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Explore the Imperial Palace as an ambassador! Despite the existing military might of the Dawn Empire, the people of the Kingdom are in turmoil. The Lunar Faction is amassing power, each act of civil unrest furthering their goals. Storming the palace of the Emperor, the Lunatics are in control. As the ambassador of the Empire, your first duty is to reclaim the Moonstone, the priceless gem that serves as an Imperial symbol. But the Lunatics are using it to summon a new God Emperor – and the clues to the Moonstone’s whereabouts are in the palace. Your Mission: Enter the palace, and retrieve the Moonstone. Survive the lunar coup, and you will fulfill the destiny of the Empire…
About The Game Usurper:
Seven months after the invasion, the Empire is in decline. Food is scarce, morale is low, and most importantly, the political situation has never been more precarious. But there is a source of hope – a powerful, God-like Reliquary in the Great Shrine. When an Imperial Ambassador journeys to the Shrine to worship the God of Light, the Lunatics seize the opportunity to seize the throne. With all the nobles in their grasp, and even the forces of the Empire in disarray, could this coup be anything but a success? Are the Lunatics plotting a comeback?
About The Game Shrouded in Sanity:
An ambitious, young nobleman with a love of all things practical, gives up his inheritance for the magic of infinites, endless restoration spells and the job of Ambassador to the Empire. Two days into his posting he realizes he’s in over his head and has to flee to the nearest city, only to find his money has run out. Now, with a vengeful God Emperor and a secret conspiracy of vampires and werewolves pulling at his heart strings, Grey must make his way through the Empire and find the wherewithal to help the people and save the country. A Lovecraftian Metroidvania adventure complete with expanded combat and a huge, interconnected world, Shrouded in Sanity is a tale of greed, ambition and betrayal, as an outcast turns his life around.
About The Game Into the Fray:
Returning home from a life-changing incident, Grey decides to make the world a better place by taking on the role of an Ambassador to the Empire. In an adventure filled with darkness, intrigue and monsters, Grey must work together with a war hero and an assassin in order to save the kingdom and reunite


Aegis Defenders Features Key:

  • 82 Game Soundtracks from the Original Aero Racing S Ultra Game.
  • All soundtrack performances are unedited and professionally…
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    3.6Wed, 20 Feb 2013 00:33:15 +0000DFN Editor01004

    For today’s release, we’re bringing you a trailer for another game on our list: Aero Racing S Ultra. This game has no official release date other than “Fall 2013.”

    This Aero Racing S Ultra will be the version found in the arcade cabinets and Genesis games. This “the original game” version that VAA has been working on it for months. It has a launch trailer already located in the video section. Players can also preorder the game now. Check out the press release below for more details on the Aero Racing S Ultra video game and its release date.


    Aegis Defenders Crack + Download [Win/Mac]

    Primordia takes place in a mysterious 19th century cathedral known as the Necropolis. The game sees you play the role of Eve, a priest in the order of Dead. Cursing and drug-addled, Eve is determined to uncover the truth behind the Necropolis and the icy-hearted ruler that rules there, as well as to find out who killed her family.
    A beautifully hand-drawn adventure packed with gripping puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.
    Over 50 unique, hand-drawn rooms to explore.
    Over 50 hand-drawn characters to interact with.
    Fully voiced cutscenes and voice acting.
    More than a dozen hours of music and sound effects.
    Completely original game concept
    No filler, no frustrating backtracking
    Simply Logical
    Elevated story, characters, puzzles
    Point-and-click adventure game
    No Magic 8 Ball, no cryptic codes
    No Game-Over
    Puzzles based on logic, common sense, and creative solutions
    About 4.9Mb of hand-drawn graphics
    Accurate, stylized backgrounds
    50+ hand-drawn rooms
    60+ objects and characters
    40+ characters with fully voiced dialogue
    Plenty of challenges for both seasoned gamers, as well as newcomers to the genre
    Pen and paper animation
    Comfortable interface for casual play or for those who want to focus on the puzzles
    Immediately rewarding puzzles
    About 4.9Mb of hand-drawn graphics
    Accurate, stylized backgrounds
    50+ hand-drawn rooms
    60+ objects and characters
    40+ characters with fully voiced dialogue
    Plenty of challenges for both seasoned gamers, as well as newcomers to the genre
    Pen and paper animation
    Comfortable interface for casual play or for those who want to focus on the puzzles
    Immediately rewarding puzzles
    In-game puzzles all solve themselves – no click-trial-click-click
    Variable difficulty
    Over a dozen hours of music and sound effects
    Includes over $60 in value.
    Subtitles Available in English, French, Japanese, and Spanish
    About Primordia
    About Nathaniel Chambers:
    Nathaniel Chambers is an artist and music producer with extensive experience in the videogame industry. He is a co-founder of the indie studio Imagos, which has worked on a number of high-profile titles over the years, including the Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines episodic games. He has also worked on a number of games


    Aegis Defenders [Latest]

    • Handsome space ship-y gameplay with heart.• It’s cute, it’s got heart, and it shoots you lots of bullets.• Each ship has its own unique power, speed, and defense.• Customisable, controller-friendly controls.• Gamepad recommended.• Lava-dungeon style levels with lots of enemies.• Lots of weapons and bonuses.• Leaderboards and Achievements.• Optional “save the planet” secondary objective.• Online multiplayer.• No IAPs!

    Written by Blundin, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

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    From the makers of Out of the Park! Comes an expansion for the critically acclaimed soccer management simulation: EverSport, Worlds in Play!

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    Written by The LittleAppStore, licensed under


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