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From the developer who brought you the epic Disney: Haunted Mansion Collector’s Edition, comes the next installment of the best-selling Maze series. The fourth edition of the series features all the award-winning characters and hidden object puzzles fans know and love.

Show more And, one of the many components of optimism is the sense of self-efficacy. There are three independent components of self-efficacy, namely, one’s belief in their ability to complete a task, how much effort is required to complete a given task, and their expectations for success. The third component is especially important because it helps us determine how prepared we are. When, for example, you expect to win a race even though you don’t believe you can, you are not being optimistic, you are being unrealistic and believing you can do something you can’t. When you are about to embark on a new endeavor, if you know it is likely to succeed, it is reasonable to feel confident in your ability to succeed. If you lack this knowledge, you will have to work hard to develop it, and a lack of confidence in your ability to succeed is quite likely to lead to failure.

They go on to study how participants differ on their level of optimism and self-efficacy and then do something which should be of interest to optimists: they try to move the needle on optimism and their level of self-efficacy. This study was based on 60,000 people, from 22 different countries, and found:

How I Use It:

One of the things I like about the article is that it takes a theoretical model of optimism and examines it empirically. Just reading the paper, I don’t understand how the researchers were able to isolate optimism from other things, but they did. Next, they used a variety of tests to examine what is the influence of self-efficacy on optimism.

One of the tests the researchers used is a confidence scale that asks you to rate your confidence in a number of specific situations. This test is interesting because in most studies of the strength of optimism the researchers use questionnaires that are not specifically designed to measure optimism. This study showed the impact of self-efficacy on optimism in a different way.

In order to predict how much confidence a person can have in their ability to accomplish a task, researchers looked at how much that person believed that they would accomplish the task. Because different people are going to have very different sense of self-



  • Cross Country Express is a simulation game that is free to play but with in-game purchases of virtual currencies used to open additional game modes.
  • Vehicles must be built entirely inside the virtual world and are not owned by the player.
  • Players must have legal permission to use vehicles for anything other than transportation purposes.
  • Players can commute using public transportation or build and personal vehicles. Players who choose to commute by bus, ferry, or other means must use transit travel times.
  • Vehicles are not repainted during the length of the game; paint color cycles based on the date.
  • Players can customize their vehicles and equipment.
  • Vehicles and equipment do not take up your real-world tangible space: In the real world, a vehicle occupies the same space as a certain number of people (e.g. the number of seats in a bus). As a player builds vehicles and arranges equipment, they will generally consume fewer physical resources.
  • All buildings and private structures in the game are constructed from the real world, and the player owns an actual property.
  • In the game, there are two separate dimensions to the world – the real world and the virtual world.
  • The game uses a fly-by-wire mechanic allowing for continuous navigation. Place rail-vehicles at each station and lets the game physics handle all aspects of the train’s motion.
  • There are realistic road lengths due to real world construction. The game model ties to the exact length of actual roadways on the map and the direction of actual roads allows for real-world travel time analyses.
  • The number of routes is based on real game design and does not increase as time passes.
  • Vehicles will appear to follow the course of the actual roads, even if they are blocked, and vice versa.
  • All public transportation listed as a commutable mode in real life is included in the game. More modes of transportation can be added in the future, and more information on that process will be



    The story of the game is simple. You are in a dark world with a repeating sequence of levels. Once you have performed a certain action in every level, and you are challenged with a new set of puzzles to solve.
    How to play:
    Touch the screen to be plunged into an interminable tunnel of madness. Find the exit by clearing away, or finding a trail of blood that leads you to it.
    Puzzle logic:
    The puzzles are logic based, and are intended to be as simple as possible.
    Enjoy playing!Note:
    The game in its current state is in active development. We will add new levels, new puzzle types, new content, and much more.

    I have often found myself playing through old games that I never got around to finishing, with the idea in mind of possibly trying to find all of the hidden challenges. This type of game is not really something I would have thought to do, until I found myself in the position of having to play through something that had not been enjoyed in a very long time.
    As it happens, I had installed the trial version of the game on my computer before I went to bed, and I slept on it, and woke up the next morning with a new and unique game to play. I found that the puzzles were not simply repetitive and mundane, but had a certain amount of creativity that made the games that I was playing through that had not been seen in years, feel fresh and new again.
    The trial version is enough to see what this game has to offer, and now I cannot get enough of it!

    Hello everyone, I am completely new to the IOS development environment and I am hoping that I can get some constructive feedback and recommendations on the game that I have been making, and in the process hopefully earn some points and points for the game as a whole

    What’s new

    As you know the game is in early beta and still very much in flux, The content has vastly changed since I released the last version of the game, This includes new game modes, new levels, new enemies, and new puzzles…

    The game has now entered full production and is ready to be released on the iOS store, currently in testing.

    Ended testing

    I had a lot of fun developing this game, and I even did more than I had originally hoped, and given the poor free-to-play environment, I am not concerned with what I have to do to make this game a success



    Bounce the DVD in the air, collect all the squares on the screen without touching the DVD and win cool score and more.
    Collect and use 9 different bonus items to multiply your score when you complete the game.
    Use the shuriken to bounce the DVD in the air. You can use extra acceleration, angle, and pull controls to make the DVD more bouncy.
    Use the wind to change direction of the DVD
    Use the special items to make DVD clear from obstacles.
    If DVD collides with the something. The something will be damaged and DVD stop moving.
    You can use the rewind power to return the DVD to the start.
    You can collect red/blue ball to synchronize the music of the DVD.
    Collect the green ball to win more.
    Win all the levels to unlock the next.
    Use power-ups to boost your score.
    Use coins to buy some power-ups.
    If you would like to support our team, we would really appreciate that! Buying the game on steam is the easiest way to do it! If you prefer another method than buying on steam (like via PayPal, etc.), please contact us directly.
    Game design:
    Game dev:
    Feel free to send us your suggestions and bug reports!
    If you’ve got any questions, please go to the website for more info!
    Please go to our website to access contact data, social media channels, game mechanics etc.
    Direct contact info:

    Game design:
    Game dev:
    Feel free to send us your suggestions and bug reports!
    If you’ve got any questions, please go to the website for more info!
    Please go to our website to access contact data, social media channels, game mechanics etc.
    Direct contact info:



    What’s new:

    Chilean children

    The Kidnapped Chilean children was an international incident involving two US-licensed space launches that were conducted in November 1970 from the launch pads at the Punta Arenas Space Center, in Punta Arenas, Chile. The launches were the Space exploration attempt of NASA 20th century project Apollo 19, which was launched in November 1970 and intended to establish a record for the travelling speed of astronauts in space. The flight of Apollo 19 was to cover a distance of, and would mark the first time a spacecraft would fly faster than the speed of sound. During the flight of Apollo 19, a group of 53 boys and girls were taken from the town of Nancagua, located east of Punta Arenas, and held in captivity for 20 days, until they were released on 21 December 1970. The events that led to the kidnappings and the circumstances leading to the release of the children are still subjects of debate among historians, as the kidnappings were related to a broader conflict known as the Dirty War that took place between 26 September 1973 and March 11, 1990.

    According to the Ecuadorian newspaper Pagina Siete, the kidnappings were agreed upon by both the Chilean Army and the Catholic Church, to “punish” the political activities of the Socialist Party. This accusation was made by José Piñera Yupanqui, first Secretary General of the National Reorganization Process (PRN) in the 1980s, but years later retracted his statement saying that the Catholic Church had instigated the kidnappings, as they saw that the parent organization of the Socialist Party, the Popular Socialist Movement was being infiltrated by Communist revolutionaries. The political parties and individuals of the Socialist Movement and the Popular Socialist Movement had reported in several occasions that a group of Communists had infiltrated into the organization to promote insurrectionary action in the nation.

    On 20 November 1973, the students stood in solidarity with the people of Chile by taking an oath to follow the laws of the Republic and not participate in insurrectionary actions that the Popular Unity government had ordered. Nevertheless, in the areas of Los Andes and Punta Arenas, the students were forced to support the incursion of a terrorist unit named the Central Bloc, of the Communist Party of Chile, armed with the desire to change the Constitution of the Republic and redistribute wealth from the richest classes of Chile to the poorest ones, abolishing the token of the wealth’s distribution, the Convertible peso. The students in those two towns showed opposition to the existence


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    As this game is slightly violent and contains violent imagery, gore and language, it is not intended for children.
    This game is intended as a reference to the 80’s. There are various symbols relating to the 80’s culture, 80’s media and even 80’s music. Of course there are references to the adult themes and ideas within the 80’s.
    Binary Run is a retro synthwave shooter created by Fluorescent Vision. It features retro style graphics, unique pixel art, retro gameplay mechanics and a very 80’s soundtrack.
    The game will follow the theme of the story of the player as they progress throughout the game. The player will be instructed by text messages to change directories and the core gameplay will follow the links provided, leading them through the stages.
    This game needs a Playstore description which I will create once it is ready. Thank you for your understanding.
    — LINKS —


    Castlevania High Score Highscores is a game for all aspiring hi-score hunters out there!
    You will be playing the last 3rd of the series where you must clear the game and get the highscores to see who has the top scores in the world!
    For detailed instructions on how to complete the game go to:
    You can also find more info on the game here:
    Official Website:

    Check out your highscore in real time on iOS:
    Google Play Store:



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