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A total of 17,000 were used across Europe in the 1970s as the specification was developed. This peak number has fallen in recent years due to delays in the specification and lack of interest in creating a new specification for computer-aided design work.

AutoCAD remains an important product with sales of CAD and design software for the professional market estimated in the 2014/2015 financial year at €1,700m and €1.4bn, respectively.

History of AutoCAD

1980: Marc Reisner creates a CAD program for Apple’s Altair 8800 computer.

1982: AutoCAD 1.0 is released as a desktop app running on Apple II microcomputers.

1985: First Macintosh version of AutoCAD is released for the Apple Macintosh computer.

1987: Canadian company MicroStation (now Microstation Inc.) develops a CAD program called MicroCAD.

1988: AutoCAD 2.0 is released, allowing users to draw simple 3D shapes.

1990: AutoCAD 2.5 adds views.

1991: AutoCAD 2.6 is released, introducing the SCRIPT (Scripted Computer Animation, Review, and Editing Tool) function and animation tools.

1992: The BIRT: Business Information Repository Technology (BIRT) function is added to AutoCAD 2.7.

1993: AutoCAD 3.0 introduces Windows-like dialog boxes.

1995: AutoCAD 3.5 allows users to insert/edit layers and add reference frames.

1996: AutoCAD 3.5 is renamed AutoCAD LT.

1998: AutoCAD 3.6 allows users to create geometries from structured text using the GDS (Geometry Description Language) format.

1999: AutoCAD 3.7 is released, allowing users to create new files from imported DXF files.

2000: AutoCAD 3.8 is released, improving the workflows in AutoCAD for 2D drawing.

2001: AutoCAD 4.0 is released, bringing 3D capability and a new GIS (Geographic Information System) function.

2003: AutoCAD 4.5 is released, bringing OpenOffice support to AutoCAD.

2004: AutoCAD 2008 is released, bringing a new 3D viewport, a new task pane and a new scripting language, V

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AutoCAD is a platform for many other applications and products, including Autodesk 360, which allows the use of AutoCAD from a web browser, and TurboCAD, a third-party CAD application that uses the TLA+ language for modeling.

AutoCAD software can also be used for rendering 3D images and animations, an application of mathematical methods and graphical computing.


AutoCAD was originally developed in 1986 by Stephen Lowder as a replacement for the 2D drafting program AutoLISP, originally written by John Savage and David Gay for the Macintosh computer. The first versions were done at the University of Michigan. AutoCAD LT was developed by a team at JDS Systems Corporation.

User interface
AutoCAD has a command bar and a form editing toolbar for entering and modifying drawing information. These are divided into the upper right and lower left of the screen. The command bar, named “Plotting Control Bar” in later releases, contains commands to control the plotting window and the plotting area. Commands are available to help the user view and format plot information, such as moving the plot area window or modifying the plot area window’s label. The lower left of the screen has a form editing toolbar for creating and modifying objects, such as lines, rectangles, circles, ellipses, text, arcs, and tables. It includes commands to select objects, move them, and change their appearance.

There are a number of features in AutoCAD that allow users to customize the program’s user interface, depending on the needs of the individual user. The first of these, Workspace Customization, allows users to change the appearance of the workspaces in the program’s user interface. The user can change how the navigation window, plotting control bar, and form editing toolbar look and how they behave.

By moving around on the workspaces in the user interface, users can also change the location of the information-gathering dialogs, as well as the position of the application’s status bar. Some of the most commonly used workspaces include:

Operator workspace
This is used for entering and editing objects on a 2D plane. It consists of an active viewport, edit buffer, and history.

Drafting workspace
This consists of an active viewport, object canvas, and the most recently selected object. It is used for designing objects on the 2D plane. It also contains the layer control.

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Generating a key for Viewers
Note: Please use this method only when you’re using Viewers with Adobe Reader!
Use Adobe Acrobat or another PDF Reader to open the.JKS file you just generated.
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The Acrobat and Viewers can be used on any Windows operating system (for example, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10) and other computer operating systems. The installation of Autocad and Viewers is required. To create an Autocad.JKS or.PFX key, you need the latest version of Autocad and Viewers installed on your computer.

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What’s New in the?


Generate the first six draft shapes for free! To use the previewer, simply type “PreviewShape1” in the command line and select “yes”. (video: 0:33 min.)

Many of the standard drawing commands have been optimized for speed and efficiency. The commands can be accessed easily from the ribbon and tooltips.

Batched window positioning has been improved.

With the new docking manager, you can customize the dock region of an application window, which is especially useful for stacking and collapsing UI windows.


The Integrated Modeling Environment (IME) in AutoCAD is no longer limited to the 2D BIM modeling commands and may now contain 3D command sets. BIMx command sets also include 3D modeling features.

Take advantage of the 3D drafting tools and the workflows they support. Create 3D models of your work and share them with your team.

Make 3D models easily accessible to you and your colleagues. You can now view and annotate these models directly from AutoCAD.

Open a 3D model in the BIM pane, and annotate with 2D tools. Bring up the modeling window and use 3D drafting commands to modify the model. Now that you are modifying the model in 3D, you can continue to work in the modeling window.

Use a 3D model in your 2D drawing as a way to annotate. If your 2D drawing includes a 3D model, you can use the BIMx commands to modify it.

BIMx is a set of command-based tools and workflows that are designed to facilitate the creation of a 3D model for your BIM projects.

These commands work with a 3D model file or a.dwg,.stp,.sth or.obj file.

Project Tools:

New project features and improvements include:

Project creation.

Project management.

New models.

Batch configuration.

Built-in Team Foundation Server integration.

Project Monitor.

Customizable color themes.

New shape types.

Shared drawings.



360-degree model.

Contact Manager.




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DirectX: Version 11.1
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