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The game is also known as “SNX” short for successor of nXte games.

Althought not a single player game, you will be able to play with up to 3-5 players.

How to play:
In Arcadius you can choose to play as an alone player or as a part of a team with up to 5 players!

1. Tap on the screen to place your buyable item and tap to collect.

2. Place the camaro and choose to stop, choose to continue.

3. to craft recipes you need bars & reagents.

4. Crafting

– You can press the “R” key to list all the reagents you currently have for that item.
– Press the “R” key again to list all the bars you currently have for that item.
– Press the “R” key again to list all the items that you have in your inventory.

5. To build your foundation go to the workbench and choose to place your land.

6. To build your work place go to your workbench.

7. This list will show all the tools you own.

8. To build your house you go to your inventory and press the “R” key and choose to place your house.

9. This will show your place on the map.

10. Tap on the screen and you can choose to have your item replenish.

11. To enable the harvesting ability you need to go to your crafting and press the “R” key and choose to harvest.


Unlucky Sniper Features Key:

  • Escape the Fold teaches programmable sequence
  • Geppetto provides a home for Escape the Fold and other interactive
  • Design lets you author new educational programs


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You are a red dot.
Your goal is to touch each dot on the screen in the least possible time.
Avoid the black circles.
It has been three years since the last game.
Try it out.

(This game is not recommended for kids and players with sensitive eyes.)

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Flammable is an addictive dice game for one or two players.
The aim is to make fireballs by combining smaller, numbered dice.

– Free play mode.
– Game tips.
– Share your progress.
– Learn the rules.
– Unlock achievements.
– Soundtrack.

Flammable is a dice game for 1 or 2 players.
Take turns rolling the dice to increase your score.
– Roll the dice and move the dot
– Roll more dice when the dot touches more red dots
– Aim for the fireballs for bonus points
– Each player has their own dice pad
– Save your game and compare your high scores later
– Great for parties and family nightsQ:

How can i create this grid with CSS3?

i am not so good in styling. I am trying to make something like this but I can’t figure out how. I want to keep the text as a block without using images but I want to keep the position of the text’s left and right in the center like it would be in the picture.
Any ideas?


That can be achieved in 2 ways. You can use one image (as shown) or image + text-shadow.

#bigimagelogo {
width: 200px;
height: 200px;
background-image: url(
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-size: contain;
background-position: center;


#bigimagelogo {
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Each level will let you choose from 10 cell types to play as. Each cell will have its own strengths, weaknesses and reactions.

Multiple cell species will form cells organs such as hearts and livers. Each organ will respond to different stimuli.

You will need to interact with each cell species to help them survive, reproduce, mutate and evolve.

Each cell species can carry a virus and use them to mutate their genome and change their identity.

Novel cell types and cells of higher intelligence will arise from mutagens

Interact with cell mitochondria to prevent them from mutating

Genome as a fluid will help you to alter the genome in various ways such as turning it on and off or create new genes that might help your species evolve

React to external stimuli to get the best out of each cell type

Cells that are genetically far away will compete with each other to share resources, environment and cell organelles

Press and hold a cell organelle to prevent it to be used by others

Discover the extreme for each cell species by evolving it to its full potential, by opening its genetic code, through free-form play.

Every cell of your body is capable of evolving to become a higher life form. So what about when your cells mutate into beings that have the same powers as those in God’s heavenly realm?Welcome to Biosys INC. Play as an amoeba, virus, bacterium, cell, plant, animal or even one of the heavenly beings. This game is meant to teach us about life, evolution, and how we live on this planet.Game features:

Simple mechanics for people of all ages: gameplay takes less than 30 minutes to learn

No bloopers! Everything in this game happens in real-time! Your decisions matter and they will directly affect your evolution in real-time

No need to read the manual! It takes less than 5 minutes to play a game after it is installed.

Fight viruses in all their variants. Some viruses are stealthy, some are fast, others are slow, some are weak, others are strong. Be prepared to adapt to the viruses you face, or even create a virus that will devastate your cell mates

An experienced designer based on Biological principles has developed this game with lots of details, each cell has a lot of possibilities to evolve and adapt

Virus evolution, development and control

There are


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