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The objective is to use the TITAN Missile to destroy all the objects in each level,
and get to the end in the shortest time.
Each level has a Titan and obstacles that get in the way,
so the goal is to make it to the end alive.
However, even if you have destroyed everything,
it can’t always be simple to get there!
You have to use a few extra weapons that are called Toxic that is used
to slow down the Titan’s jump,
thus increasing the time it takes to reach the end.
It works as follows:
1. Click to Switch
2. Pull off the Toxic icon from the top of the screen
3. Wait for a moment for it to continue working
4. Try to reach the end before the yellow bar passes the green line.
If a pressure pad is broken, it will explode, destroying the vehicle in the process.
You have to be careful not to destroy anything that you can use,
otherwise it will become useless!
If you are moving too fast to avoid the obstacles,
your legs will be broken, not to mention your Titan’s legs, thus you will be automatically killed.
Try your best to avoid obstacles, the go as slow as possible to avoid your Titan’s legs breaking.
You are given a certain amount of control of the Titan by the keys given on the player card.
To control your Titan, press the corresponding keys as shown in the player card.
Try to move the joystick to hold the angle of the vehicle,
and jump to use the jump feature.


Crazy Sapper 3D Features Key:

  • Play the game your way: Play the campaign mode which is created following a classic turn based wargame battle, or you can play online or in offline battles in multiplayer mode
  • Battle against enemies from across the globe: The MP097 features a wide selection of enemies, located in four different game environments, including rich cities, water and mountains
  • Realistic RPG features: An RPG view will give you the opportunity to fine tune your tank’s view and fire power with weapon calibers and rate of fire
  • All new damage system: Damage will be recorded for weapons and crew over time
  • Designed by you: You design the battle strategy: place an object on the board to create obstacles or enemy units, set ammunition for every tank and choose the order of your shots

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  • Tiger Tank 59? A-Gun MP097 Gold Edition, download link coming soon


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Sacrificial Lighthouse is a small but atmospheric story that won’t leave you indifferent.
You play as a girl named Maya, who finds herself on a strange island with a lighthouse during a storm. What is this strange place? How and why did you get here?
Do you dare to find out the truth and what you are willing to sacrifice for it?
– Psychological story-thriller with quest elements.
– Gorgeous hand-drawn 2D graphics and 2D animations.
– Atmospheric musical score.
– A game with an overwhelming storyline that will crush your heart, leaving behind a gaping void of hopelessness.
– You will have something to think about as you progress through the game, and the branched finale will make you realize the consequences of the choices we make every day.

DOWNLOAD LINKS:Buy Premium To Support Me & Get Resumable Support & Max Speed

This is the official Mod version of the game.
If you were wondering why the original link didn’t work, either:

– The name of the file was in the wrong format (capitalized instead of lowercase)
– I messed something up during the upload process
– Someone else used the file – that’s why the old link worked.
– There is no connection with the developer. Don’t ask me why.

Killer Cloud is an addictive twin-stick shooter, where the goal is to get rid of all of the clouds. Throw as much lightning as you can to eliminate all the clouds.
A new wave of lightning is approaching and it’s going to be harder to deal with. Make sure that your surroundings are fully illuminated and the clouds are gone before they reach you.
Lightning makes a good weapon, but it can be as deadly as a bullet. Avoid it when it’s charged and use the clouds to dodge or hide from its deadly touch.
– More than 6 different enemy types with unique special skills
– Compatible with the Xbox 360 controller.
– Two game modes: Arcade and Time Attack.
– 6 playable characters
– 24 challenging stages
– 16 achievements
– Multiple achievements are also unlocked after beating the game on hard mode.
– Designed for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft

I made this for fun but if the zombie detector does not work, please report it and I will fix it.

This mod uses a texture mod to


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Phantom Doctrine – Deluxe Edition Upgrade Gameplay

About This ContentThe full Phantom Doctrine Original Digital Soundtrack includes all of the riveting tracks composed by celebrated Composer and Sound Designers Marcin Przybyowicz (The Witcher series, Hard West) and Jan Sanejko. All tracks are provided as High Quality MP3, and FLAC files.Track Listings:Phantom Doctrine Suite (03:54) – Jan Sanejko, Marcin PrzybyowiczThis Is no Coincidence (02:31) – Jan SanejkoAbove Top Secret (03:15) – Marcin PrzybyowiczYour Handler Is Already Compromised (02:28) – Jan SanejkoI’m Told You’re Looking for Information (03:15) – Marcin PrzybyowiczWe’re Not Taking Any Prisoners (02:46) – Marcin PrzybyowiczThe Ultimate Safeguard (01:56) – Jan SanejkoClinically Paranoid (02:54) – Jan SanejkoUndertow (03:15)- Jan SanejkoIntel from Vladivostok (02:38) – Marcin PrzybyowiczWell Then, Don’t Trust Anyone (03:00) – Jan SanejkoThat Went Well. Too Well. (02:01) – Marcin PrzybyowiczA Ton of Paperwork If You Die (03:00) – Marcin PrzybyowiczWhat Had We Missed? (02:15) – Marcin PrzybyowiczThat’s the Convenient Version (04:06) – Jan SanejkoThe More You Resist, the More Painful It Will Be (03:00) – Marcin PrzybyowiczPulling the Strings (02:31) – Jan SanejkoIt Will Barely Be Sufficient (02:58) – Jan SanejkoNuclear Program (02:24) – Marcin PrzybyowiczRogue Agent. Deserter. Terrorist. (01:25) – Jan SanejkoWelcome to Hong Kong (01:48) – Marcin PrzybyowiczThat’s the Convenient Version (04:06) – Jan SanejkoThe Truth Is Much More Interesting (02:22) – Jan SanejkoHe’s Useless to Us Now (00:58) – Jan SanejkoKilobytes of


What’s new:

Love will be releasing their sophomore album, “Hipsters Aren’t Cool”, on April 21. You can grab a track from the album now as “Want U Some Way” is up for free download. Check out that track and some behind the scenes footage from the band below.

Ricochet Love is currently streaming a live set of songs from their new album on their YouTube page. The band also have a new video up for “The Dirt”. The video was directed by Andrew McIntosh and it features some behind the scenes footage from the band while recording the new album. The video is now online and you can watch that below.

As you know, Rockfest 2010 is goin on right now in Ontario Canada and Ricochet Love was invited to join the crew and he agreed to tape an interview. You can now listen to the interview with the band above.

The band has a new single for your listening pleasure called “Perfect Place” and it is a great song as well. The band released an interview with the EP below. The band said that the band were in Montreal recording the new song and this was their first time live at Front. Check out the EP below and give us your thoughts on the song.


The other new song “Stinkin’ Thinkin” is also great. This song is being produced by ex-Lethal Bizzle producer Autybeats and the band said that the production on this song was a complete 180. Check out the song below and it comes out via The Death Of Emmerson on April 22.

The band said that the song is about “rebel preachers and con men who may or may not exist. Some won’t want to believe in a God, the ones that don’t will be preaching about his demise and sooner or later his plan is destroyed so we let loose in anticipation of the finish line.”

With a string of EPs on hand, they felt that it was time to start working on their debut album “Here’s To The Days That Are Gone” which comes out May 20 via York/A


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Players can view a dazzlingly diverse gameworld through unique game mechanisms and powerful graphics, and explore an amazingly complicated enemy territories in this epic RPG action game, a story written by the legendary Yu-Gi-Oh creator Kazuki Takahashi and blended with the fine art of Bandai Namco, and developed and published by Konami!
The game will be released on June 28, 2014 in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Game Features
There are various playable characters, including the hero Riku and his friends, like Nymph, Grey, Angel, and others, and the diverse maps and enemies to fight will never end.

The most famous game characters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series, like Trishula, Nascour, Flare, and others, are ready to engage with you in battle!

3 Days have passed since the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, and the threat of the Gagaga Tribe have been eliminated. Join the battle with Yusei and his friends again! There are various playable characters, and even mobile game YU-GO-MEN, to join the in-game event that will lead players to engage with more Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal characters.

Shan Gui II is filled with the intense action and compelling story of Taiyo, the hero of the original Taiyo no Shikagane, and you’ll be able to experience the loveable characters in a completely new way.

Not only Yu-Gi-Oh! but also The Idolmaster and Trigun are ready to entertain you in the Game of Tsukiyomi!

About This Content
Shan Gui II includes the re-recording of all the characters’ performances in the original Taiyo no Shikagane ‘Silent Journey’, as well as the original Japanese voiceovers in the Tsugumi-san version of Shan Gui II.
About This Game
Players can view a dazzlingly diverse gameworld through unique game mechanisms and powerful graphics, and explore an amazingly complicated enemy territories in this epic RPG action game, a story written by the legendary Yu-Gi-Oh creator Kazuki Takahashi and blended with the fine art of Bandai Namco, and developed and published by Konami!

Please enjoy some highlights from the new game:

■ The Dragons

It has been 2000 years since the unification of China under the guidance of the legendary


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    System Requirements For Crazy Sapper 3D:

    1 x USB Ports
    2 x USB A Ports
    1 x USB C port
    Built-in headphone jack, microphone port
    Integrated speaker, mic port
    1 x Analog In/Out Port (Analogue Stereo)
    1 x Digital In/Out Port (Digital Stereo)
    Built-in memory card slot
    Built-in SD card slot
    Compatible with iOS (iOS 10 and higher), Android (4.4 and higher) and Windows (10 and higher) mobile devices and PC’s.


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