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The tittering tit cult has reigned over half of the galaxy for over a million years. It has upstaged the mighty universe, snapping its mighty stars, grabbing its galactic supremacy and reduced many to the status of the lowly tit. The tit cult, led by the deranged Buttlerian Sisterhood, is all but destroying a worthy swath of the cosmos.
However, the tit cult isn’t ready to settle and let the galaxy lay in peace. It must be blasted to its knees, and down! It is up to you, brave Cosmo Commando, to deliver the coup de grace of titdom! Will you protect the galaxy’s ass or exterminate the blasphemous tit cult?
Tit bashing missions are full of strange creatures, who will do anything but treat you, the trusted Cosmo Commando, with respect. An Urch, a Toot and a dozen other nasties make your life difficult. You’ll have to survive a myriad of natural disasters and incredibly tough bosses. You’ll have to crush hundreds of minions in tit wielding traps and giant tit statues! And you’ll have to backstab your favorite star system’s major asshead of a primary Council, assuring him you’ll do whatever it takes to bring down the tit cult.
In many levels you’ll discover that there are many ways to accomplish a mission, creating a dangerous situation for a tit-loving soldier. You’ll have to be creative to survive. You’ll have to use your wits, your tools and your wang to achieve victory. Are you man enough to stop the blasphemous tit cult and become immortal ass protector?
Play to survive! Play to win! Play to free the galaxy from the cruel and endlessly man-hating tit cult.
Hakuna matata, Long live the big ass!
You are a Cosmo Commando. You are an ass protector.
Your mission in Lovehammer 400 000 is to vanquish the tit cult.
They are deranged and have taken over half of the galaxy.
They must be stopped! Fight to the end! Crush the vile tit cult once and for all!
– Full of tactical enemies and mystical enemies!
– Intense turn-based combat!
– Hardcore action!
– Destructible landscape, planetary anomalies and foe manipulation!
– Undying love for female ass!
– Diverse missions with challenging objectives!
– Memorable Equipment!
– Lots of exclamation signs in the description!


Rota Craze Features Key:

  • Supports head-mounted video input devices such as Oculus Rift.
  • The interface supports both online and offline games.
  • The Oculus Rift is required to play the game. It can be
    downloaded at



    One with the Bugle: CIB-Film 8
    Name: Jay Tetsuo Tanaka
    Year: 1st year
    Occupation: Hado student, CP group leader (Proteus/Cure)
    First game?
    Trilogy Q
    Red Stone or Root
    Other: PlayStation 2
    CIB-Film 8 (Part 2)

    Who is the best
    Translating Japanese Screenplays?
    Neyfie RuDunYu
    CIB-Film 8 (Part 3)

    Time Limit: 00:10
    1. Got any other orders?
    2. Surpass the “Ratio Of Courage”?
    1. Then, help me change it to “Ratio Of Respect”.
    2. Why should I do that? Do you really think the other Cys girls can set
    the world right on their own?
    3. You’re very outgoing. Surely you can adjust the Ratio of Respect
    to 1,000,000.
    4. “Identity Illusion” is the key to the survival of the human race. More
    than that, you need the higher-level powers of the witch/
    5. This is… simply impossible… in this generation.
    6. Curious. Then, the better play would be to make the Ratio of
    Respect positive.
    7. Agreed. I’ve given you a


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    Flying, maneuvering, lifting, and carrying cargo, rescue, and medical missions. Ready to fulfill your aviation load? Enter this realistic, full-featured simulation of a low and medium-altitude civilian aircraft. Build, fly and manage your flying school, including crew training, upgrades and equipment purchases.
    Choose your desired aircraft:
    Bell 206.
    Bell 224.
    Bell 407.
    Rotorway A 600.
    Challenge yourself in endless missions:
    Search and Rescue.
    Advance the simulation by upgrading your aircraft.
    Call your friends to play cooperative missions with you!
    Throughout the game you will be able to keep track of your total mission points and missions completed: in addition to the achievements you will find the gold medals earned by all your players. As you finish tasks, you will unlock new aircraft, missions, and more aircraft with more capabilities.
    Key Features:
    Realistic cockpits for a realistic flight.
    Fly Bell 206, Bell 222, Bell 407, B47 or Rotorway A600 helicopter.
    Use the in-game user interface.
    Realistic cockpits for a realistic flight.
    Fly Bell 206, Bell 222, Bell 407, B47 or Rotorway A 600 helicopter.
    Use the in-game user interface.
    Play with your friends:
    Call your friends to play cooperative missions with you.
    Downloadable characters for multiplayer games.
    Throughout the game you will be able to keep track of your total mission points and missions completed: in addition to the achievements you will find the gold medals earned by all your players. As you finish tasks, you will unlock new aircraft, missions, and more aircraft with more capabilities.

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    Black, who has been the Principal of


    Rota Craze Serial Key

    * in-app purchases not required.

    *** Please report any crash, if you would like to help us improve the game we appreciate your support. ***

    This game can be played in two modes: The VR version is only for room-scale with two VR headsets, while the non-VR version is for sitting. (similarly to GTA 5 VR)In the VR mode:- Full 3D 360 experience with up to 15 players on up to 2 VR devices (front/rear), depending on phone size and specs. – No tracking sticks, no wires. Just put on the VR headsets, be strapped and dive in. – Highly optimized graphics that provide a full immersive experience, no down-sampling, no auto-scaling and no lag. – Cool VR-friendly features like OBB support, adjustable HUD scaling and a new particle-shader. – Choice of VR headset support (Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR).- There’s an optimized “no cardboard” version for those who want the full experience but without the cardboard holders. (this version uses cardboard for the controller) – Built-in slav accent (think Niko Belo from GTA4 or Boris-the-Blade from Snatch).- Unique style, straight from the 5-stories of slav dwellings. – With the advent of new “Kartofank VR: CYKA-blyatBreatheDeeplyMove” state-of-art technology, your movement inside the VR space can be controlled precisely using your head, body, hands, controllers and the environment.

    The non-VR version:Only for sitting!- “Kartofank VR: DYE-DYE-SPILL” sits inside your device as an app. This has no controller support, but still allows you to play with up to 15 players. (i.e. if you play with 4 people, the other 11 play with the same persons inside their own device. In the same manner, if there are 16 players, each player plays with his 4 colleagues) – The graphics are still optimized for smartphones with no VR device support.- There’s a “no cardboard” version for those who want the full experience but without the cardboard holders.- Like the VR version, this version uses cardboard for the controller.- Currently, there is only one “Kartofank VR: CYKA-blyatBreatheDeeplyMove” in-game map – the


    What’s new in Rota Craze:

    Rollie’s Barbecue – Cooked Buffalo
    Tipsy Cow – Ice Cream.
    Target’s Lounge – Pizza.
    Sun Dried Village – Salads &
    The Surrey Bar & Grill – Sandwiches,

    Grand Rapids Barbecue

    During regular week days

    Wednesday –

    11:30 AM
    – Midnight

    If the regular hours
    are not convenient for you, please call for information and schedule.Hey everyone! It’s me, Thomas Choo.I just saw that people are interested in the minifig’s skin colors. Thus, I’m going to do the next revision with these skin colors. These were my first test on the colors, and so far my favorite are light blue and pink. When you compare the two on Thaum’s Cheat Sheet, you can see that the coloring on the light blue and pink are similar to each other. It appears that the color on the pink is more like a light pink. The light blue looks more like a light violet. I don’t have a definition to compare to. Anyways, here are the.DIM files of these two skin colors, and I may try to make some body templates with them.Q:

    Storing a number with leading zeros in MySQL

    I want to store values like 0.0019 etc…with UDF(user defined function). Any idea on how to proceed with this?.


    You can use FLOOR(19.0019) with the 18
    When you want to multiply 10 000 its also useful to remember:
    10 000 * 0.01 = 10000.0
    You can store it as float in your MySQL, or just store it as in decimal in case you always want to display it as decimal.
    But for storing a perfectly rounded number with your meaning, I recommend doing it with decimal(7,2) in MySQL, which will make it much easier to deal with the type, and you can also just stick to it.
    When converting it from your program to MySQL you need to use CAST

    I also doubt you will find out if


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    This content has been optimized for Fantasy Grounds.
    Legal Disclaimer:
    “The Weird West”, Deadlands, Deadlands: The Weird West, and its related logos are trademarks of Steve Jackson Games, Inc.
    This work contains content derived from the Deadlands roleplaying game, a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, Inc. Used with permission.
    Fantasy Grounds, (c) 2009-2017 Fantasy Grounds.
    “FANTASY GROUNDS” is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, Inc. Fantasy Grounds is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Steve Jackson Games company, or any of their products.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

    Secondary screenshot:-


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