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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



Birth of an Unwritten Story

Two Long Years Ago

An Unknown World

The Sisters Weep

Grand Battle

Revelation Of Fate

The Destiny Of Worlds

A Rich Fantasy Drama


The Lands Between, Garron, and Elsara


+ What will you find in Garron?

A map of the Lands Between (The Cities and Territories)

Garron (Map)

The Singing Hills (Map)

The Settlements (Map)

The Forest (Map)

The Highlands (Map)

The Forest Territory (Map)

Land of Dwarves (Map)

The Dark Mountains (Map)

Land of Elves (Map)

The City (Map)

The Old Castle (Map)

The High Altar (Map)

The Dancer of Celis (Map)

The Eternia (Map)


Abrinion (Map)

+ Can I play with the Dungeons and Battles?

Answer: yes, you can.

+ Why is the Campaign in Elsara?

Answer: To tell a story.

+ How do I get there and what can I see?

Answer: Find a friend.


Greetings, Neets.

This is the beginning of an unending cycle of advice.

The Elder Kingdom has been partitioned into various regions by an unknown enemy.

For the sake of the Elder Kingdom, you have been selected to become a hero of legend.

Those who are just joining the game will be able to play the game alone.

Those who are already familiar with the game will be able to find a friend and travel together with them.

This is a menu with the characters of this game.

The world of the Elder Kingdom is one where people can freely travel around,

where each of them has their own characteristic and hopes, and where connections with others are formed.

It is a world where the eyes of each person are open to what lies ahead.

I’ve started it as a way to approach the Elder Kingdom.

To start the game, you’ll need


Features Key:

  • 2nd Career: Designed with Total Freedom in Mind
  • Battles Get Spectacular.
    By upgrading the number of hits to deliver to a boss, the battles begin to show the spectacular togther that harmony and total freedom of fight are before you.
  • Build a Castle 2nd Career
  • The Well-Crafted Skills: Each of the weapons, armor, and magic has a strong reputation as well as a high base skill.
    Rely on your character in skillful combat, allowing you to enjoy the unprecedented freedom of wangyu.
  • The Rise: Your character is not born on a battlefield, but carved in the world of war and develops through his or her struggles.
    During the process of learning, your character experiences a variety of sense of satisfaction along with frustration due to conflicts and change, and there are many possibilities in the detailed way of history development.
  • Run the Game: In a digital version, listening to a large number of voices shouting their attempt to perform the most difficult battle to win the glory of their own Heroes. You should fight for your name to be scribed on the history of a series of battles, and utilize all kinds of lethal wangyu in that process.
  • Challenging 3D Battles through the world of war.
  • New Combat Spaces
  • Action Spotted or not?
  • Navigation of Shuriken
  • Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, and enjoy being Tarnished with grace.

    Online Features:

    • International Adventure: When you adventure with other people, even time zones get crossed. You can enjoy a world where the distance between people could be as far as the sky.
    • Motion Sense and various motions: The theme of motion is being demonstrated in various ways, from the viewpoint of gesture recognition to motion sense, and “Wiggle Raid” that is corresponding to your motion.
    • Gunplay: Move your finger in any direction to change the camera, and auto-aim with the change in motion. You can also carry out powerful control.
      You can


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      “The world lies between two dimensions, and it’s up to you to make it come alive.”

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      “The deep story and exciting action make this game a must-play.”

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      Lands Between – the real world and the world of the gods

      Welcome to the Lands Between, the world that existed before the creation of the living world of the gods and the Dwarven Halls. In the Lands Between, humanity still struggles against the darkness. Humans have been driven underground to survive, and clerics have been placed in order to bring the balance of the world back to the gods. Play as a cleric of the gods, and visit the lands between to find out what is happening in the world.


      • Create Your Own Character
      You can freely change your main stats such as your strength, magic attack, and magic defense. Customize your character freely and develop your character according to your play style by increasing your ability in one main stat.
      • Combat System
      Featuring a unique animation and input method, the combat system directly reflects the mind of the gods by expressing divine power. The combat system features four gods of blood, berserker, and seven gods that follow a different combat technique, each with different results.

      ◎ What is Ragnarok Online?
      ◎ How about this? Fans play the game for three years straight in the same server, and after they are all packed up, they get their own server, and they can go to the game together. This is getting more and more familiar to us! We understand that you are ready to play the Ragnarok Online, so we are glad to inform you that we are participating in the new server!
      If you register for the new server, you can go to the game from December 2nd at midnight!
      ◎ Demo Version of Ragnarok Online
      ◎ How about this? People who have waited three years will also get the chance to play the game. Decisive! If you register for the demo version, you can start up the game from July 24th at 5:00 AM!
      Please have fun with the wonderful new server and the amazing Ragnarok Online!
      ◎ We hope you enjoy our game.

      ・The Beginning of an Epic Drama
      ◎ In addition to the original release, quests for the new server will also be added!
      ◎ We will continuously look forward to your feedback.
      ◎ Thank you very much.Aren


      What’s new:


      What is the Epic Asynchronous Online Element?

      Experience the vast Worlds of the Lands Between when you join in the official community games. Here, you can share thoughts and emotions, and engage in a unique asynchronous online experience that takes place in the world. When you join, a PvP item referred to as “Points” can be distributed. The points are acquired when you play a game actively, and accumulate in accordance with the quantity of activities, and when you accumulate enough points, you can exchange them with your friends for PvP equipment and other rewards.

      According to your class, it takes about 24 hours to regain the points it had at the time of loss. Since the game has a month-long scheduled maintenance period, it may take a little time until your points are gained. Those who cannot play for a while due to this maintenance period will lose the points.

      In addition to that, by participating in official games, you will be able to obtain an object referred to as the “Alter of Vantage Point,” which allows you to view all the systems in the Lands Between in a different perspective. The Alter of Vantage Point allows you to observe the battle results of your friends as well.

      Refer to the “Community Play” section in the main game page for more information.

      Can I connect with those in other countries?

      To connect with players worldwide, please use private servers or online games or visit ‘Playstation Network’ and set the game to ‘English’.

      Masterworks: Steel Angel Kurumi

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