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Castra is a real time strategy game where battles are fought between two teams. You control one of the two teams, called “factions” for now. Each faction is composed of individual units such as tanks, infantry, and air units, each with it’s own strengths and weaknesses.

The controls are simple. You use the mouse to place units, aim with the crosshair, attack with the left mouse button, use global key to move selected units, and use a pull down menu to access your units’ battle stats. Also available is a help section on the lower left of the game screen that can be accessed by pressing the T key.

The game was originally released in May 2004 and was available to download for free from Battleheart’s official website.

The game won several awards and was featured in a number of PC magazines and websites.


External links
Castra Official Homepage
Battleheart Official Website

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but haven’t been feeling well enough to go to Farmer’s Markets. The 2nd Saturday of the month is when all the markets are open. That is the time for the Freshman flea market. I haven’t been doing much new fiber since my Fiber Frenzy day last month. I have finished 4 batts of 7oz Twists, and wrapped up 7 skeins of Shetland Lace #8, but haven’t started another project yet. I do have some spinning to do though, and a couple of things to share. But, my line is wearing a bit thin on time, so I just have to let it be for now.

I got this yarn over the weekend. It is a cotton/millet blend from this shop It is spun up for me by Sara’s Farm, which is a spinning studio in upstate New York. I wanted a pair of socks, so I bought 2.5oz for each (1yd each). They are a bit


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