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Have you ever wondered what season a cat is expecting? If you haven’t, you’re sure to have by the time you’ve played Seasonspree!
Sunny is a quaint little tortoiseshell squirrel who just happens to be time’s most adorable animal. When spring finally arrives, she sets off on a festive journey around her animal world, looking to help her friends decide which season they’re most looking forward to being a part of.
In doing so, Sunny can change the past of each of her friends, getting a few laughs and spurring her chums to new and better decisions.
For each friend you help, you’ll earn a reward in the form of gifts and season-specific outfits. But you can’t just run around on each day helping everyone – that will upset the seasonspree!
If you’d rather have some help with that, there’s also a limited support system called Sunny’s Event Changers. Get yours now while you can!
Warranty & Comments
How do I play the game?
Just go forward in time and turn around – there’s only one platform!
It’s pretty simple, but I think most people will find this game super rewarding once they can start helping Sunny.
Have fun!
– Christopher J. Ashley, Development Team Lead
How do I report a bug?
We would really appreciate it if you let us know about any issues you experience while playing Seasonspree.
We’ll try to fix any problems as quickly as we can.
You can report it at their website:
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Coco Deluxe’s favorite singing-voiced kitty is back again! Get your cute kitty costumes ready for this new game of your feline friend Coco’s twisted and delicious slapstick. Slap her up-front and have her count to ten – this lovable kitty will most likely be knocked off her feet in the process! Imagine Coco’s adorable face and singing voice as she does what she does best, and you’ve got the feel of this game. Coco Deluxe is an offbeat game whose tongue-in-cheek charm has already earned it a following.


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Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 1992 votes )
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Features Key:

  • With this game you will hear the level of your life experience,
    write your life story and share it.
  • Track the progress of your life.
    • When we have a chance to create something new or share a unique experience in life, most of the time it includes music.
      For many people, music is one of the best tools for personal growth.
      However, we were all educated against the power of music!
      No wonder why there are so many blinds who know only silent movies!

    Sounds of Music Game also

    • The sad truth is that not everything that we like is good for us.
      Good, in fact, all that a man loves is good for him, because nothing becomes a habit when you want it to go away and nothing is bad for you if you want it to stick around.

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    About your version?

    This game came into being with a bright and powerful idea I had back in 2006: to help people deal with personal growth in a healthy way.
    I believe that strength lies in our ability to make choices, to do things, to believe in something, and to meet this world of people with something. My greatest hope is to enrich your life in some way because I know that you are committed to enrich mine.
    If you are convinced of that, just buy the game!
    Thanks for reading!
    Your Truly,,, on these silver screens of yours!