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The game is a strategy simulation RPG and is for both, casual players and hardcore gamers! Define your own army and strategy! It’s time to take your tactics to the next level!
Beginners can learn the basics of the game with a new story, as the classic battles are gone. Get the experience of classic strategy and strategy games, but online!
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Beat the wicked Ludwig in his laboratory, defeat King Oliver, and save the world in this challenging 3D platformer.
Travel through five colorful worlds and master over 45 unique skills. The entire world’s at stake: your combat skills must be at their peak for a showdown with the mad scientist Ludwig von Drake.
Unique Cliche-styled graphics, addictive gameplay, and over 20 challenging levels… this is Piranha Bytes’ most intriguing and demanding game yet.

In Line Strike, you take on the role of a small army commander. All you need to do is select the desired type of troops and install it on the map. Find your perfect tactics and defeat your opponent. The game does not require a quick reaction and micro control, only knowledge of the properties of your units and tactical ingenuity.

Beginners can learn the basics of the game with a new story, as the classic battles are gone. Get the experience of classic strategy and strategy games, but online!

Enjoy Line Strike and get addicted.

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Features Key:

  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Environment: Real world
  • Modern technology
  • Modernized Time Management
  • Characteristics: The majority of the objects are advanced technology. Also, the physical status of the players has been significantly increased and the User Interface has been enhanced.
  • Huge game world


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Fantastic puzzles filled with humor. A thrilling journey exploring the intricacies of physics.
Shooter’s unique minimalist visual style and funky soundtrack have earned him many fans.
With its minimalist, minimalist visual style and funky soundtrack, Shooter is a fun sci-fi game that’s worth checking out.
The player controls two agents who are, without warning, ejected into a spooky, futuristic world. They must make their way through six levels filled with devious puzzles and wacky environments to find their way out.
As you’d expect from a game called Shooter, the puzzles are pretty smart. You’ll need to carefully explore your environment, using your acumen and skill to solve tricky challenges and unlock new areas.
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New ‘Shadowrun Returns’ Trailer Released
A new trailer for Shadowrun Returns has been released, showcasing some very cool gameplay.
Shadowrun Returns
Publisher Feral Interactive and developer Harebrained Schemes have released a new trailer for Shadowrun Returns. It introduces players to the game’s gameplay and features a playthrough of the first level, Shadowrun Returns – City 17.
The game is set in a futuristic setting and the player takes the role of an agent who must go on an undercover assignment inside a futuristic city. Set in a futuristic setting, the world is divided into three groups: the Replacer, the Edger and the Warden. The player will need to infiltrate the Edger and meet the leader of the Edger faction, the Archon Inthara. The player must take an undercover assignment inside the Edger by posing as a Replacer and work to bring him down.
The trailer features some awesome new gameplay footage that was never shown before.
Feral Interactive released the stunningly beautiful Shadowrun Returns on Steam last year, and the game has now been released on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. Shadowrun: Dragonfall, the second entry in the Shadowrun series, will be released on PS4, Xbone, and PC in 2019.
The game features an all-new story, and it’s now free to play. It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One later this year


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– 15 different multiplayer levels: Play in Japan’s Nuclear War, or Indonesia’s Chemical War.
– 7 different maps with multiple objectives: Play in Jakarta, or Palembang.
– 7 different game modes: Play competitive, cooperative and team modes.
– 7 different classes: Play with Super Bazooka, U.S. M-1 Abrams, JGSDF Type 90 Tank, SA-16 Altra, JGSDF Type 90 Tank, JGSDF Zyuka Type 1, and JGSDF Zyuka Type 2.
– 7 different game modes: Play in one of 6 unique game modes with three difficulties each.
– Two unique characters with unique weapons and abilities: Play as Captain Sharp or Colonel Japan.
– Three different vehicles with unique weapons and abilities: Play as a Chiba Marui Heavy Assault Tank, Black Hawk and SA-16 Altra.
– Play with up to 30 players online in NovaWorld.
– Play on the back of a tank or a chopper or on the ground in a gunfight.
– With the ability to play up to 150 players at a time via NovaWorld.
– Play locally on LAN or online on the server and access your account via a web browser.
– PvP battle against the best players in the world.
– Support for all major operating systems.
“Extremely intense, an absolute blast” (PC Gamer)
After Typhoon Rising, Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold is the largest multiplayer FPS on the market, available in one convenient package.
Game “Joint Operations: Escalation” Gameplay:
– 10 different multiplayer levels: Play in Europe’s Nuclear War, or China’s Chemical War.
– 5 different maps with multiple objectives: Play in Frankfurt, Warsaw or Shanghai.
– 5 different game modes: Play competitive, cooperative and team modes.
– 2 different characters with unique weapons and abilities: Play as a U.S. tank officer or British SAS soldier.
– Play with up to 64 players online or on LAN.
– Online game on NovaWorld.
– Chopper, M-1 Abrams and Tomahawk missiles available for purchase.
– Multiplayer battle against the best players in the world.
– Support for all major operating systems.
“An absolute blast” (GameSpot)
Join the world record setting large scale modern warfare that critics have called “extremely intense,” and “an absolute blast.” (PC


What’s new in Vita Fighters:

by KonamiJapan, Winter 31 – VOL. 2 (with Yujiro Ishihara)

Gunner Tanaka is a master of pistols as well as swords. His habit of posing has become one of his strengths in the eyes of the numerous “women” that seek his hand. Unfortunately, a scandal about an “affair” has happened between Gunner and one of his highest-ranking leader, Ryusuke Murakami. There is a secret behind this scandal, and this winter, Ryusuke will teach Gunner a few things….to learn.


Releases April 18, 2019Released by: PantherhouseClassification: OAV


Shinjō Takarada (Jūichi Watanabe) and Ryūya Takarada (Kisho Taniyama) are a couple of fifty year old assassins, who are brother and sister.

Releases June 27, 2019Released by: TohoClassification: OAV

Releases August 24, 2019Released by: PanasonicClassification: Film


Release Date: April 18, 2019 Duration: 210min Genre: Drama, Mystery, Detective (Yuri-ism)Director: The Micronauts II Release: Blu-ray/DVD/Novels Production: Tiger Fighter AssociationStory Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi, Kō Shibamoto, Ryō Katsuji, Yumiko Shimada, Daisuke Kishio, Michiru Shimada, Mika Ozaki, Kōji Yoshimura, Shusuke Owaki, Osamu Tanikawa, Shizuyo Kuwabara, Aoki Takamatsu, Ryōichi Kuwabara, Nobuaki Komatsu & Tatsuya Abe, Kuniko Kumuhama, Kazuki Watabe, Kenji Kamiyama, Kenki Ayakawa, Sakuya Kirino, Yoshihiro Takayama (5 Isolas)Characters:Yujiro Ishihara, Murumasa Sato (Yu Shimamura), Kazuya Nakai, Hiroshi Miyauchi, Ken Yamamoto, Ranmaru Kotoba, Aya Hisakawa, Yuu Shibuya, Masahiro Kobayashi


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Sword and Fairy is a dating simulation game where you can date a variety of cute girls!
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    How To Get More Coins

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    How To Unlock All Vehicles

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    How To Unlock More Vehicles:

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