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From the creators of the MAG and the Velvet Room: A Fantasy RPG series comes a brand new fantasy action RPG: Elden Ring. The battle strategy RPG focusing on fast-paced action set in a fantasy world and the in-depth character and equipment development.

◆An Online Action RPG with Rich High-Quality Content
Elden Ring has a vast world for you to explore, including high-quality battlefields where intense battles occur and epic dungeons to traverse. As you explore the world, you may come across many obstacles that require your skills and strategy to overcome them.

▼Battle in a vast world where natural topography and layout influence the battle.

– An epic battle with no mistakes
You can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip to battle your way through the world.

– Take advantage of the terrain to your advantage with the environment.
Swiftness, accuracy, and general ability are key to your success during battles. On the battlefield, the placement of a building or the distance from a river can be a life or death matter.

◆An Offline Fantasy Action RPG
The adrenaline of a battle isn’t the only thing that you’ll feel when you play Elden Ring. With an offline fantasy action RPG, you’ll create your own character and equip him with weapons and armor.

▼You can create your own action RPG by customizing your character
The action RPG focuses on fast-paced action, so it’s all about enhancing your weapons and armor, customizing your character, and crafting the equipment that makes you stronger.

– Customize your character using powerful crafting skills
Taste and humor will be added to the enjoyment of your skill system by the recipe system!

– Stylish character creation with RPG elements.
By applying the characteristics of your character, you can develop your own figure.

◆An Online Action RPG that Allows You to Connect with Others
You can play alone or connect with other players through the game’s unique online element.

▼Connect with others in the game by asking them for help with secrets and quests, and by supporting your allies with the experience you earn in the game.

– Get help from other players through allies
You can form a group with up to three allies to form a party. As your allies fight and die in battle, their EXP will be transferred to you,


Features Key:

  • A Completely New Fantasy Game
    The fantasy setting is a grand array of contrasting landscapes, from the wide expanses of the Thousand-Named Forest to the tiny and mysterious Sacred Land. The wide variety of the setting brings an amazing sense of discovery to the game.

  • A Musical Soundscape
    Tons of music sets the mood for the tale of the war-stricken fantasy world. Delicate chants and ominous chanting harmonize beautifully to provide a cinematic experience.

  • A Difficult Fantasy Game
    Gameplay flows like a dance between the brash aggression of certain characters, and gentle care expressed in others. The diversity of these characters and their feeling shifts dramatically within the drama of the story, adding a level of difficulty to the game.

  • A Brand-new Weapons and Armor
    Weapons and equipment have been completely overhauled. Play in style using the full spectrum of brand-new weapon types such as, Primal Blades, Awe-inspiring Weapons, and Ring-defending Items. Further, the characters have been given the option to utilize new equipment such as Wand Swords, Holy Items, Infinity Stones, and Imperial Boots.

  • A Brand-New Character Creation System
    You can adopt your favorite look and feel when developing your character.

  • A Player vs Player Online Battle System
    Multiplayer is fully implemented and consists of link, battle, and deathmatch styles (with a horde mode option). This newly implemented multiplayer mode allows you to enjoy a tactical and exciting battle system against other players.

  • An Evolving Story
    The game developers intend to continue to improve the story between updates so please enjoy this full version and encourage us to continue the epic story for many more iterations!

  • A Guaranteed Time Pass
    Until further notice, we will continue to implement life-long quests and other elements that would allow players to enjoy the game without a monthly fee, thank you for your support!

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    – Elden Ring Free Download game review in iM Magazine

    “They push the boundaries of what you can do in RPGs and earn the right to be called a successor to the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series.”

    – Elden Ring game review in Famitsu

    “The RPG is a big draw and it looks good as well. It’s a pretty impressive release!”

    – Elden Ring game review in Dengeki Hobby Magazine

    “To call it Final Fantasy with an RPG twist in this point in time is nothing short of audacity. However, this game seems to have a distinct charm to it. What would you call it?”

    – Elden Ring game review in Famitsu Comic Fanclub

    “The fresh protagonist—who’s destined for greatness… on top of the fact that the game oozes coolness. The same cannot be said of the story or gameplay, but still, this game will provide plenty of unique charms that are sure to appeal to any gamer. This is definitely one to play.”

    – Elden Ring game review in Dengeki Hobby Magazine

    “Although the game might be lacking in gameplay, this new fantasy adventure manages to hook the player with its adorable characters and an interesting story. Although this game feels familiar, the new twist to the fantasy genre is exciting. I would still be tempted to try the game over and over again, because of the sheer amount of charm it contains.”

    – Elden Ring game review in Famitsu Comic Fanclub

    “The game is fresh and exciting. Not only does it set itself apart from the other fantasy RPGs that have come before, but it also teaches you something new about the Final Fantasy series. If you want to experience something new in terms of fantasy, then this game is the one for you.”

    – Elden Ring game review in Famitsu Hobby Magazine

    “People who are interested in RPGs with a unique twist will love this game. On the other hand, people who are fond of the Final Fantasy series will certainly want to try this game out, as it has a twist that makes it special from the beginning.”

    – Elden Ring game review in Famitsu Hobby Magazine

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    ■ What is the world of the Lands Between?



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    New Fantasy Action RPG

    →『RISE→ 』発売が決定![本編記事】

    新規ゲーム『Elden Ring』に関するお知らせ!ゲーム『Rise→』発売をご報告いたします。

    →『RISE→ 』発売に合わせ、「意識の集まり」として、








    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ★Play Offline for Free, Travel Online.
    We give you the freedom to play offline, no connection is required. Be free to enjoy the story and experience the thrill of battle with only your mind and imagination.
    ★Access to 10+ Decks & 60+ Cards
    No more endless grinding for stats to achieve powerful decks like in other gaming titles. Our character development system based on the evolution system applies to all the data obtained from Card Battles. This means the new turn begins each time the card you have randomly selected is played. So, enjoy the convenience and joy of collecting the card you want to use at that time in battle.

    We’re introducing 5 brand-new heroes.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Destroy the Demon Lord.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Hunt down enemies once again.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Destroy Demon Lord’s tower.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Battle in large scale.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: Have a fierce duel with a mini-god.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Warrior.
    • Latest mission: A battle to save your child.
    – Hero
    • Previous role: Hero.
    • Latest mission: Evade the chaos.
    The perfect exercise for the mind and body, the intense GTD system boosts not only health and attack power, but also the defense of your deck that greatly affects the flow of battle.
    Not only do you challenge yourself in the war between the Gods, but the battle also stirs the emotion of curiosity with the unique interaction system where you go on an adventure with your partner in a bid to reach the heart of the story.

    *Note: Some of the images in the Package are for illustrative purposes only. The detailed specifications will be added later.

    *Game contents subject to change*


    Title: Devil’s Third



    Download Elden Ring [Mac/Win]

    1, first download and install patch.
    2, extract the game patch, goto game folder and then run setup.exe.
    3, wait until setup is done.
    4, go to C:\Elden Ring\install directory and copy all files to the game folder.
    5, now enter the game.


    PC PATCH :-
    PC patch is a device which will help you to patch the game in run time and save you from redownloading the entire game every time you want to install the patch.
    This is the most important part of this game.You must install this patch on you PC to get the patch directly when you want to play the game.
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    How To Crack:

  • Turn off internet connection
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    How to Turn off internet connection?

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    How To Uninstall:

    • Go to the system settings -> Applications
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    • Navigate to folder where the application saved
    • Find (and delete) the ".appc" file
    • Restart the phone


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    Intel Pentium 4 3.2Ghz
    1GB RAM
    3GB of HD Space
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