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The Soul Stone War 2 Features Key:

  • Play any number of players.
  • Combine the combat of Risk with the exciting gameplay of Dominion.
  • Play with a friend or start a tournament.
  • Challenge your friends to a quick game of fun.
  • Pick your own heroes, cards and dice.
  • Progress within a series of 40 unique cards.
  • Roll more than 3,000 dice.
  • Execute the classic rock-paper-scissors game.
  • See your dice disappear under the horizon.
  • We have plans for more features

    You have to master patience, tact and the unexpected.

    Domination uses all class of dice, regardless of the number of players.

    Adapt your strategy when an opportunity comes to help.

    If one of your opponents succeeds in dominating a city, he will become the boss of it. You will not be able to duel them with other players, so it's better to lose them.

    Game Set Play board

    The board starts filled with a pool of 24 tiles depicting the world's seven continents.

    Players interact with this board when drawing, playing cards, rolling the die, or resolving a conflict.

    The resources tiles are played by the player who has just won a conflict.

    Player's dice are rolled two against one on a random one of the tiles.

    Dead is the first player to get two consecutive sixes in the same tile.

    New tile is the first in a sequence.

    Sixes are available in


    The Soul Stone War 2 Crack + Free Download X64 [Latest] 2022

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    wird am 14. Juni 2018

    « I will never play this game again, I was excited to play something new but this was horrible. It crashes like every other MOBA or I just do something wrong? Game won’t even open. What a waste of money and time. »



    wird am 14. Oktober 2017

    « I loved this game. It had so much potential. The atmosphere was beautiful, but the gameplay was terrible. »

    Highly recommended


    wird am 12. Oktober 2017

    « This is a gorgeous, creepy and character driven game. It has awesome graphics and the music and sound effects are cool and ethereal. The story is well written and your decisions weigh more heavily as the story progresses. I loved it and highly recommend the game! »

    Great horror game!


    wird am 09. Oktober 2017

    « This


    The Soul Stone War 2

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