Gmail account.
Once in there, visit Gmail for Chrome.
Select the Settings icon, it’s on the right of the Omnibox.
Once in the menu, click the Extensions icon.
You’ll see a bunch of extensions, including Notes Extension.
You can either install new extensions or select existing ones.
In the Notes Extension menu, click the Options.
From here, you can tweak the settings and preferences of the extension.
Option 1 – Main Options
You can change the appearance of the Notes Extension.
The Notes Extension has a very simple user interface and it’s not very customizable

System Requirements For Chrome Notes:

OS: Windows XP Home / Windows Vista Home
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core or higher
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate
Processor: 2 GHz Quad Core or higher
System Requirements:

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