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In Klang 2, you are a superhero on a mission to save the Earth from the cunning forces of chaos. The only defence against the forces of evil are the magical and musical Strike powers you can fire from the pitchblack depths of your Klang Sword. Invite the forces of good into your dance party by unleashing electrifying strikes on the forces of evil.
Players can also use their own music on all game levels, and any of the unlocked songs will play both in single player and local multiplayer modes.

Klang 3 is a psychedelic rhythm-action game, blindly pursuing full immersion with dance music through high-speed combat. Conduct electronic symphonies with your lightning powers, wield magical tuneblades, and achieve a euphoric state of trance through skillful play.
The player’s abilities to fight and defeat enemies are divided into three categories: Strikes, dashes and holds. Strikes are the most common and will let you fast-attack the enemy with flashy fireballs. The dash makes you dodge and counter enemy attacks. The hold makes you deal enough lightning damage to shame even the greatest gods of mythology.
Klang 3s not only the ideal introduction to the Klang universe, but all things rhythm-action!
Key features:
– 30 levels of intense EDM-Action. Playable at both normal and fast speed for extra challenge.
– Semi-procedural combat system ensuring the same track never plays exactly the same.
– Several boss types gradually changing the rules of engagement.
– Music by the legendary composer bLiNd, and other talented artists such as James Landino, Arcien, Nhato, Steven Silo, City Girl, cYsmix and more!
– Techno-greek aesthetic is inspired by synthwave, musical symbolism and greek sculpture.
– Playable with numerous control inputs such as: Mouse, gamepad, drawing tablet and touch.
About The Game Klang 3:
In Klang 3, you are a superhero on a mission to save the Earth from the cunning forces of chaos. The only defence against the forces of evil are the magical and musical Strike powers you can fire from the pitchblack depths of your Klang Sword. Invite the forces of good into your dance party by unleashing electrifying strikes on the forces of evil.
Players can also use their own music on all game levels, and any of the unlocked songs will play both in single player and local multiplayer modes.



Features Key:

  • Very simple, yet very fun and addictive 2D idle gameplay inspired by the simplicity and ease of casual games such as Super Monkey Ball.
  • Great for idle boredom-time while you’re at work, or waiting for someone to leave
  • Idlebeer contains no built-in features except for a password lock, so you can use it whenever you want and wherever you want
  • Customisable game time, background graphics, and timing sound effects as per your preference
  • Easy install/uninstall/update using an Android app called Liquify!


  • Buy a server ($5)
  • Know how to install the server keystone + modify a configuration file (if necessary)
  • Install the idlebeer engine or its dependencies on Android (if you are still on an Android device)
  • Customise idlebeer using the Liquify client app and build your own race or MOB race


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The game focuses on the naval battles and battles during the War of 1812. The game’s primary goal is to preserve the historical accuracy, while keeping it easy to play. No prior knowledge of the war or naval strategy is needed to enjoy the game.
You will command a small fleet of warships against enemy fleets. A variety of naval options are available to add to the player’s tactical options.
The game has unique naval and land game mechanics, where the player’s naval or land powers are used to activate special naval or land units. A wide variety of ground and naval units will be available depending on the scenario.
In battle, the player will set formation, assign each unit’s type of task, position the ships, and make the movements they have assigned to them. Each time it is time to move the player can assign a new set of orders that they think will help them to finish the current mission. The information provided on enemy unit types will also help you to decide what task to assign them.
The naval battles will occur in real time. After the game begins, it runs until the end. For each battle there are several phases:
• Declaration of War and opening of the Front.
• Formation of the fleets.
• Composition and deployment of the fleets.
• Assignment of tasks.
• Movement orders.
• Phase of combat.
• Determination of winner.
After the results have been determined, the game ends with a screen displaying the final value of the naval and land units.
– All maps and gameplay will be played in real time.
– Campaigns can be played over several days or weeks, or on their own and be completed in shorter periods of time.
– Some scenarios can be played with or without AI and be turned into a skirmish game.
– Scenario editor is included that allows the creation of new scenarios and with the AI, or without, and thus creating the kind of game that you like best.
– There are 16 different scenarios, 15 of them multiplayer, and 1 single player scenario.
– All scenarios are in historical time.
– Different tech trees are available that you can choose from by default, or you can specify them yourself.
– The tech trees include a set of naval upgrades, cannons, ships, gunpowder, and other elements.
– The game can be played with real time or turn-based gameplay. The real time scenario will allow you to play in a time period


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Craftlands is an excellent business management game similar to Lords of the Sea in which you must build, manage, grow and expand a business with 4 great employees, but be careful not to neglect your relations with your friends and community. You receive coins randomly each day which you must spend in your business or buy some options with it. If you run out of coins you end up with nothing except new employees and you have to start all over.
The things you have to handle in your business are many and from the description of the game sounds simple enough, but it gets very complicated.
Don’t get me wrong this is a really great game with many detailed features, but one thing that annoys me is that you have to place your workers directly in the game, which is a bit awkward. You need to play a whole game just to plant a flag in a square you’re not even sure you’ll get to play in? Seems a bit dumb to me, but that’s the way the creators have chosen to use the game, it works for the way they want to play the game and I don’t really have anything to complain about.
The game is a bit complicated as well and a bit difficult to understand at first, but once you get the hang of it you will have a ton of fun working your way through each quest.
The art style is interesting and well designed, but a bit complex when you get into quests and tasks.
In my opinion the entire concept of the game is a lot of fun, but I felt a little disappointed when I realized I wouldn’t be able to ever play it with my friends and I’m still not sure if there will be support for multiplayer, but I guess it’s just a matter of time until someone makes it multiplayer and that would be great, maybe in the future I’ll actually buy it in one of my multiplayer games like Sea of Thieves or titles like that, hopefully.
Even if this is not your thing, I’d still recommend to download this game because there is so much to do in this game, I never got bored even in the first couple of hours. If you like business management games this is a must-buy, but I hope it is one day made into a multiplayer, because I think that would make this a wonderful game that I truly recommend.

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Good Minimalist Business game-Love this game!




What’s new:

will release their “Well Below” demo next week!

They also announced that he will appear on their next album “Gladiator’s Pleasure” as a guest, along with Gabrielle Dodds. Yes!

King Diamond – guest musician for next album ‘Gladiator’s Pleasure’

Slipknot – been on unofficial hiatus, working on new album. Mid-2011 will be comeback.

Thursday, December 31, 2010

I had Sunday off today and went back out in the rain as I was out of water and it was raining so I got some sleep and when I came home I called up Bobby Inge and he and I talked for like 2 hours. I was a little cruddy but pretty mellow now due to a restless night.

I have two photo uploads scheduled if I can figure out my problem with uploading them. They are both Chris Bisbee’s artwork, which I am very thankful to him for. The first is the bearded Arizona Jones. On April 25th, 2010 that day broke the record for having the greatest number of Jester’s balls by a single person for single day in the history of the world. I told Bobby about it and he was influenced by it. My other photo is of the Clarkport, Pennsylvania neighborhood that ended up on the Rock History Podcast and is in the Geography topic.

There are two really important things happen next week for me. The New Year’s Eve Concert of Alecia’s Hour of Power at Saratoga Springs, NY will also be the last show with my group The Brotherhood. Then my home base will be Lockport, NY. That will also be the last show for our last sponsor, Ring of Fire Productions.

The name of our last studio album will be “Magick”. The name of the next one will be “Fallen Star” (After watching the Dark Knight movie with my daughter), and the one after that will be “The Edge of the World”. And the title track on the last one will be “Pirate Marine” as the inspiration for this comes from way back when my stepdad used to go fishing from a dock in Pennsylvania.

Here are the other facts for the upcoming New Year:

Alecia’s Hour of Power will be playing from 5:30 to 8:30. Our last show of the night will be at 7:30. (The headlining act tonight was Steven Robillard).

Those who used to come out have


Download RoBo: The Allectric Idventurer Crack For PC

-Fight hordes of creatures with different attributes.
-Collect weapons for your arsenal.
-Run or fight your way to victory.
-Hear and feel the atmosphere in a dynamic 3D audio-world.
-Experience the time of your life in 3D with Bullet Time gameplay.
-This is a 20 minutes long single player game.
-Play online with your friends.
-You can chat with other people while you play.
-Play in your language.
-Download your entire savegames to continue with your progress.
-Start fresh, reload your own savegames.
-Description of the game:
-A fast paced, ultraviolent old school 3D FPS with elements of Rogue and Thief.
-Great looking graphics, full of details, many environments.
-Seamless deadzone, no VR support.
-Direct 3D rendering (no full screen or windowed mode).
-Classical mechanics like point & click, exploration, inventory management, autosaves.
-Saving is easy & intuitive.
-Realistic Bullet Time.
-Open Source.
-Mod Support.
-Supported languages: English, German, Polish, French.
-Supported Mouse & Keyboard.
-Support for a Virtual Keyboard & Mouse.
-Support for T9.
-Team-up Multiplayer Mode.
-Team-based Deathmatch.
-Points in Time System.
-Modern dynamic lighting with bloom/haze and many shadows options.
-Modern particle systems.
-Real time shadows with local light flicker effect.
-Real time dynamic shadows with local flicker effect, HDR, soft shadows and many more.
-Real time blood splatter.
-Real time Post Processing, e.g. Lens Flare.
-Lots of Weapon Options.
-Support for 3D Textures.
-Support for 3D Ambient Occlusion Shadows.
-Speed Up.
-Support for mouse acceleration.
-Camera mode: Overhead to give you a tactical view (e.g. standing and crouching).
-Street view to give you a bird view of the world.
-Pump Action Sniper.
-Atlas Readout (navigation tool).
-Map editor.
-Customizable HUD with 3D Textures.
-Alphabetic Categories.
-Real-time music.
-Sound effect remapping.
-Pitch adjustment.


How To Install and Crack RoBo: The Allectric Idventurer:

  • Download Game Bocce VR from links below
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Download Links:


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5. This is the latest release.

6. Supports all the latest games


How To install and Crack Cherry:

  • Download Cherry
  • Extract Bin file
  • Just double click
  • Done

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
Windows Vista with Service Pack 2
Dual Core Processor (2nd Gen)
1366×768 resolution
DirectX 9.0
DirectX 11 Gameplay Features:
Create your own arena and compete with friends for the best score, high scores, and place in the monthly top 5 rankings.
Every arena is completely customizable with different parts, decorations and playfield obstacles.
Adjust the game speed to your personal preference.
The two game modes are

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