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There are many ways in which we can add color to the music we produce. Different instrumental or vocal tracks require different effects in order to sound like we want them to or just acquire a bit of presence. One of the effects that is often used for this very purpose is the chorus.
To achieve a chorus effect, analog effect units and digital plugins mix an audio signal with more copies of itself; however, the copies are more delayed and pitch modulated versions of the original. Today, we’re going to take a look at Syntorus 2, an audio plugin that aims to create a chorus effect with a vintage analog sound.
A powerful and versatile chorus plugin
All instruments and effect plugins from D16 Group are known for their high quality sounds and beautiful GUIs that take inspiration from various analog units of the past. Syntorus 2 is no exception, as the attention that was given to the graphic design is on par with the power and versatility of the plugin.
It’s worth mentioning that Syntorus 2 isn’t just a facelift of the original Syntorus. Now instead of two delay lines, you get three. Each line can employ its own filter, and further modulation can be achieved through the three LFOs, which can work on different scales, at different rates, and apply different waveforms.
More features and presets
The new mixer section allows you to control panning and volume for each delay line. One feature that was kept from the previous plugin is the Analog BBD (Bucket-Brigade Device) emulation that you can always activate if you want a warmer effect.
Syntorus 2 comes with many presets and browsing through them is easy, since the category filters can help you find a setting that you’re looking for in no time. It’s easy to recommend this plugin to anyone who wants an advanced chorus effect for their music productions.







Syntorus 2 2.0.0

The new Syntorus 2 Free Download is a powerful and versatile audio effect plugin that adds chorus effect to your tracks. With its simple set of controls, you can get a vintage analog sound, while adding other effects like reverb or delay.

The new Syntorus 2 is a powerful and versatile audio effect plugin that adds chorus effect to your tracks. With its simple set of controls, you can get a vintage analog sound, while adding other effects like reverb or delay.


Syntorus 2 (Plug-in For Audio)

3 filters each with their own LFO

3 sets of filters

3 layers of delays

Mixing controls

Audio-in-Audio (AiA)

Category Layers







3 bands of filters

Setting options

Stereo Mix

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Syntorus 2 2.0.0 Full Product Key (Latest)

A powerful and versatile chorus plugin. Three delay lines at your command. Delay modulation through LFOs and modulation matrix with a quality of sound that no other chorus plugin has to offer. Six modulation routings with a button or with up to three different values per route. Three highly flexible filters with smooth and transparent presets. Analog emulation of the BBD.

D16’s Syntorus 2 is a versatile and powerful chorus plugin that aims to add a vintage effect to your sound.

What you can do

The plugin is very versatile, and can be used for all kinds of work. The presence can be added to vocals, leads, basses, and nearly any instrument that requires a little bit more presence. Additionally, the chorus effect can be used as a processing effect and EQing enhancement. The delay effect that the plugin offers can also be used in delay chains. It’s a versatile plugin that can bring much to your productions.

Syntorus 2 Discount:

Syntorus 2 is a plugin for which you have to purchase the full version. However, the plugin is now available at a discount of 40% for a limited time. This means that you can get the plugin for as low as $65. So, if you’re looking to add a vintage chorus effect to your music, I’d highly recommend this plugin.

Final Thoughts:

The sound of this plugin has a very warm sound, and it’s got a decent amount of variety. The delay lines can be used to add a thick sound to your track. To add further presence, the plugin includes a reverb that helps in creating a full space as well. Overall, I find this plugin to be one of the most versatile and useful plugins for adding a chorus effect.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Hatsune Miku 2, an analog delay plugin that’s been heavily inspired by the analog PPG synthesizers of the past. Hatsune Miku 2 aims to provide a delay effect that is as good as those analog, vintage units.

A full high quality sound with a vintage feel
When you listen to Hatsune Miku 2, you’ll notice how much the plugin sounds like a vintage analog synth. The sound quality that was created for this plugin is incredibly high. Hatsune Miku 2’s delay effect is far from being just a simple effect, but rather has a heavy, thick

Syntorus 2 2.0.0 Full Version Download

The chorus is one of the most versatile effects because it provides a wide range of musical possibilities. The vibrato effect is one of the most common ways to create a chorus effect, but there are many other techniques. We’ll focus on the continuous delay effect in the Chorus section. In this article, we’ll take a look at the effects and settings that you can use with Syntorus 2. You can find more information about Syntorus 2 and the other D16 Group plugins in their official website. Syntorus 2 comes with the following effects:

An extended modulation section that allows you to achieve effects such as phasing, flange, expander, and much more.

A two-band audio effect that allows you to set up a stereo chorus effect.

“Reverb” effect that works like an echo chamber, simulating an acoustic sound in real time.

A dynamics section that allows you to change the input signal’s gain.

A variety of filter types and cutoff frequencies.

The plugin’s modern GUI can be easily operated with your mouse, and you can drag and drop an audio signal to the panner for easy control. Even though Syntorus 2 has a lot of features, the visual design and the track resolution allow you to quickly find the effect you’re looking for.

Syntorus 2 is a great plugin for those who are looking to create a chorus effect that doesn’t sound like digital processors. The high-quality audio output and the wide range of available effects and settings make it a versatile and effective chorus effect. It can be used to achieve a classic vintage sound or provide a modern flavor, as it has both analog and digital features. The manual and graphical settings will allow you to use different methods for your chorus effect.
Syntorus 2 reviews:
Metallica has a signature sound, and now they are bringing their house chorus effect to the masses. They know how to produce a killer chorus track, and Syntorus 2 certainly delivers the goods. As always, these guys have gone very heavy on the presets for the plugin. If you’re looking for a big, modern chorus that you can throw into almost any song, then you want to invest in this plugin. The preset manager will have your back, and you can find your perfect match for the song you’re working on.
Roy Davis Jr.
Guitarist and producer Roy

What’s New In Syntorus 2?

Syntorus 2 is a new release by D16 Group. All of the plugins for sale here are new and unused. What does that mean for you as a user? This means that you get the exact, original plugin files used in the demo videos. When you download a product, you are instantly provided with an installer that will install the original plugin file on your computer. After the plugin is installed, you can download updates at any time using a special link sent directly to you. No more updates on a website that is always down. This is the safest and best way to purchase your plugins!
– Use any combination of the three chorusing Delay Lines.
– Each Delay Line can employ its own Filter.
– Three LFOs which can be modulated in many ways.
– Ad-hoc modulation with the Oscillator, this allows mixing and modulation on different scales, rates and waveforms (PWM, Sine, Triangle, Saw, etc).
– Analog BBD emulation.
– Manual Panning and Volume control for each Delay Line.
– Category Filter Preview for fast browsing of the presets and easy finding of your presets.
– Complete Collection of Presets.
– Big Download of the latest version of the plugin.
Synthorus 2 Band
Synthorus 2 Free Presets
Synthorus 2 Demo Download
*3 Chorusing Delay Lines with Full Range of Modulation.
*You can set each Delay Line with its own Filter.
*A powerful plugin for the aggressive chorus sounds.
*Choose from a wide range of Presets and Continue with your Production.
*No Compromise in Sound Quality.
*Want a warm effect? Use the Analog BBD emulation.
*Fully Enjoyable GUI and an Exact Audio Copy of the demo.
*Complete File Download (Original, No watermarks)

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Synthorus is a high quality chorus plugin created by the talented D16 Group. This chorus effect is great for providing vocals with a warm and lush effect. Use the chorus effect to create your own original dark lo-fi style songs.

Reviews of the Chorus Synthorus 2

From the Developer

• Choose from a Wide Range of Presets
• Easy to Use GUI
• Huge Download
• 3 Chorusing Delay Lines
• Use any Combination of the Three Chorusing Delay Lines
• Each Delay Line can Employ its

System Requirements For Syntorus 2:

Xbox One:
Each match will require a minimum of 32GB of free space.
Discs: Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3

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