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In Jackals, you don’t just shoot or die like in PVS, you have to get up and drive fast to survive. This game focuses on vehicles instead of rifles, you need to be fast and lucky to win. You would not only have to worry about opposing vehicles in the battlefield, there are many other elements to take care of as well. You need to think from other aspects if you want to survive.
Game Characteristics:
• Sandbox game. Choose your vehicle, select your equipment and armor, choose your camouflage, fortify your base, and build a defense to survive… this is the main law of this type of game.
• In this game, all the enemies are assumed to be competent, smart, and skillful enough to steal vehicles.
• Many kinds of weapons, tactical options, interesting missions, new vehicles, and more besides, it is a different experience from PVS.
• Support you can learn from this game, there are detailed tutorials for players to follow.
• And more is wait for you to discover and put the idea in.
what’s the special
1 The need for speed! in this game, shooting is not the only core game play element, vehicle driving is also important, if staying alive during combats is difficult for you, keep maneuver and avoid them!
2 Separated roles on one vehicle or team up and fight in a fleet!
2 Heavy weapons and modern vehicles that resemble every facet in the real world military power.
3 AI players and NPCs add uncertainties and tactical flexibility into the competition between players.
5 Classic military equipments and mordern warfare elements
And more is await for you to discover and put the idea in.
About The Game
Jackals is a free online 3rd person vehicle shooting game.
It is an off-road and team survival game that takes place in harsh and wild landscapes. Through the game, the players are able to build fighting camps, fortify bases, and defend the area against the enemy.
On the other hand, Jackals is also a multiplayer battle royale game that can be played in a team or a free-for-all format. Players are able to join and leave the game at their own pace and play without any limitations or restrictions.
• Jackals is able to be played in both team and free-for-all formats.
• In team form, the players are able to work together to achieve the ultimate goal of surviving


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  • All – new Missions in the Universe
  • All – new Skill Gameplay
  • All – new Quest Gameplay
  • All – new Skill Gameplay for Mining and Decryption
  • All – new Skill Gameplay for Bounty Hunting
  • All – new Enemy Spawning


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Train Simulator is the only realistic and the only train simulator that comes with Steam Workshop support!
Train Simulator is an ambitious new PC simulation title that lets you train to become a professional driver and a professional train driver. The game recreates the experience of a real-life career in the railway industry – with an innovative dynamic career mode, a set of vehicles from over 30 leading train manufacturers, spectacular train routes, and more.
You’ll be able to take delivery of your own customised locomotive on the first day of your professional career. Train to become a legend on the map with several available challenges and take part in Regional Grand Prix. Alternatively, take on the role of a driver and prove yourself as a professional with demanding transport tasks, such as transporting hazardous cargo or loading passengers.
Train Simulator is a realistic train simulator developed by South Africa’s leading simulation game developer, Big-Omni.
Brand new train sim on Steam featuring realistic driving behaviour and locomotive braking
4 separate routes:
– London to Swansea
– London to Edinburgh
– London to Glasgow
– London to Peterborough
Train routes are procedurally generated on daily basis
Scenarios that take place on the East Coast Main Line: London-Peterborough route, longer than in real life
Load and unload freight and passengers on a variety of locations
Procedural railway network including over 900km of tracks
Realistic locomotive braking with multiple stages and time-driven traffic
Train routes are procedurally generated on daily basis
Liveries that are fully customizable
Realistic and evocative textures and sounds
High Definition 3D models
Working TMS system
Control a locomotive in different operating scenarios
Handling of the locomotive is real-time controlled, but the player can control the speed and direction of the locomotive in case of automatic driving mode
Use the quick replay feature to re-play chosen train routes
Quick Drive compatible and all routes are Quick Drive compatible
Live the railway life in the company of real-life train enthusiasts
Non-linear career – any job you choose can be the beginning of your profession
• transport dangerous cargo
• transport passengers
• transport dangerous goods
• transport hazardous cargo
• manage a locomotive
• perform train duties
• transport fast freight
• local traffic
• passenger transport
• freight transport
Additional Scenarios
• Manchester to London
• London to Sheffield
• London to York


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“A combination of Toggl, Frontline Commando and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

What do you get when you mix Tribes with Tribes? You get PlanetSide 2, of course!Set within the deep and eerie landscape of PlanetSide 2, you’ll find yourself deep in the heart of the action of this vast landscape. Brace yourself for an open-world shooter experience that has never been played before.The way Tribes has designed its game play, it provides a host of strategic and tactical options to its players. In Tribes, you’re bound to make your own path, choose your own way, and do what you want!There are 7 player races, meaning there will be a lot of things to choose from as a player. (EXCLUSIVE)12 CORE WARHOUSES

These are special built homes that can be used as hideouts, bunkers, or tech pods. (This is a rare feature that has yet to be implemented in other MMO’s)5 ORIGINAL SECTIONS WITH OVER A DOZEN VARIATIONS

Tribes’ section designs are based on four original sections, with the addition of over a dozen variations.From the desert, to the urban jungle, to the open ocean… you can freely explore any area of the map. All the way from the mountains to the trees, you can find a lot to see and explore!FLIGHT CONTROLS:

New in Tribes. Direct flight controls, the ability to maneuver your craft without relying on momentum, and jet packs.Battle for strategic control and dominance over every planet across PlanetSide 2! Whether you are battling for control of the skies, or the ground, or the oceans… the battles are epic and will continue to unfold long after PlanetSide 2 is released.Dalena

Dalena (Spanish for “meadow”) may refer to:

Dalena, Arkansas, United States
Dalena, Michigan, United States
Dalena, Wisconsin, United States
Dalena, also Dalena Station, a location in western Alaska, United States
Mount Dalena (Alaska), a mountain in Alaska, United States

Other uses
Dalena (album), a 1999 album by Nona Hendryx
Estación Dalena, a Spanish TV series

See also
Dalena Creek (disambiguation)
Dalini (disambiguation)Q:

jquery datepicker


What’s new:

Now we’ll add some simple special effects – at least being able to aim the camera is ‘special’ in a way.

First define a camera movement function.

// define the view model camera movement function const dx = (delta / gravity) * Constants.DISTANCES[0]; const dy = (delta / gravity) * Constants.DISTANCES[1]; global.camera.x += dx; global.camera.y += dy;

(We will discuss this function below.)

Move the scene with the scene controller.

global.controller = global.scene.controller; global.controls.target.attach(global.controller.target); global.controls.drag.attach(global.controller.dolly); global.controls.spin.attach(global.controller.spin);

Now we’ll add an animation loop.

// start movement and gain time let timeElapsed = now – state.startTime; var time = state.startTime; const movementSeconds = timeElapsed/Constants.movementCYCLES; const movementTicks = (Constants.movementCYCLES*CONFIG.TIME_RUNNING_MOVEMENT + movementSeconds*1E-3); const movementTicks = Math.floor(Constants.movementCYCLES*CONFIG.TIME_RUNNING_MOVEMENT + movementSeconds*1E-3);

…and then check if we moved any targets.

if(args.targets[0]) { // something was moved if (args.targets[0].x) { args.targets[0].y += state.movement; } }

Since the target movement is not at constant speed we need to limit the movement. For that create the limit controller.

const limit = new LimitController(0.005).setMaxStartTime(20.0);

Now let’s add some physics to the fly.

// set up gravity and air friction constraints global.physics = new Physics(Constants.GRAVITY * world); global.physics.setWorldConstraints(global.constraints, Constants.NO_FILTER); global.physics.setExistenceCondition(global.constraints


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Storyline is not presented at this time.
System Requirements:
* Applicable for 32-bit machines only.

I have played a bit of the demo and I don’t think that this game is worth the $39.99 that it costs. The demo is on the PSN on a PS Vita, but the price is really quite ridiculous. $39.99 for the demo, and the full version is even more and $44.99. I could see if it was $29.99 or $34.99 if the demo was more than just the ten stages that it had.

I don’t know why they went out of their way to put this game up for $39.99, especially since the demo is just 10 stages. You can find the game for $20 on Amazon if you really wanted to get it. I’m glad I was part of the beta since I would have probably never played the full version otherwise. I really want to play the full version, but I know that it will cost me $44.99.

The good:

Very good graphics for a PS Vita game

Stealth gameplay similar to the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor series

You can turn your senses on/off, which is something that you can’t do in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, which is really annoying.

The one thing that I think is missing is the story. I’m interested in knowing what is going on with the girls that the protagonist is helping, but there isn’t really any explanation on that.

The bad:

Unrefined controls

The game is still in early development, so there will be bugs

I’m assuming this game is more focused on stealth, but since there are just ten stages, I’m not sure how stealth can be a major aspect of this game.

I don’t know why they went out of their way to put this game up for $39.99, especially since the demo is just ten stages. You can find the game for $20 on Amazon if you really wanted to get it. I’m glad I was part of the beta since I would have probably never played the full version otherwise. I really want to play the full version, but I know that it will cost me $44.99.

The good:

Very good graphics for a PS Vita game

Stealth gameplay similar to the Shin Megami Tensei


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  • The Survivalists – Monkey Business Pack

    How To Install & Crack Game The Survivalists – Monkey Business Pack:

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    • This file is not supported by the App Store
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    how to play game The Survivalists – Monkey Business Pack:
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    Both the game and the pack can be installed totally without any conflicts and it will run with bugs and errors.
    Therefore, the instructions below are meant to be only informative and you might want to tweak the installation which will lead to some errors.

    we have no instructions available yet for this game at the moment.
    If you find and we receive new instructions or know how to install it correctly (steam version



    System Requirements For Dark Effigy:

    Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 980 4GB or AMD Radeon R9 290X
    Processor: Intel Core i7-5820K (up to 3.3 GHz) or AMD FX-8350 (up to 4.7 GHz)
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Hard disk: Minimum of 60 GB available space
    DirectX: Version 11
    Game: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
    Additional Notes:
    Disable Fast Texture Filtering in the graphics settings. Disable VSync in the Video Options in the Game



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