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Name Primordia
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Buy this game now to get free access to the European Lake Collection: Wild Lake, Glacier Lake and Mountain Lake.
Each game in the series features new challenges that will test your fishing skills and help you unlock our new challenges, catching our new fish including Carp, Bream and Tench.
New fish and new fishing challenges come with every new game!
Download Euro Fishing: Alpine Valley, Alpine Valley 2 and Eco Lake today to take on an amazing new fishing challenge.
Also available with your PlayStation®Network account: Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad 2, Arc the Lad 3, Ar Tonelico 2

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Euro Fishing: Bergsee is the new instalment to the greatest fishing series of all time. The development team at Neversoft have a reputation for creating the next greatest fishing games and now they have turned their attention to an even bigger version than before!

You can now fish on our biggest lake – Bergsee. This means that this is a great venue to catch some huge fish!

You have to start the day by selecting the right size for your rod and then you have to choose between the three fly rods you currently have to choose between. Once that is over you then have to choose the bait to go with and then you have to select the fish you want to go after. It’s a tough choice but it’s easy to get frustrated as it takes some time to sort through all the options.

You have three new fish this time including the Perch which has only ever been found previously in Lake Yamamoto. Bergsee also contains a brand new species of fish – the Carp.

Developed by: Neversoft Entertainment
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Release: Q3 2009
Language: English & Polish.

Playable European Lakes!

Neversoft’s Early Game Familiarities

The crazy thing about European Fishing, is how you can use the same pond for the entire game. Yes, you’re fishing on the same pond over and over again but you can use the same rod for every species. This is pretty cool!

Fish here and it’s fair to say you won’t be disappointed. Neversoft have shown their expertise with this game and once again they have delivered a great fishing game!

Important information

Bergsee also contains a brand new species of fish –


Primordia Features Key:

  • Multiplayer Support: Play against alien-hounds from around the world in a variety of hard-as-nails multiplayer modes.
  • Alien Breed: Impact – Very early access game key

    Alien Breed: Impact – Very early access contains all the same game features as the full release but is exclusive to Microsoft Gold members.

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    Thu, 18 Jun 2010 05:30:00 +0000Alien Breed: Impact Beta Key (PC) Free US Demo Preview (June 18th 2010) – – Game Key ADD-ONS –  – 
    BATMAN, NES, AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT, RLY-BGT, GTR, WEST WARRIOR, COD4, SOCOM 3…Return to a world of wide-open spaces, vast deserts, mountains, dense rain forests and the other exotic landscapes, from rain-soaked mud of the Great Plains to the steaming jungles of South America.
    A multitude of creatures await your firepower! From lions to apes to exotic humanoids, exotic animals and crazy mutants to deal with, no place is off limits.
    We have redesigned everything to create a brand new experience. Take advantage of all kind of vehicular and non-vehicular movement, become a part of the gameplay.
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    Mass Vector
    The first speed levels are easy. The Hazard levels are tricky and very challenging. After 10 levels you will be able to play the games solo with none of the levels timed or having a score.
    The Hazard levels are played in 3-5 minutes depending on the level of difficulty.
    The Hazard levels require you to play the game using your brain as the engine. The Hazard levels are not timed but for reasons of personal interest I would say they are the hardest levels in the game.
    There are the 50 Speed levels, they are timed and require you to play the game with an eye on the clock.
    The 50 Speed levels are designed to be played in less than 10 minutes depending on the level of difficulty.
    All the levels that include Race and Hunter modes will be played on the lowest speed level.
    To assist you in learning how to play Mass Vector I have included a good selection of tutorials that get you to the game and teach you how to play the game.
    Check out my youtube channel HERE
    Tips & Advice
    Do not rush
    Learn how to move the blocks
    Learn how to use the boost and repair stations
    Learn how to fire your laser cannons
    Learn to use your tractor beam
    Learn to land safely
    Learn to avoid static
    Learn to aim
    Learn how to use the space disc
    Learn how to re-target
    Learn how to avoid enemies
    Learn to follow the blue line
    Learn how to turn left and right
    Learn how to turn into a jet
    Practice is the key to learning anything new. Practice makes perfect!
    Getting Started
    Mass Vector is designed to be played by all ages and abilities.
    This means that anyone from 3 to the oldest grandparent could play this game.
    I designed the game with my Dad in mind, as I am sure a Dad is the most likely to play any game with his son.
    The first 10 speed levels will guide you to all the controls and the game mechanics. Once you can play the first 10 speed levels with ease, then play the faster speed levels. If you can get passed the 1st 10 levels, the Hazard levels will just be another challenge.
    If you get stuck then make sure you look for the hints as you go along
    The game is designed to be played by all ages and abilities.
    My next games are getting very good reviews on both gaming platforms and mobile devices.
    Hazard Levels Tutorial


    Primordia [Latest] 2022

    1. Explore a town and earn money by completing jobs.
    2. Buy houses and other items in stores.
    3. Raise your level up and play mini games in each town.
    4. Research and learn new things at the library.
    5. When playing the game make sure to leave good tips for the hostess.
    6. When your level increases you will be able to unlock new characters.
    7. A paid e-mail service will let you download new songs.
    8. When selecting files in the save window make sure to only select sound files.
    9. Your save data is stored in a USB drive or SD card.
    10. When not playing the game and the e-mail service is on make sure to update the system clock.
    When playing the game make sure to charge the battery before finishing the game.When not charging the battery make sure to plug the charger when the battery is drained.
    Nekojishi Original Soundtrack by:
    Mega Foscoe


    This Week’s SpecialEpisode
    : The Romanov’s of Kronstadt- “Alesia: They used to be Prince Gustaf


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