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Over the course of six adventure-packed, monthly installments (each one still a great value), you play as part of an investigative team called Agents of Edgewatch, an elite organization of law enforcement adepts at keeping the streets of Absalom safe from all manner of crime.
You are tasked with dismantling one of the most notorious criminal operations in Absalom by uncovering the identity of a powerful Norgorber cultist known to them as the Twilight Four. Their methods are devious and deadly. You can either hide in your office and let them do all the work, or you can step forward and help the law make the big bust.
But you’re not there to thwart crime. You’re there to solve it, and to bring down a veritable criminal empire that feeds on the suffering of its victims and preys on their hopes and ambitions with a hunger that no mortal could understand.
You know what’s in their hearts. You know their motives. You know their weaknesses.
The members of your team know you are the best, and they trust your judgment implicitly. They watch your back on the job, and your team works together to bring the guilty to justice.
And above all else, you must stay focused on the task at hand, which is actually the task at hand: bringing down one of the most organized and dangerous cults in Absalom.
However, the convergence of four factors paints a very different picture than anything you expected:
– You, the one hunting the mobsters behind the cult. You, the very one who threw your life away for the sake of others.
– Their leader, the very one you thought had died, but who has been alive the whole time.
– The cult, which has survived seemingly invincible for centuries, has seen it’s strength dwindle. What you think is one faction is actually a gang of thugs and upstarts.
– The climax of their entire master plan, one they have waited for decades for.
With a population of thousands, Absalom is every criminal’s playground. And that means you’ve already stepped right into this city’s seedy underworld.
This product has been converted from its original form and requires specific rules in order to be fully played.

Pathfinder 1.5.2b

– Eberron
– Dragonmarked NPCs
– Vampiric Pariahs & Forsaken
– A Bestiary
– New traps and treasure

Pathfinder 2


Features Key:

  • Explore scary soundscapes
    Get inspired by horror movies
  • Create your own horror game
    Be a hero in this horror game
  • Day-Night Cycle
    Your game becomes scary when the sun goes down


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Tactics V takes you into the world of Matoran civilization, where your troops and vehicles will be pressed to the extreme! You will choose from four factions, each with their own units, abilities and vehicles.
According to the history of ancient Matoran civilization, the planet He-man is covered by a large and thick jungle, that partly blocks the sun light and creates very dark areas on the planet. These dark areas are known as “Gloom” and were originally used as battlefields for battle games.
On the Gloom, you will have to control your units and vehicles to stop the Federation forces from passing through the Gloom to the neighboring platform, where they will use their ground forces to easily cross the terrain and inflict you casualties.
ATTENTION! If you do not live on Earth you should not attempt to pass through the Gloom! It is a hazardous place for the lifeforms of Matoran civilization.
Key features
– 11 new scenarios with a new look and feel;
– all new units;
– all new abilities and vehicles;
– new 3D graphic engine based on the Unreal Engine;
– new music by the “Nostalgia” team.
Travel through jungles, train on bridges and bring the war to their cities, where hundreds of enemies are ready to fight for their land.
If you are looking for a new Action RTS game, you should not look further, experience what is waiting for you!


Minimum requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2 (or higher), Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor: AMD64 architecture, 2.2 GHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible
DirectX: 9.0
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible
DirectSound: 9.0
Hard Drive: 400 MB of disk space
Contact the publisher for system requirements details.


Note: If you are a Windows XP user, you can download the DirectX 9.0 Runtime from:


“If you are looking for a different take on the RTS format, then this game is worth a look.”9.5/10 –

“A brave new world with a peculiar sense of humor, where one loses and one wins.”9/10 –

“Tactics V has nearly everything an RTS player could want: colorful


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There is a series of four tutorial levels and achievements are available for completing these.
How to play:
Do the tutorial then you can just jump straight in.
Use Arrow keys and space bar to move.


SteamOS + GNU/Linux


-Currently working on the planning stages of the 6th and 7th levels.
-Truck deliveries to airports in the regions and aircraft deliveries to the cities.
-Transport stuff around the region.
-Use factories to create cargoes and trucks.
-Upgrade the technologies to make your industry better.
-Upgrade or build new factories at a cost of Resources.
-Get lots of achievements, save and name your own towns.
-Add your own achievements.
-After you complete the 7th level you can work on the 8th and then 9th.
-Print your own customised achievements.
-Look up best games on Steam.
-Share in the Steam forums.
-Comment on the Steamblog.
-Customise and save your game.
-Change your name and save your game.
-Connect to Steam accounts.
-Connect to your steam friends.
-Connect to the steam cloud.
-Change the price.
-Save and load.
-Save a game.
-Change to the next level.
-Get info about your game.
-Change your language.
-Start a new game.
-Change your name.
-Shut the game off.
-Return to steam games.
-Get help and tips.
-Buy the game on Steam.
-Play this game on your phone.
-Get achievements on your phone.
-See your map on your phone.
-Complete this game.
-Finish playing this game.
-Get “Ranked games” list on your phone.
-Get your emails to do what you want.
-Get achievements faster on your phone.
-Get Steam apps on your phone.
-Ask questions in the steam forums.
-Reviews and get star ratings.
-Rate the game.
-Saves your progress.
-Take screenshots.
-Get help and tips.
-Connect to Facebook.
-Save your progress.
-Let Steam know you love them.
-Upload a screenshot.


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    Daardoa is a Neolithic site located in the country of South Africa, situated about north of Bloemfontein, the capital of the Free State province. The site was unearthed in 1860 by archeologist Philip Goldring. After its excavation, Daardoa’s wealth of stone tools was astonishing.

    During the Mesolithic period, Bantu peoples settled in the territory of the current Free State. As the people became more settled, they began to use ceramics such as pottery, which has allowed the local researchers to date the artifacts to the Mesolithic period. These residents also created many different stone tools.

    Around 480 BC, during the period known as the Dark Iron Age, the Khoikhoi, also known as Bushmen, moved from Namibia into the area of the current Free State. Over the following two thousand years, the region transformed into a frontier of both violence and tranquility. Although Black and White civilizations struggled throughout the region, these clashes did not alter the political landscape.

    The earliest known inhabitants of the region were hunter-gatherers known as the Bushmen. The first documents pertaining to the inhabitants of the area appear in the 16th century in the report of Jacob Cornelius de Vlamingh, the Dutch explorer. Local studies have contributed to the understanding of these inhabitants by determining the tens of thousands of objects discovered in the area between 1962 and 1973. These objects, called lithics, include different stone tools used by the people in the area.

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    Daardoa is a place where humans were living during the late Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and part of the Roman period. It was once thought that paleolithic humans originated in this area until studies from the 1970s pointed to Okapuka in Namibia. The first inhabitants of this region were the Bushmen.

    Archaeologists began investigating the area where Daardoa was located in 1961, just after a tool, called a


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    Guilds vs. Clans is a asymmetrical PvP computer strategy game. Choose your sides: the Clans, Guilds, or Hybrid to fight in various PvP modes, including PvP battles between Guilds and Clans. You can also create your own PvP battles to compete with other gamers around the world. All you need to do is to build a team and send your forces into battle!

    Global Multiplayer PvP battles can be supported by login to the Steam account and creating a local account of the same computer (At least, 17.8GB free space. For more info about how Steam client stores the data of previous games, see ).

    A new Guilds vs. Clans: Milestones Coming Soon

    Come and check out Guilds vs. Clans, a Milestone in RTS genre! We have a new game with brand new PvP game mode, letting the players to form their own clans, guilds, and the hybrids!

    Offline Gameplay

    PvP | Battle mode

    Command your Clan, Guild, or Hybrid, to conquer the Player Villages across the world in PvP battles!

    Command your Clan, Guild, or Hybrid, to conquer the Player Villages across the world in PvP battles! GvC->PvP allows players to take control of the frontiers during PvP battles. Try it out and see how it is different from PvE mode!

    How to play offline (PvE):

    PvE Player can make his/her own Player Village. There are many Player Villages with different landscapes and different terrain. The Player Village names are shown as background images of each Player Village. Players need to build their armies and must keep them in the Player Village.

    PvE Player can make his/her own Player Village. There are many Player Villages with different landscapes and different terrain. The Player Village names are shown as background images of each Player Village. Players need to build their armies and must keep them in the Player Village. Loot

    Arena Mode Battle

    Arena Mode Battle Feature #1: Phase Game


    Single Player | PvE | Arena Mode

    Collected game data from previous version of Guilds vs. Clans will be used for offline (PvE) mode. Arena Mode players will need to login Steam or local account.


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