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Warp Frontier is an adventure game, with the player taking on the role of a scientist on a distant planet, who is researching a mysterious ancient artefact. The player’s task is to find out about the history of the planet, with the artefact being a central part of the story. The player’s own past is left unexplored and is told through flashbacks.

InspirationThe game was partly inspired by the old game Atreus, which I enjoyed as a child. But like many of my games, Warp Frontier starts with a vague notion and grows organically from there, and I do not aim at creating a generic, or “same-as-all-others”, point-and-click adventure.

The game play of Warp Frontier is based on the point-and-click adventures of the 90’s: the legendary Lucasarts titles The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle, but using a 4-person party. The reason behind that is that I can’t have a solo player in a party of four, and I thought I would miss the humour of this type of game when I played it as a child.

Feedback Regarding Idea Of Story As Reflection of the Space Traveller’s PastMy initial idea was that the player take on the role of a man who was exploring the Solar System as a member of a space colony and was in command of the ship. I did not think of the character having a specific past, which was one reason for the flashbacks.

When I realized that this would have meant that the player had certain specific traits to explain, and after I had an image of a man with “jaded” eyes, I decided it was best to keep it open for interpretation. I did not want to go into the question of what the “space traveller” did before, so the game allows for the question to remain unanswered.Convert VHS tape to DVD for personal use only. (No retail or commercial use). PLEASE, DO NOT POST TO COMPUTER FILE-TRACKING OR ANY OTHER WEB SITES!

This is a classic conversion done by an old-fashioned film editor, done for personal use only. It is not a commercial conversion, it is done personally. This is how movies were made back in the day. ( i.e. lots of mistakes being edited out by an editor instead of by computer).

The VHS is unscratched and in nearly perfect condition. The DVD has been


Features Key:

  • Combat and Action Adventures set in the late 30s
  • Experience the Great Depression and the mess of the war in the air
  • Historically accurate Combat
  • Survival and Resource Management: You’ll need to buy food and sleep too.
  • Fight your way up through the ranks to achieve fame, fortune and glory.
  • Players start with only a few freebie items and cash
  • Threatening pirates, vicious ants and other creatures inhabit the sea
  • Fight an army of aliens and win
  • HUGE SCENARIOS- Maybe you’re killed by the heat and end up on one the pieces, maybe you find another piece somewhere, maybe you get left behind and become the next prisoner or what?
  • Then the magic of I Am the Captain Now happens
  • You will occasionally earn special items such as “Red Shoes” which allow you to run faster, or “Skinny Waist” to carry more goods or “Triple Time” to visit an area twice and get triple the entry cash.
  • There are more missions, more gear items, more things to find and explore.
  • Story Mode -you pick a crew and buy airship that sails from place to place
  • Solo Mode -you are in control of all the resources and must fight your way through the game alone
  • Bonus: Hint mode- If you get stuck, the game has a hint system you can use
  • Leaderboards: Online scoreboard for your achievements and ranking
  • 3 different difficulty levels


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Move and get away from the racing cubes! Remove the cubes with your laser by keeping up with them or by eliminating an obstacle in your path. But don’t worry, we built a path under the path to protect us from those evil cubes! Go back for more fun!

About This Game:
What’s up, people? Ready to break the silence of the Cube Rush market? SpaceCubers is back with a NEW major update and a NEW game mode!
New Update:
New Game Mode: Planetary invasion! You are an invader from the planet Neptune, and you have landed in the universe to claim this world as yours! It’s time to invade the planets, get your planetary defenses up, eliminate your enemies and re-claim your treasure!
Coming soon:
Restart: You are an alien, traveling through space and lands to revive some alien resources. Grab the treasure as fast as you can, all life on this planet is a threat and you must eliminate them all! In space, cubes don’t have feelings, they kill aliens! In the end, all the aliens will be eliminated, and you will be the winner!
The golden cube to the left and the golden cube to the right give you bonuses, find them, eliminate them to win! Use the parts from the original SpaceCubers, but also install them in this game now, from a more tactical perspective!
Game Features:
5 game modes:
Classic: Access to bonus
Extreme: Without any bonus and with a limited number of lives
Collapse: Access to bonus and the edges tighten to the middle each time a column is removed.
– All over the universe, you must eliminate all the cubes!
– Get in, grab treasure, grab life, get away and maybe get a life back!
– Do it for the mother cube!
The original game has been also updated and now you can use the original icons to play! You can also send your Wifi connection to play directly from your phone or tablet now!

About This Game:
The acceleration button is your friend! It is a challenging puzzle game, you can play this game in your browser or install it if you really like this game. You can complete the game in four minutes, and you can play it from start to finish in a few minutes. The good thing is that you can play as many times as you want at any time, and since it’s a puzzle game, you don’t have to buy anything. The game


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※ Something is not right…※
Let’s adventure…
Greetings! My name is “Buruger”, and this is my green blog.

From now on, the world will live.
Play the revolutionary RPG The Hundred Year Kingdom, a new RPG from legendary game developer Kosmos!
Create your own world!
You are an oracle! The chosen one!
The world’s fate rests on your power.
Craft buildings and the world around you.
Oblige the Gods.
Spend your time in peace.
The Hundred Year Kingdom is a place where you can have a peaceful life.
Help the Gods…
Is the world in danger?
Have you been chosen to save the world?
Please, become the savior of the gods!
Live the peaceful life you’ve always dreamed of.
Its world is your own!
You are the oracle!
A savior!
The gods implore you…
Help the Gods!
Then be the one…
To protect the world!
※ Unique characters!※
※ Simple and easy controls!
※ Simple, friendly, and easy to understand game scenes!
※ Simple, easy, and relaxing gameplay!

※ Enjoy a new form of RPG! ※
※ A beautiful world waiting to be changed! ※
※ A story from the Gods!
Romantic, tragic, and exciting, an adventure with mythological beasts, a story of love and betrayal, of the courage to sacrifice…
※ A story where your decisions determine the fate of the world!
※ A story in which the choices you make are just as important as the battles you fight!
※ A new RPG experience from Kosmos.
※ A new world waiting to be created!
○ Freely create your world!


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