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Action-packed hordes of deadly ninjas are stalking the streets of an
isolated village in Japan. Taking control of an experienced ancient
ninja monk, you must guide the ninja clan to their secret location and
defend them from the corrupt ninja wannabes. Master the stealthy ninja
combat moves in the single-player campaign, or go online to face up
to eight other players in multiplayer scenarios!
– 5 challenging game modes in the single-player campaign.
– Up to eight players online, where you will find yourself face-to-face with other ninjas in classic Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, etc.
– Unlocks secrets, which you can use to upgrade your ninja.
– Stunningly animated graphics and a suspenseful soundtrack with mysterious drumbeats by acclaimed composer Mattias Soderlund.
Super House of Dead Ninjas is available for $0.99 on the App Store.


Customer Reviews

Just a warning


This is one of the few games that really needed a description. Instead of telling me what it was, they needed to tell me why you would buy it. The reason why I might buy this game in a few years is because it will be amazingly fun at those times.

Almost good


I bought this game, but I spent 1/2 of my time playing a new game called “Ninja Sword” and on my way to finish “Super House of Dead Ninjas” I come back to it and I just can’t play. It’s so hard even to get through one level it’s too easy, so I give up on this and bought Ninja Sword. Besides that it’s kinda fun. Sorry this didn’t work out so well. I wanted to get this game for the price. I don’t understand why it’s so expensive.

I love the style, but…


It’s not that I didn’t want to buy it, I just didn’t know if I was missing something. I didn’t want to pick it up expecting the same great experience that I’ve had with past games on this concept, since I’d just be disappointed. So, I think I’ve found out what it is that I’m missing. This game is mainly a test of speed. Some of the levels are quite interesting, with a lot of


Features Key:

  • Fallen and undeveloped world.
  • Need to worry about your health and potions.
  • Trapped by a witch, you will go further along your journey.
  • Other New and Interesting features.

    To play AAOTP in full speed you need:

    • First of all, you need an Android device with at least 1.0 GB RAM
    • Download and install Android (from Google play)
    • Run the game and enter game mode.
    • After successful enter the game, you will see the “Developer mode” icon. You can not run the game normally.
    • Click to “Developer mode” and clear all “data” in “data/data/com.gamevil.potioncraft”.
    • Run the game again and enter normal mode after 5 minutes.
    • This demo will run (not finish) in less than 5 seconds.

    If you encounter any problems, or if you enjoy our game, send us feedback:
    google plus

    • VentureBeat — “Like Potioncraft?”.
    • Gamezebo — “Amazing


      ĸ人杀阵 – Seven Sacrifices – Rest Time Crack + [Mac/Win]

      Fiddle and Blues
      Big Band jazz is back and better than ever. At last, after 16 years of absence, JGI’s beloved Big Band jazz music returns to the BBS world.
      In Big Band Jazz: The Musical JGI has also added two new songs, two new dance routines, an all new musical instrument and a new graphical interface to make this the most rewarding Big Band experience yet.
      Unlock new instruments, new dance routines, new songs, new graphics, new venues, and new difficulty levels to re-shape Big Band jazz to your liking. Play a variety of modes, including a new story mode.
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      Visit the website for more information.
      *Continuing support for the Big Band Jazz Expansion Pack will cease on March 12th, 2016. It’s time to prepare for the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, so we are discontinuing support for the Big Band Jazz Expansion Pack.*


      • 190 minutes of original Big Band jazz.
      • Get an update to the original Big Band jazz in the BBS world.
      • 22 minutes of new Big Band jazz.
      • 30 minutes of new original Big Band jazz.
      • All original music and new music (including orchestration).
      • Plays with the original soundtrack.
      • Gives you new songs, new dances, new musical instruments, new venues, and new difficulty levels.
      • A new BBS where you play the original Big Band jazz.
      • Designed for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.
      • 70 original graphics by Kentaro Morimura, Joji Shinozuka, and Nobuaki Notomi.
      • 16 new official new graphics by Kentaro Morimura, Joji Shinozuka, and Nobuaki Notomi.
      • 26 minutes of original, new, and new, with music and orchestration by Nathan Boler.
      • An all-new musical instrument.
      • Includes 5 new dance routines, with new animation by Shun Nishiyama.
      • An all-new venue with new graphics, music, and story by Kentaro Morimura.
      • A new player interface.
      • Defaults to portrait mode. Easily switch


      ĸ人杀阵 – Seven Sacrifices – Rest Time X64 (April-2022)

      WARNING: There is a scene in the first level where a teammate is being attacked. I feel it is important to warn players with trigger issues. The scene is also PG rated, so be sure to let your mom know it’s OK to play.

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      What’s new in ĸ人杀阵 – Seven Sacrifices – Rest Time:

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