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The Retro Pack is a collection of all the DLC that has released to date for Train Simulator: Western Maryland Railway. For Steam users, this means all the DLC is free. For retail users, you’ll have to buy the DLC separately. The content is sorted by release date so you should be able to pick and choose what DLC you want to add to your game. There are 3 DLC releases for the game in total.
Pre-order Packs:
Train Simulator: Western Maryland Railway is also packaged with a couple of different pre-order packs. These are like the DLC packs in that you’ll have to buy them separately but the content is packaged together in a single zip file. Since these come as part of the game pre-orders, these are all free to Steam and retail users.
The Pick 3 Pack:
This pack contains the routes leading from Uniontown to Point Marion: as well as Route 252 from Frederick to Prattville.
This package also includes the new Original G-7 Limited Edition Boxcar.

The Bonds of Friendship:
This package includes all the DLC that came out in April of 2018. The content is as follows:
The Original G-7 Limited Edition Boxcar
A George Washington, the first locomotive released for Train Simulator
A New York Central G-7 locomotive
A Erie S-1 locomotive
A Baltimore & Ohio G-7 locomotive
A Baltimore & Ohio G-7 S-4 locomotive
A B & O H-6-a locomotive
The Hexagon Maschinenbau system used by the BD&O in the 1950’s
The Hexagon T-4 used by the B&O in the 1950’s
The Alco 1000E-HO locomotive with radio
The GE C44-8 with radio
The WB&A AS-1 locomotive
The TP&W W1M locomotive
This package also includes the new pick-up truck with towbar.

The Perfect Match:
This package contains all the DLC that came out in December of 2018. The content is as follows:
The CNH2-1000 locomotive
The 1924 Modified M-7 locomotive
The Alco S-1 locomotive with radio
The Eddystone GP-9 locomotive
The CNH12-11 locomotive
The CNH12-18-0 locomotive
The ALCO RT-1 locomotive
The CNH-D45-0 locomotive


Features Key:

  • New class: Devastator
  • New weapons: Cannon, Pen, Plasm Axe, Cyndactyl
  • Jumping, climbing, standard fire
  • 4 new achievements
  • New environment: Neopolis
  • Game speed increase
  • Set of achievements for:

    • Aimless jump (1)
    • Bulletproof – sniper (1)
    • Roundy – medic (1)
    • Devastate – melee weapon specialist (1)
    • Demolition – explosive specialist (1)

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    See also
    The state of Nation


    External links



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    ENDURE [Mac/Win] [Updated]

    Game “Surprise Party!” Screenshot:

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    What’s new in ENDURE:


      When it comes to the adventures there’s one main thing that you have to keep in mind:

      Sometimes the plan does suck.

      This is a sample character with a day three start.


      Human – Tal’dira

      Human – Noctis

      Human – Val’kyr

      Human – Lore

      Human – Halidor

      Human – Maelstrom

      Human – Kor’kron Assassin

      Drow – Karien

      Tiefling – Farnese

      Tiefling – Esra

      Tiefling – Temrek

      Drow – Helaliya

      Drow – Karganth

      Drow – Dirva

      Drow – Nyumburu

      Halfling – Achimus

      Halfling – Bedwing

      Halfling – Stipe

      Hill Dwarf – Camenne

      Hill Dwarf – Becket

      Hill Dwarf – Abyor

      Hill Dwarf – Feylid

      Innate Spellcasting is Obvious

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      That said, while it can be hard to judge the exact range of this range of a typical grapple (since this isn’t Pathfinder’s automatic ranged system in battle), if a GM wishes to, it would be fairly trivial to try and define an approximate range for a normal, 15th-level, wall of iron spear.

      For Arynielle (Drow), at standard spear throwing skill, she could reach a maximum of 575 feet. Assuming a 15th level attribute of strength or better, and no missing lower body equalizing disadvantage, she’d basically be able to throw a spear into the sky, then back down with her body to launch again (beyond the 575 feet). This is then, of course, assuming that there is no encumbrance or setup time.

      Or, for those with access to the rules, a “staff.” But the rules are there, if anything.

      Of course,


      Download ENDURE (2022)

      ※Switch characters’ models and in-game background will be unlocked.
      ※The game will be released only in Japan.
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      How To Install and Crack ENDURE:

      • download game from here
      • Extract game using WinRAR

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      24 Nov 2012 15:10:56 GMTHotline 1.15.2012 Alpha 6.15.2012 Patch Patch

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    Mod’s Price changes

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  • Dangerous Ace $1.99 – $2.49
  • Super High $0.99 – $1.19


    System Requirements:

    -Intel Pentium 3-600 MHz
    -32 MB of RAM
    -300 MB of free HDD space
    -Windows 2000, XP or Vista
    -Ethernet cable
    -Standard keyboard
    -Program installation guide
    1. Choose CD-ROM drive.
    2. Click on “Start” button.
    3. Select “Run” option.
    4. Type “setup.exe”.
    5. Press “Enter” key.


    Name ENDURE
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.36 / 5 ( 4573 votes )
    Update (1 days ago)


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