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A sci-fi action game full of sass. Inspired by your favorites of games with physics and character-based action. Now available on Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.Star Shift is a top-down action shooter on a galactic scale. You are a pilot of an interstellar starfighter. In this game, you need to beat your enemies by shooting them as much as possible. In order to accomplish your task, you need to upgrade your weaponry, improve your shields and your machine’s AI. The combination of your tactical skills and your wits, will determine your fate.

Along with all the gameplay, you will enjoy a carefully crafted soundtrack featuring 17 levels full of powerful musical melodies and themes from the Star Shift universe.

Directions About How to Play this Soundtrack and how to use these Music Tracks in your game.

This is a great soundtrack. I hope to see more soundtracks like this one in the future.

The music is epic, and the level themes work really well together.

Not only are the sounds great, but the gameplay is smooth and surprisingly satisfying.

I have two minor complaints. Firstly, the music sounds a little similar in style to that of the soundtrack for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. Both are very lo-fi and ethereal, but that shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s something to note.

Secondly, there seems to be some silence in parts of the levels. I’m not 100% sure, but it seems there is some silence sometimes when the character isn’t moving. It doesn’t interrupt anything, it’s just there, which isn’t an issue for me, but it’s something to note.

Also, on the soundtrack album I find it hard to differentiate between the stings and the ensembles. They seem pretty similar, and sometimes I can’t hear a difference if I don’t pay attention to it.

(Also, I’m not really an expert at these kind of things, so it’s probably something I’m just missing…)

These are just minor things though. I’ve only played around 5 levels of the game, and I’ve already noticed a few things I liked about the soundtrack.

I’m hoping to see more from Josh Mandel in the future…

Bought this after reading all the positive reviews and I can say that it’s as good as the reviews say. It’s a unique and pretty good soundtrack that packs


Features Key:

  • Classic and interesting
  • Beautiful graphics (in the composition)
  • Very playable/funny game
  • FEEDBACK: happy to hear your feedback or suggestions or problems encountered

    FEEDBACK: happy to hear your feedback or suggestions or problems encountered User Game

    CREDITS: @Peter Turner, @Dinesh @Steepill_13 @megamusic@

    It is taking me too much time to do background image, icon and sprite. So I need help in organizing.
    Thank you.


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    •Speed is everything in the kart racing. This is where you can easily show off your driving skills. Control your kitties’ speed through a combination of braking, shifting, and forward acceleration.
    •Move with your fingers to control the drift and bumper-jumping. Drive carefully when you drift or you’ll end up with a nasty crash.
    •Free Spin feature allows you to steer the opposite direction after hitting the wall.
    •Push-Up feature is great if you are trying to get away from the rival’s heat. This feature allows you to hit the wall while still going in the opposite direction.
    •Collect, stack and strategically use power-ups. Use any one of the power-ups at a time, or you might find that it’s worth using several together at once.
    •Power-ups have unique effects and allow you to gain an advantage in any race track. Dodge the obstacles, chase them, or simply try to block them out.
    •Local multiplayer mode (Split-screen game) that allows up to four players to race their kitties at a time. You can use the local multiplayer mode to challenge your friends.
    •Overtake opponents, drift and get bonuses for it. Bonuses you can spend on speed-ups or oil, which affects the control of the enemy.
    •Boss mode is about fighting the kitties’ heroes in the last game. How can you resist the challenge and become the best driver?
    •The game supports landscape and portrait orientations.
    •Story mode begins with a warning from the Master of Drift, where Duke tells you about the ‘Big Driver’, a secret power-up. You must track down the Big Driver before the finale of the championship.
    •You will play as one of many kitties, but only a few can be the best driver in the world.
    •The kitties’ personalities are based on the real cats – they really like to eat, play and be playful.
    •Free roam video game. Kitties will have no lives or obstacles, but they might have to deal with the challenges of the track and other kitties!
    •Ready to play on the go.
    •Smooth touchscreen controls – play fun and easy-to-use kart racing game in your phone.
    •The game supports portrait and landscape mode.
    •Play with your friends and challenge your


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    Dungeon swords: These are multiplayer turn-based arena type of games (think of Call of Duty). Fight with your friends and other players.You can see your opponents before fight. Your attack will be stronger according to your enemy’s type. You can steal enemy’s power by fighting. Even your weakness will hurt your enemy.The more player you get, the more stronger your sword will be. Earn more on every fight and it will be possible to customize your sword.This game is great for casual multiplayer party.It is possible to fight in a single-player mode.There is no character or victory condition.It is possible to be interesting by itself.

    Give a new rating

    Have you played?

    About This ContentDungeon sword is roug-like top-down action wherein player control weapon by mouse.Game in early alphaNow there is no goal and luck of content, but in the future there will be more enemies, locations and weapons / abilities of the playerGame control:Movement of cursor (blue sword) against character makes transferring of weapon in the appropriate direction.Movement of character. In mode Mouse-Only: position of cursor sets direction of movement. In mode Keyboard+Mouse mouse still sets rotation of characters, but movement is carried out keyboard.Features:* Unusual gameplay. Character isn’t control weapon, YOU do!* Comfortable controlGameplay Dungeon swords 0.001:


    Play games online


    Play games online

    1. Click here to go to the official page of Dungeon swords.

    2. Click a game title. There are different features of the games, so you can play games according to the category.

    3. Select a game and start playing.

    3. Start with 1-4 players. 1-4 players are added automatically, you can also add one more players by yourself.

    4. Select an ability and a weapon. Select it for the best.

    5. Start the game.

    Why is there no instructions?

    It is the first version of the game. So far there are only these instructions.We hope that you will like the game. If you do, we will improve the game based on your feedback.

    Dungeon swords: These are multiplayer turn-based arena type of games (think of Call of Duty). Fight with your friends and other players.You can see your opponents before fight. Your attack will be stronger


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