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Name Colonumbers
Publisher heduldr
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Beta Runner is a new, action-packed, hardcore, twin stick shooter based on the story of a beta tester.
Beta Runner features three game modes:
* Survival
* Local Tournament
* Global Tournament

Are you ready for the challenge?


Source Code (GitHub)

Beta Runner Website (Inactive)

New York City’s New School Year Has Begun

For all the drama of the first school year of the millennium, the new era has begun. New York City’s 1.1 million students began the school year on Tuesday at 18,000 schools, including some with a long history and others that opened last week.

The challenges of packing classrooms, ordering textbooks and hanging signs were not as daunting this year for students — and not as difficult for parents — because the start of school was pushed back to give parents more time.

Still, the students who began the day at New York City’s 59 elementary schools, 32 middle schools and 17 high schools would have had to face a pinch to get to school.

Nearly 3.3 million students were out of school in New York City on Tuesday because of snowstorms, the homeless problem or travel delays. Monday was still a busy day in terms of traffic: In the boroughs, the morning commute was the slowest of the year, according to the Times. The system’s buses, subway and bus routes all ran smoothly — except the buses, which struggled to get to their pickup points.

A Department of Education spokeswoman, Ann Waraich, said that more than two-thirds of the city’s students skipped school on Monday because of snow, and schools kept the bulk of their morning classes off the day’s heaviest snowfall.

The Manhattan district, where the start of school was delayed until 8 a.m., said it moved its schools to 8 a.m. so teachers could pull off extra snowplow duty. The Brooklyn district said it, too, waited until late Tuesday morning.

Citywide, the Department of Education said it had planned for 2,800 vacant schools — the number of empty schools within the city’s boundaries and beyond that were emptied during the school year. But, the spokeswoman, Ms. Waraich, said, “the actual number of vacant schools was a bit higher.”

In Queens, for example, 1,000


Features Key:

  • 9 levels
  • High Intensity
  • Easy game play, to challenge the higher levels.
  • Multiple game can be played on one computer at the same time.
  • Simple interface
  • Multiple play modes, from game to game
  • 9 tasks, help your brain to unclogged brain.
  • An artificial assistant, to you to step into.
  • Remind you by colour of target with alarm, to align ship into target areas.


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There’s a war going on. A thousand years ago a magical crystal that was found, let’s say, in this region, was discovered and was named Asurin. Each year the crystals try to escape from its prison and the company, called Alkor, is the one that comes to collect these valuable crystals. After so many years this company decided to stop giving these crystals a home and created a base near this crystal. In the slum district known as Tetsoidea, where there are many people, they decided to build an enormous base that will turn them into slave workers. The battles between Alkor and the slum are expanding and you have to help Tetsoidea in destroying this company and get to the other crystal.
-Double Interface : You have two screens at once. One gives the inventory and NPC info, while the other shows the maps.
-Up to 5 characters to play at once
-Double Sword in Gamepad mode.
-Boss fights
-NPC Quests
-Clean Graphic Style
-Tons of Weapons and Armor with cool effects
-Over 50 maps to explore
-Town by Town
-Secret rooms
-Common “Mapping” that contains all details about the maps, the enemies in each area, the waypoints, secrets and items to find

This was my first fully developed story in a very very long time and I absolutely love it! A fantasy adventure game with a little bit of a horror theme and a lot of comedy. It’s all about your struggles as the main character as you try to defeat the demons that created this world.
You play as a hired hand, Bonded to Kiel, with the task to deliver gems to the evil duke, who then corrupts the bad guys and makes them fight for his pleasure. But your boss pulls a fast one on you and Kiel, and runs off with the gems to build a hellish realm in his name…
When Kiel finds out that his partner is up to no good he sets out on a quest to destroy it in order to find his way back to his beloved. But the quest for revenge will be anything but easy.
So if you are looking for an awesome story, fast-paced action, epic battles, a sneaky story, a haunting story, a great soundtrack, comic moments and a lot of laughs then this game is for you!
Kiela’s Great Play has a completely original concept and a great story. Take


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Rust is a tiny peaceful robot with his wife, Elsa. One day he wakes up to find their son is not alive. Fortunately, they are not without power, and Rust receive a “good” copier which helps to re-assemble the little robot. In the city there is a mad robot out to get them, which is sneaking in through an abandoned factory, and has kidnapped their only child. To fix Rust, a little patchy robot must find his way to the Forest and to a remote outpost. On its way, Rust must solve puzzles, challenges and mini-games, and meet special enemies of the jungle.
Game System:
Story mode. The game is divided into three main episodes, unlocking new game areas, boss battles and secrets and items. Game is played on a world map. The level area you’re in, as Rust. Your mission is to find a village full of plant creatures and your child.
Mini games, Puzzles, Navigation. You must move around the map, collect objects and find clues to solve the game’s puzzles.
Puzzles. Are divided into different categories, and some of them require Rusty’s abilities.
Jungle mini-games. Run through obstacles, collect power-batteries, and try to avoid traps and dangers of the jungle.
Music and Sound:

Haunted Castle

24 Jul

Hi all,

Here is a story about sweet and lovely man – an old man who’s past was more beautiful. He had to meet many horrible people. The one who finally did what he wanted to do is the main hero of the game – brave swordsman, golden knight! He also had many strong friends which always protected him. He became head of a small village, had children and many friends. Of course, not all were sweet and friendly, and there were also some bad guys, who wanted to make him their prize. But he was brave, and he always had a sword in his hand! Sometimes he had help, and sometimes he acted alone. Either way, he took down all that stood in his way.

Feel free to download Haunted Castle for free and play it in your browser. Have fun!

Game Cheat:
You can cheat if you want, but I know it is not recommended to use them. I also chose to make a a little demo so you can feel the spirit of the game. To cheat, just turn on a cheat mode (if it is available)

Anyway, that


What’s new in Colonumbers:

/ Kit Expansion

The Avmz DLC-part of Trainz 19 – was released as a Kit Expansion for the Intercity (Fr) model. This provides an improved track that is quite large-sized. With 2:32-length shall be added.

This mod reflects an advanced work of GOANIMEirTrack21 and describes the most important modifications to the existing Intercity track. Respective videos can be viewed below.

Some major costs:


Kit Modification

Track Modification

Track Expansion with 4:32 Length


AVMZ Intercity

Only the Track was updated

Yes, only the Track

Yes, only the Track

Kit Expansion

Build Modification*

Build Modification KitExpansion

Track Build Modification


1: Passenger Station




Yes -New Class of AC Stations 2


Yes -New Class of AC Stations


2: Air-Terminal

Yes -New Class of BC Stations

Yes -New Class of BC Stations

Yes -New Class of BC Stations





Yes -New Class of BC Stations

Yes -New Class of BC Stations

Yes -New Class of BC Stations 2



4:Bus Terminal


Yes -New Class of BC Stations

Yes -New Class of BC Stations

Yes -New Class of BC Stations



5:S. Coastline Enhancement





Yes -New Coastal Piers (Colosseo)*



The build is located at the port – the access can be performed in three different ways: Inside small pier (1, for new users), (2, for the basic, but has exact visual requirement for roads) Outside of the small pier and (3, the biggest and easiest for all road types),

Support Licences: Operator will need his own licence to start a game. This can be found in the operator’s document.

Developer Licences:

In the previous versions operator only needed his own licence, but for


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Explore the Island of Veldt to find hidden items and complete the campaign.
Create a maze with Walls, Towers and Traps to defend your Island.
Defeat Creatures
Creatures have their own abilities, such as freezing, speed multiplier, invunerability.
Build your own strategy to defeat each of them.
Gather resources
After killing a enemy on the tower defense battle, it can drop specific items.
Choose the enemy you are fighting to earn the items that you need.
Craft weapons
Use your gold and resources to craft stronger towers and traps on the blacksmith.
Stronger weapons are normally expensive.
Build Towers
towers are strong weapons to defeat enemy creatures.
The longer a creature stays on the side of your tower or an allied player’s tower,
the more damage the tower can do to the creature.
Build Traps
Traps are activated when the enemy creature passes overhead. Traps can cause damage, curse, freeze, and more.
Play with your friends
In this first version of isletd, it will be possible to play co-op with your steam friends and other players.
The campaign battles take place inside lobbies.
Join this adventure with your friends!
Players who register by June 19 will receive a special welcome item.
This item can be used to craft one specific trap.
Only players who buy the game until this date will have the possibility to build this trap.#!/bin/sh -e
# chown root:root
# chmod 644
#chown root:root
#chmod 644
#read(0, ”
“, 1)
#chmod 644
#exit $?
chmod 755

How to integrate Spring Boot 2.0+ with Google-Auth-Library

I want to integrate Spring Boot 2.0+ with Google-Auth-Library, I found many tutorials and even projects (ex. spring-google-docs-template-builder) for 1.0 version.
I got the application.yml as
name: test


How To Crack:

  • RPG Maker MV The Simple Life Music Pack 142×280
  • RPG Maker MV The Simple Life Music Pack 157×257
  • Here We need also install AirPop for remove air-dropping from elements in this mod.


    Now download latest ffmpeg)


    So we use latest version of


    Click File> Save file to a server location.. For simplify just click and save any place.


    Open new folder to the <game folder> new directory put this code.

    - in >


    So we create "cp.php" script in a game root folder.


    Make a XON/YON and XOFF/YOFF script if not already.


    And create mod folder in game <install> directory.


    Copy mp3 files in mod folder.


    System Requirements:

    1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 2 GB
    2. Radeon HD 7700 4 GB
    3. Intel Core i3-4170 3.8 GHz
    4. 8 GB RAM
    5. DirectX 9.0c compatible
    6. OS Windows 7 64 bit
    7. CPU Windows 32 bit
    This game is intended to run on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR VR devices.
    1. Download and install steam.
    2. Download the game.
    3. Run the game


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