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Download ZIPDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Bit-Boom (เพิ่มบาย) is an EPIC MMORPG where players can choose their attributes and choose their job, they can be a hero, a crafter, a hunter or a thief, in other words, life is full of choices and adventure as they want!

Bit-Boom (เพิ่มบาย) is a new MMORPG where players have to make choices and lead their own life. The game features attributes, skills, professions, choices, and choices! Everything is up to your decision! You take control of a character, which is unique to you, and you can improve every aspect of your life via careful choices and activities.

Equipment and attributes, each have their own types and grades, and skills are also customisable as well. You can craft everything in the game and gear up to help you survive! You can choose from a wide variety of professions and craft and sell your items to earn money!

Do you want to be a farmer, a crafter, a warrior, a hunter, a thief? Whatever profession you choose, you can choose your own unique life! You can be a hero!

The game features many dungeons, quests, events and raids. There are several job classes in Bit-Boom. You can choose the job you like best, and determine your path in life!

About Play Dragon

Play Dragon is a young, fun MMORPG, where you can be a male or female dragon, it is your dream to fly, and to achieve your goal, you need to pass the challenges. The design of game content is balanced by 3D graphics and VR treatment.

There are many elements are coming to this game.

· Female Dragons: girls can be a dragon and the dragon can be more charming.

· VR game: the VR game will bring you a 3D world and VR sensation, it can give you a pleasant experience.

· Master Key System: there are keys, and all you need to do is to press the key to get the characters. You can choose your own key.

· Six different regions. In this game, you can freely visit each region, and join the game in each region, you can test your skills, and get on the frontline as you play.

· World PvP. You can fight against other dragons in the


FORTIFY Features Key:

  • Virtual environment with immersive sound, realistic interactivity, and infinite visual beauty.
  • Flexible communication tools, opens the way to new forms of social cooperation between individuals and even between groups.
  • Non-linear story of humanity in its last days.
  • Influence the decision-making of other AI beings.
  • Broad spectrum of power and decision-making.
  • Simultaneously cybernetic and naturalistic.
  • Develop choices for each actor; real state of war influences the story.
  • Scenarios with 22 different religions, a large pantheon of Gods and monsters to challenge the player.
  • 8 maps to explore and 2 game modes with random maps.
  • Artificial intelligence can lead your troops against you, a feature to be appreciated by true war strategists.
  • Consensual social system with ideological groups, prevents factions.
  • Integrated campaign and single player.
  • Anti-cheat mechanisms and DRM.
  • User profile and nation cards to customize the world.
  • Explore the world map for new adventures.
  • A large set of race classes with different cultural and historical backgrounds to


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    Note : This content is available to Season Pass owners only.

    is free for all owners ofand is an all new faction developed by community members together with Offworld Industries. Featuring two new maps on the Canadian continent, three new vehicles and completely custom and hand crafted character models it will add a complete new Army to the game.Two all new mapsNanisivik: This map in the Canadian tundra features wide open spaces, a frozen bay and interesting Points of Interest to fight over. Ride down barren roads, fight over an oil field or a bombed out airfield.Manic-5: Set in Quebec this map features a big hydroelectric dam and the valley around it. Interesting vistas define this forested level with steep roads and small villages scattered around.Each of the new maps features 3 gameplay layers and a layer for each Gorodok and Yehorivka featuring the Canadians was also added.CreditsJuan “Jettins” Aguilar – Founder and Character ArtistFilip “Mitsu” Basara – Founder, Project Lead and Game DesignAlex “BaronVonBoyce” Boyce – Game Design, Military Advisory and Level DesignCreativeRealms – Terrain DesignTim Douglas – 3D ArtGnther “r0tzbua” Feldbaumer – 3D + 2D Art, Blueprints and Game DesignFunkyDuck – Video ProductionChris “IronTaxi” Greig – Level DesignMaurice Grela – Level DesignFrederik “Froduruk” Hansen – 3D Art and ImplementationKirill “kirusha_love” Lyalkov – 3D Art”Baby” James Mainwairing – 3D Art and Level DesignPureNexus – Vehicle Implementation and 3D ArtSPECTR_Eternal – Level DesignCameron ‘TheSCRUB’ Gillies – Sound DesignJerry “MyDude” Trent – AnimationDovydas “Lordas” Vilimas – Video ProductionSpecial ThanksChris Torchia, P1NGA, the whole team at Offworld Industries for support and help, especially Thomas “KaB” Lepoutre, Dustin “sgtross” Ross, Chris Carley, Alastair “chuc” Sew Hoy and whole QA and Programming team.Gameplay ————

    Please note that due to Unity’s engine restrictions, some features are not fully implemented for the Canadian faction.

    WARNING: Due to the fact that the Canadian faction is a work


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